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DTH Chapter 173 – Pursuit from the Heavenly Dragon Guards

DTH Chapter 173 – Pursuit from the Heavenly Dragon Guards
Xuanyuan pretended to be angry and spat out a big gulp of blood. He stood in front of Mochou, to prevent her from getting hurt, forgetting that she was in fact much more powerful than he was.
A perverted laughter came closer. Many men in white robes approached them. On the robes, he could see faint marks of dragon scales. Xuanyuan immediately knew who they were. The Heavenly Dragon Guards from the Yin clan. He activated his Helmet of Rainy Wood and infused the Water of Heaven into it. A moist fog spread to hundreds of metres away.
The man in the front was surrounded by a cold and murderous aura. He was, undoubtedly, an Imperial Realm fighter. He smirked arrogantly.
Xuanyuan glared at them. There were three Imperial Realm and fifteen top grandmaster Realm fighters. If they formed a formation against them, both Xuanyuan and Mochou would be killed.
”How brave. This is very close to the Fighting Dragons Sect. There’s one thing I don’t understand. How did you find me?” Xuanyuan kept the Helmet activated, pretending to heal himself.
”Are you stalling? Never mind, you can do that. We’ll maim you and bring you back to the Yin clan so the young master can decide on what to do with you. You’re quite impressive, to have survived my attack.” One of them said, ”As for how we found you. The Pearl of Heavenly Fighters you are carrying was a gift from the young master to his sister. He infused a drop of his own blood in it. No matter how hard you try to conceal its Qi, we’ll always be able to find you.”
”I see. But I’ll keep the pearl with me. This is my master’s gift to me. I’ll never let go of it. I wonder how many people the Yin clan will send after you all die!” Xuanyuan laughed. Behind him, two shadows of the Lady Saint of Water and the Royal Dragon appeared.
”It’s poisoned!” The fifteen top grandmasters all screamed at the same time. They fell from the sky one after the other. Even the three Imperial Realm fighters felt a slight urge to nauseate.
The Water of Heaven transformed the fog created by his helmet from healing to poisoning his enemies. When those guards were screaming, Xuanyuan grabbed his Soul Catching Bow and pulled it to the full. A burning arrow pierced through one of the grandmasters and he was burnt to ashes at once.
”This is strange! We’ll turn!” The three Imperial Realm fighters felt the danger. A light surged out from their body to the sky and they turned into three hundred metres long dragons and evaded another arrow from Xuanyuan.
”What is this?” Xuanyuan couldn’t believe his eyes.
”Once a person reaches the Imperial Realm, he can transform the body’s shape. They all refined the elixirs of flood dragons in them and turned to dragons. The flood dragons are immune to poison. You should run first.” Greed explained. After their shape shifted, each of them had at least three thousand dragons of strength. Back in the day, Fang Yun had the ability to injure Xingyun with just a shot from his eyes. This was the difference between the Imperial and grandmaster Realms! Xuanyuan knew he wouldn’t be able to defeat them, so he leapt away with Mochou by activating his boots.
”Xuanyuan, they killed the big bird!” Mochou was crying.
”It’s not so easy to run!” The dragons roared and chased after them.
”If you want your men to be killed by poison, then chase after me!” Xuanyaun laughed. The dragons froze as he uttered those words. They turned back into their human forms and landed on the ground to save their subordinates.
An opportunity presented itself. Xuanyuan aimed his bow again at one of the imperial fighters. This time, he put in even more power from the Fire of Red Lotus.
The arrow cut through the air. The targeted fighter smirked and raised his hand to stop the arrow. However, the moment the arrow and his hand clashed, he was visibly horrified. The Fire of Red Lotus plunged inside of him, causing him to cough blood.
”Fighting Fire?”
”It’s a lesson to you. If you chase after me, I’ll burn your soul.” Xuanyuan laughed. Him and Mochou ran towards the Blue Sea. He wanted to cross the sea so even if they followed him, he’d have much more of an advantage above the Blue Sea.

“It’s only been a few months and he acquired a kind of Fighting Fire. Looks like the rumours were true – He became the disciple of the Xians of Five Elements. It seems the water turned to poison because of a Fighting Water. Next time, bring some antidotes and be more alert!” One of the imperial fighter said dangerously.
Only six of the grandmasters survived. A King Realm Fighter killed nine of their best men. It’s an unbearable insult. One of the Imperial Realm Fighter was gravely injured. They could only pursue Xuanyuan after he’s healed. With the loss of nine lives, their attack formation would be much weaker, but they estimated that it’d still be enough to kill the boy.
”Next time, we’ll immediately get into the formation. Don’t let him run!”

Xuanyuan was ignorant of their fury. He brought Mochou, who was still crying, to the edge of the Blue Sea.
”Xuanyuan, the big bird is dead!”
Xuanyuan knew Mochou was kind in her heart. He sighed. Perhaps he’s had too many battles as he was quite unmoved by the bird’s death.
”Mochou, don’t be upset. The bird went to see Aunt Mei. You only need to put the memories of them in your heart and you’ll see them again one day.” Xuanyuan tried to comfort her.
”Really?” Mochou was not convinced.
”Really. Don’t you believe me?” Xuanyuan smiled bitterly.
”I believe you!” She put her grief aside very quickly, “I hope the big bird can get to know Aunt Mie so that Aunt Mei won’t feel so lonely.”
Xuanyuan was touched by Mochou again.
”Boy, I think there’s a way to fully transform that piece of wood.” Greed was completely unmoved by the death of a bird. It had seen too much death. Regaining power was its main concern.
”How?” Xuanyuan was intrigued.
”There’s also a forest under the sea. The wooden Qi is even more dense than on land. You’re protected by the Water of Heaven, nothing will dare to attack you.”
Xuanyuan suddenly remembered all kinds of corals and sea creatures being auctioned the other day. He knew they were all worth lots of money.
”Thanks for reminding me! We should earn some money first!” Xuanyuan said. Behind him, the Lady Saint of Water appeared. Mochou and Xuanyuan were covered by a blue light, “Mochou, let’s go into the water and have some fun!”
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