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DTH Chapter 170 – Battle of Life and Death

DTH Chapter 170 – Battle of Life and Death
”Do you think the Linglong Sect will let us take the Dark Phoenix of Gold?” The Xian of Fire asked the Xian of Gold worriedly while they were flying to the Sect.
”How would I know? But the Linglong Sect tries to avoid conflicts at all cost and the Dark Phoenix of Gold has always been a problem for them since its power is growing. It’d be great if Xuanyuan can take it since they’re not using it.” The Xian of Gold replied.
”There are some people who would go to look for the Dark Phoenix of Gold over the years and the Sect didn’t stop them but they all died. This Dark Phoenix of Gold is cunning and powerful. It’s growing stronger everyday as well. I’ve heard it’s not willing to reincarnate. It’s waiting for something”. The Xian of Water added.  
”Is that so?” The Xian of Fire raised his brows, “Then the five of us can probably suppress part of its power if Xuanyuan can endure the Dark Phoenix of Gold force.”
”That was a long time ago. The Linglong Sect has changed its leadership several times. Who knows if they’re willing to do so now.” The Xian of Gold said.
”Xuanyuan has the Body of Five Elements. If he can’t take the Dark Phoenix of Gold, no one can. The Fire of Red Lotus will be a great help against the Dark Phoenix of Gold. He might be able to do it.” The Xian of Gold said, “When the fight is over, we can go ask the Linglong Sect to give Xuanyuan a chance.”
In their eyes, Xingyun was of no importance.

On a hill in the Fighting Dragons Sect, Jiang Yitian stood quietly while observing the scenery. Behind him, Xingyun was kneeling, while wearing a set of lower rank heaven class instruments he bought during the auction.
”Greetings to First Brother!”
”It’s been three months already?”. Jiang Yitian asked softly.
”That’s right. In front of everyone, I’ll cut his gut out. He dared to kill my brother so I’ll make his life painful.” Xingyun nodded.
”I sympathise that you want to avenge your brother. But you should not underestimate him. He’s the Five Xians apprentice after all.” Jiang Yitian slowly said.
”Please don’t worry about that. I’ll kill Xuanyuan to show them. They didn’t stop the kid from offending you and the Xian of Huawu so they should learn something too.”
”In these two weeks, I’ve made an emperor class Talisman. It’s not complete yet, but it’ll still be powerful enough. Keep it close so that nothing goes wrong. After you kill Xuanyuan, you should take all his possessions and meet me here. The Five Xians would have surely given him many precious things.” Jiang Yitian threw a talisman to Xingyun without looking at him. Xingyun could feel the power from the talisman and he was ecstatic.
“Thank you, First Brother. I won’t disappoint you!” Then he flew away.
Gazing at the open sky, Jiang Yitian seemed to have everything calculated. He sighed, “Xuanyuan, you’re a rare genius but you stand on the wrong side and You shouldn’t have found the Book of Acquisition. A precious Technique like that can only be acquired by me. When you’re dead, I’ll bury you with this wolf skin.”

In the inner Hall, there was a stone Stage. It’s called the Field of Life and Death. The stage was huge. Its floor is filled with dried blood that had turned black. No one knew how many disciples lost their lives there but none was as popular as this. Almost every important inner disciple had arrived including Longyue, Chen Junchou, Fang Yuyou, Huotao, Even the Head of Inner Hall, Bu Jingsha was there. True disciples such as Fang Yun and Fung Lie also arrived.
Xingyun stood on the stage proudly. He had been waiting there for two hours already
Many people began to gossip, “Is Xuanyuan afraid?”
“Probably, he’s only a king realm fighter so how could he possibly defeat brother Xingyun?”
“He’s probably trying to delay his own death.”
“Have you heard that he killed brother Xingzan? He inherited an uncommon Fire from the Xians!”
“Yes, I’ve heard of that! Xingzan was killed in less than a minute!”
“But Xingyun is much stronger. He won’t be able to defeat him.”
Fang Yun and Fung Lie both ignored the gossips. They believed that the result was the most important thing.
Another hour passed.
”Did he run away?”
“I thought he had some talent but that’s a joke.”
“Even if he’s here, he’ll be slaughtered.”
“Is he scared? Brother Xingyun, Xuanyuan’s a genius. It’d be a loss to the Sect if he dies. Why don’t you spare his life and maybe he’ll show up then?”
“He killed my brother, Xingzan! I’ll have him begging to die!” Xingyun said venomously.
The Skysea Bird appeared far in the sky as he finished speaking. Xuanyuan stood straight on its back with his instruments all shiny and polished. He looked menacing.
“He’s here!” Fang Yuyou’s worries were relieved, “There’s no need to have such a big mouth. Don’t say something that you might regret because we’ll see how that ends.”
Her words were like spikes towards those who gossiped. They glared at her, but was unable to utter a word, since her uncle, Fang Yun was sitting next to her.
Four of the Five Xians followed Xuanyuan and arrived. People didn’t want their sarcastic comments to be heard by them so they all went quiet.
Xuanyuan jumped on the stage and looked at Bu Jingsha, Fang Yun and Fung Lie, who looked very surprised. “Can we start?”
Xingyun recognized Xuanyuan’s instruments and gasped, “How can this be? The helmet, armour and boots. Aren’t these the instruments that mysterious old man bought?”
Fung Lie was also confused, “That’s right, Xuanyuan. Who was that man?”
“That was my sister’s master. He wanted to bring me to the auction and buy me the things I liked!” Xuanyuan laughed.
“I see, hahaha. So the reason I got the Book of Wuji Cyclone was because of your help! Alright, don’t waste any more time, let the fight begin!” Fung Lie also laughed. He knew that Xuanyuan wouldn’t come to the fight if he wasn’t confident.
Xingyun was screaming in his heart, “How can this be? He’s only a farm boy from Moonwaste City! How does he know someone so powerful? First Brother was right, I’ll kill him and take all of his possessions.”
His greedy eyes were glaring at Xuanyuan.
“Since brother Xuanyuan has arrived, the fight between inner disciple Xuanyuan and true disciple Xingyun, shall begin!” Bu Jingsha, the Head of the Inner Hall announced.
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