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DTH Chapter 174 – The Wood Transformed

DTH Chapter 174 – The Wood Transformed
With the protection from the Lady Saint of the Water of Heaven, Xuanyuan and Mochou sunk into the Blue Sea. Underneath the water, they could still breathe and talk unaffected by the water pressure. They were protected against any sea beasts. They sunk deeper and deeper.
One Thousand metres.
Three Thousand Metres.
Six Thousand Metres.
Thirty Thousand Metres.
”Xuanyuan! Look at that fish. It’s mouth is so pointy!”
”Look! That fish is round like a sun! And that! It’s shiny!”
The water was full of pure Qi after the thirty thousand metres depth. There were many coral reefs growing and many precious items. Xuanyuan stared at them hungrily and told Greed, “Go take all these things, quick! These are worth so much money. Rock of Ice, Grass of Water Spirit, Flower of the Moonsea….”
”I know, I know!” Greed also laughed. The dagger shook then black threads spread out to all directions, devouring all kinds of precious things into Xuanyuan’s ring. Xuanyuan was smiling from ear to ear.
Fifty Thousand Metres.
Seventy Thousand Metres.
Ninety Thousand Metres.
Xuanyuan saw a large dark green forest. The underwater forest had such dense wooden Qi, dancing around with the light watery Qi. Xuanyuan came with the Water of Heaven, he seemed to be welcomed by the forest.
”Mochou, here has a lot of wooden Qi. You should absorb as much as you can and enter the Imperial Realm as soon as possible.”
”I will! I can only help you with more power. I can’t be your burden!” Mochou nodded heavily. Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. This girl must have been brainwashed by Greed.
They landed on the seabed surrounded by the forest. There were a lot of sea weeds on the ground, which were full of tiny saw-teeth on them. If Imperial Realm Fighters were trapped in this place, they’d be caught by the weeds and be cut into pieces. There were many creatures remains laying around as proof. However, the Water of Heaven clearly scared the weeds and they receded to their side. Not only did the creatures but the plants, weeds and corals emitted a sense of submission as if they met their king.
Sensing the incredibly dense wooden Qi, Xuanyuan took out his wooden elixir for the liver and swallowed it. He decided to practice here. Mochou sat next to him and began her practice.
He took out the wood and put it in front of him. The power of the Water of Heaven covered the wood and excited it. The plants around them released the wooden Qi they nurtured for years and gifted it to the wood. Xuanyuan and Mochou, who sat next to the wood, benefitted from it as well.
The speed he absorbed Qi was terrifyingly fast. He could feel his liver being refined every second. With the help from the elixir and the abundant amount of wooden Qi, the seabed shone green, filling up the darkness.
Liver governed his tendons and eyes. Before his practice here, he could only see if there were creatures that emitted light if they were around. He could now see a few miles in the deep sea without the help of inner force. His power was also surging.
Nine hundred and thirty dragons!
Nine hundred and eighty dragons!
One thousand and fifty dragons!
The moment Xuanyuan fully refined his liver, his strength reached one thousand and fifty dragons! His tendons became extremely flexible and tough. Even if someone tried to cut them with an upper rank earth instrument, they wouldn’t be able to.

Time passes quickly. Hovering above the Blue Sea were the remaining nine Heavenly Dragon Guards.
”He’s in the Blue Sea.”
”He thought he can hide his aura in the sea?”
”What should we do?”
”Nothing can threaten us in the sea when we turn into Flood Dragons. He’s going to die!”
”The six of you, stay here and set up the Killing Formation of Six Dragons!”
Three dragons appeared in the air. Each of them was a hundred metres long with sharp teeth and claws. When they dove into the sea, the water splashed to a hundred metres.
”The boy is not going to escape. The sea is the natural habitat of Flood Dragons!”
“Our three leaders powers are not to be underestimated. Xuanyuan only knows how to use dirty methods. He won’t be able to withstand the absolute power.”
After a day, three dragons escaped the sea, full of wounds everywhere.
”Damn it. There’re too many beasts!”
“How can the boy survive? Maybe he’s dead?”
”Possible. The Pearl hasn’t moved. Maybe he threw the Pearl here and ran away?”
”We’ll have to stay here and heal our wounds. We’ll wait until the boy comes out. I don’t believe he’d ditch the Pearl!”
The dragons went into the deep sea like they were invincible, but were attacked by innumerable sea beasts immediately. They were unable to go deeper than forty thousand metres.

Ten days later, another shadow appeared behind Xuanyuan. It was a man full of muscles. His eyes were bright green like the wooden kind. It was the Woodland King, a shadow concentrated by his practice of the Green Wood Technique.
Xuanyuan blinked his eyelashes opened. He could see ten miles away in the deep sea. Around him, the trees and plants that were once deep green in colour, were now rotting and wilting.
Xuanyuan looked at Mochou. Her aura was that of an Imperial Realm Fighter. All the sea creatures glared at her hungrily, but they were afraid to approach because of the Water of Heaven.
”The girl has entered the Imperial Realm so fast! It’s only been a few months, she improved from an ordinary person to an Imperial Realm Fighter. This is the first time I have witnessed the growth of the Body of a Thousand Spirits. Three thousand six hundred dragons! But what a shame, she’s too soft to kill for you.” Greed chuckled, leaving Xuanyuan to roll his eyes. At this point, the wood next to him transformed again.
A green light shone from the surface of the wood. Cracks appeared on every corner of the wood, turning into unique dragon markings.
”Hahaha finally! The wood will transform for the last time! Hmm, what is this? This aura? The Mark to Tame Dragons? Is this… is this???” Greed screamed.
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