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DTH Chapter 172 – Who?

DTH Chapter 172 – Who?
”Hahaha, that’s our disciple! Killing him in the bud.” The Xian of Fire laughed.
”You’re worth our effort in seeking out the Five Elements Spiritual Beings.” The Xian of Earth also smiled. He gave Xuanyuan an elixir filled with an earthly aura, “This elixir can aid the refinement of your spleen to build up your foundation.”
“Take the elixir for your lungs as well. Your Master Wood also has an elixir for refining your liver. We’re going to the Linglong Sect to ask them for a chance to control the Dark Phoenix of Gold. Are you confident enough to do that? You better give up if you’re frightened because controlling the Water of Heaven and Fire of Red Lotus is already a great achievement.” The Xian of Gold said sternly. The air he gave out was sharp, like a well-sharpened sword.
”Of course I’m confident!” Xuanyuan said heavily. He took the elixirs and thanked them. Like the person who made it, the elixir of gold felt like it could cut his skin when it fell onto his hand.
”Good, then we’ll go back to the mountain first. Your Master Wood will be there. We’ll go to the Linglong Sect afterwards. It won’t be easy to convince them to let us in….”
They all jumped onto Xuanyuan’s Skysea Bird and flew to the Five Elements Mountain.
When they were back on the mountain, they heard the excited voice of the Xian of Wood.
”It’s so great to have Mochou here. It barely took her any time to find a Seven leaves Lingzhi Plant!” They appeared with the blink of an eye.
”There’s not enough time to play! It’s just a Lingzhi. There are so many interesting things in there!” Mochou pouted.
”We’ll go to other places next time!” The Xian of Wood indulged her.
”You promised!” Mochou smiled. There wasn’t enough time to look around.
”Of course. Now we need to do important things so you should stay with Xuanyuan.” The Xian of Wood looked at Xuanyuan, “Have you made up your mind? It’ll be dangerous!”
“Yes.” Xuanyuan nodded heavily. “I won’t ever do anything I’m uncertain of.”
”Good. Since you’re sure then the five of us should not hesitate too. Take this elixir as well. This is good for your liver.”
”The five of us will go to the Linglong Sect first. The two of you can come along afterwards. Take your time to practice.” The Xian of Water said.
”Please be careful, masters. If the Linglong Sect refuses, then we’ll go and find another place. There are other fighting gold, after all.” Xuanyuan bowed to them.
”Well said. We’ll be off now so be careful.” The Xian of Fire smiled. In a second, the five of them were gone.
”Those five masters of yours are quite easy going. Not bad.” Greed suddenly said.
”Of course. What do you think? Can I conquer the Dark Phoenix of Gold? It’s ranked sixteenth on the List.” Xuanyuan was curious.
”It won’t be easy. When the Devouring Emperor was still alive, the phoenix once killed an Emperor class fighter. I’m afraid not even Xians can tackle it. Defeating it is not the difficult part. The most difficult would be to tame it.” Greed said in a serious tone. Xuanyuan now realized how dangerous it was. “Why don’t you go to the Yin clan and ask for her Divine Gold. If I can cure her father’s illness then she’ll be happy to give you that.”
”Go to hell. I won’t take advantage of people. Even if we help her father, I won’t ask for anything of hers.” Xuanyuan rolled his eyes.
”Alright. Let’s talk about something serious. You should feed the wood more wooden Qi. Perhaps it’ll turn into something interesting.”
”Right! Even though the wooden Qi in this mountain is still dense but I better not take away masters Qi. We should go to the Forest of Million Beasts!” Xuanyuan was also eager to learn more about the wood. He jumped on the Skysea Bird and Mochou followed suit.
The bird was quick. It took them a few minutes to reach the forest. It was covered with greenery. The wooden Qi was not as thick as in the Bamboo forest, but still abundant. Xuanyuan sat on the bird with the wood in his hand. He nurtured it with the Water of Heaven. The wood shook again, absorbing the wooden Qi in an extremely fast pace.
It’s only been fifteen minutes yet the woodland of a dozen mile radius beneath him turned yellow and wilted. These were wood with hundreds of years of history. They couldn’t withstand the deprivation of Qi.
“I think we should go to other places.” Mochou said. Xuanyuan immediately ordered the Skysea Bird to another direction.
He stayed in the forest for seven days. There were many beasts in the forest drooling after him. But they didn’t dare to get any closer since he had the power of the Token of Fighting Dragons protecting him. These beasts were all controlled by the Fighting Dragons Sect to act as the first protective line in case enemies attacked.
Seven days later, the area of wilted forest was about ten thousand square miles wide. However, other than a faint green light, the wood didn’t have much difference.
Xuanyuan was not in a hurry though, since the Five Xian reassured him to take his time. He stayed for another seven days. The wood absorbed Qi more and more rapidly. Finally, after it damaged thirty thousand square miles of land, the wood transformed again with outer layer shattering. The colour became an even lighter shade of green. Only the size of a human head left.
Xuanyuan couldn’t believe it. The Water of Heaven has the capability of nurturing a plant in a few days which would normally take hundreds of years to grow. This had almost taken him a month. The amount of Qi it absorbed was unbelievable, that it was enough for Xuanyuan to fully refine his liver for a few rounds. And yet, the transformation of the wood was still unfinished. Not only Xuanyuan, Mochou also felt uninspired. But she didn’t show her annoyance. She needed to endure boredom all the time when she was living with Su Mei.
”Well, we can’t spend so much time here. We should go to the Linglong Sect.” Xuanyuan sighed and put the wood back in his ring.
Suddenly a sharp force struck straight at them. Xuanyuan reacted instinctively and covered Mochou. His armour protected him. Apart from being thrown away for a few metres, he wasn’t harmed. The Skysea Bird was not so lucky. It was torn into pieces. Blood and feathers scattered everywhere. Mochou’s tears streamed down at once.
”Big bird is dead!”
Xuanyuan stood in front of Mochou and warned in a deep voice, “Who is it? Get out!”
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