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DTH Chapter 171 – Xingyun, Dead!

DTH Chapter 171 – Xingyun, Dead!
”Brother Xuanyuan, take your weapon out so people won’t say that I bullied you.” Xingyun’s Starsky sword emitted a bright light that lit up the entire place.
“Xingyun, killing you is like killing a dog. Why would I need a weapon?” Xuanyuan laughed. With a move of his mind, a blue and a red light appeared on each of his hands. The blue light was cold and the red was burning hot. The audience were all shocked.
”How can this be? Both water and fire? Normal people would’ve been killed already! Does he have a special physique?”
”It must be. Otherwise, why would the Five Xians take him as their disciple? But he’s too arrogant. He’s still only a King Realm Fighter. He won’t be able to defeat brother Xingyun.”
Xingyun was furious at Xuanyuan’s remark. “You bastard! Starsky!” He then flicked his sword towards Xuanyuan. Suddenly, the sky was filled with stars made of Qi. Each of them were a metre wide. They could inflict seven hundred dragons of damage.
”Hahaha, it’s starsky. Even I won’t be able to take this. Xuanyuan’s going to die!” A true disciple laughed.
“Even if it’s in the Fighting Dragons Sect, there’re still many frogs in the well!” Xuanyuan smirked. Behind him, the shadows of the Lady of the Water of Heaven and the Emperor Xian of the Royal Fire Dragon appeared. Both shadows were ten metres high. From their eyes, blue lights and fire red were shot out, creating a sea of water and fire. The tsunami of a thousand dragons of strength crushed the sky full of stars.
The power overwhelmed many true disciples. Xingyun, who had eight hundred and fifty dragons of strength, a top grandmaster, also began to sweat with nervousness. His armour was activated at once to defend him. Without it, he’d be crushed to pieces by Xuanyuan’s attack.
The situation turned around. There are many inner disciples who admired Xuanyuan’s talent but were silenced due to being bullied. They all have something to say when Xuanyuan was clearly the superior.
“Brother Xuanyuan, kill him! Xingyun is a bully! Him and his brother always come to threaten us for money! Brother Chen Long was killed because he didn’t have money or merit points to give him!”
”Who said inner disciples are weaker than true disciples? Xuanyuan is strong enough to kill Xingyun!”
”They are outrageous! Brother Xuanyuan, kill them!”
Those who had enough of Xingyun’s bullying all stood up and chanted, “Xuanyuan! Xuanyuan! Xuanyuan…’”
Xingyun could never have imagined there would be so many disciples who came out against him. He was frozen by surprise when Xuanyuan struck again with unimaginable strength. He concentrated in the last minute and tried to pierce Xuanyuan with his sword. However, Xuanyuan’s armour activated automatically and protected him.
Xuanyuan hit Xingyun’s armour with bare hands. His fists were worth a thousand dragons each.
The Starlight dimmed, while the power of water and fire surged to the sky. Behind Xuanyuan were two shadows of a Water and Fire god. Xuanyuan’s strength exceeded everyone’s expectations.
All those true disciples who helped Xingyun in bullying were all frightened. If the scandal of them bullying inner disciples were to be investigated, then they all had a price to pay.
Xingyun knew he was in a bad position. His Qi was running out in a rapid pace. He never thought he would be defeated by a boy. Luckily, Jiang Yitian gave him the last resort – the Emperor class Talisman.
A twisted smile appeared on his face. A talisman with the power of an Emperor Realm fighter leapt out. The next moment, Xuanyuan felt as if his armour was going to be torn apart.
However, a Talisman also flew out from him.
Fung Lie, who was frightened that Xuanyuan would be defeated, laughed, “Haha, it’s the Protective Talisman!”
Xingyun’s Talisman transformed into a yellow laser and rushed towards Xuanyuan from above. The suppressive Qi suffocated all the inner disciples in the stadium. They laid on the ground, in fear that the Qi would not harm them.  
Xuanyuan’s protective Talisman transformed into an old man. Behind him, there was a purple light. The power released from him was even more terrifying. Xingyun felt the urge to kneel in front of him. The old man flicked his fingers and nibbled off the yellow Qi.
”You should be proud of yourself by forcing me to use my Protective Talisman but you’ll have to give me back all the money that I spent!”
Xuanyuan summoned his power of water and fire again and shot them straight at Xingyun, demolishing his protective armour. He was thrown dozens of metres away where he finally stopped, covered in blood. Xuanyuan didn’t stop there, he punched him in his chest and destroyed his heart veins.
”Spare me!” Xingyun screamed.  He had no Qi left in his body. His heart was destroyed so unless someone healed him immediately, he would definitely die soon.
“Any last words?” Xuanyuan took out his Soul Catching Bow and pointed the arrow at Xingyun’s face.
”Don’t kill me! Let me go. Please, let me go. I’ll be your servant for life. Please don’t kill me!” Xingyun pleaded to Xuanyuan. He saw the shadows of a purple-clothed Emperor, a Lady Saint of Water and a Fire Dragon. Xuanyuan looked like a giant mountain that was about to crush him.
”Why didn’t you spare Guxing? You won’t be the only one who dies today. All of those people who are as corrupted as you are will also die!” Xuanyuan released the bow. With a loud bang, Xingyun’s head was completely shattered leaving only a headless body.
”Minister Bai, please help me calculate all the possession of Xingyun and turn them into merit points.” Xuanyuan turned to Baizhan, the Minister of Judgment.
Baizhan was still shocked from the fight but he still nodded.
Then Xuanyuan looked at those who came to cheer for Xingyun and warned, “There’s a time for punishment. Those who were bullied by Xingyun and his gang, come out. Brother Fung Lie is on the Law Enforcement team for true disciples, he’ll help you.”
At once, an inner disciple stood out, “All those people! They abuse their power as true disciples!”
The dozens of true disciples he pointed out, knew they couldn’t get away with it. They knelt at once. ”It wasn’t our fault! We were threatened by brother Xingyun!”
Fung Lie announced, “Confiscate all their possessions then demolish their martial art skills and expel them from the Fighting Dragons Sect!”
”Please spare our lives! Brother Fung Lie!” Fung Lie announced their death sentences since they won’t be able to leave the Forest of Million Beasts.
”Any inner disciples who were blackmailed, threatened or bullied by Xingyun and other true disciples, please come out and we’ll make a record. The guilty parties will be punished accordingly.” Chen Junchou led the law enforcement of the inner hall and aided Fung Lie.
A woman who was filled with the soft light of the moon and stars approached Xuanyuan. She looked at him and smiled, “So this is Xuanyuan. If he joined the tournament of merits, he’d probably be the champion.”
She was Longyue, the woman who is ranked third on the List of Merits who is also on the law enforcement team.
Xuanyuan stared at the chaos. It will be a full scale investigation.
Baizhan calculated everything very quickly and awarded Xuanyuan with a trillion merit points. “You killed and publicised Xingyun and his gang’s crime. The Head of the Inner Hall awarded you with the trillion merit points.”
”Thank you!” He turned to Bu Jingsha and smiled.
”You deserve it. But don’t be complacent. I’m looking forward to the fight three years from now.” Bu Jingsha smiled encouragingly.
Fung Lie came next to Xuanyuan and asked casually, “I was shocked to see the Protective Talisman. Where did you get that?”
”You gave my old master the Talisman of Jitao Wind and he felt that the Protective Talisman was less useful so he gave it to me.” Xuanyuan answered.
”Hahaha, it looks like I saved you after all.” Fung Lie patted Xuanyuan on his shoulder, “Very well! Xingyun was under First Brother’s supervision so it was his responsibility that Xingyun bullied other disciples. I’ll have to be a menace to him. I believe you’ll be able to defeat him three years later!”
Then Fung Lie left the stadium. Xuanyuan looked at Fang Yuyou and nodded. He jumped up to the Skysea Bird again. Following him was the four Xians. Fang Yuyou stared at Xuanyuan’s shrinking shadow with longing eyes.
“Let it go. There’s no need to long for someone who was not meant for you.” Her uncle Fang Yun said.
She knew the distance between herself and Xuanyuan was getting further and further away. She turned to Fang Yun and said, “Uncle, I want to practice in the time dimension!”
Fang Yun sighed. He brought Fang Yuyou with him and left.
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