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DTH Chapter 175 – Dragon Taming Wood

DTH Chapter 175 – Dragon Taming Wood
”This! This is the Dragon Taming Wood! Number fifteen on the List of Fighting Wood!” Greed’s voice was shaking. “What luck! This has the Dragon Taming Wood hidden inside!”
Xuanyuan was both surprised and excited. He would never have anticipated that.
”This is indeed a divine wood. The wood that was covering the Dragon Taming Wood is the King of All Woods! It’s a part of the Construction!” Greed was mumbling.
”The Construction?”
”That’s right. The Construction. It’s an ancient legend. The Construction was the King of All Wood. The one that dominated all fighting wood and the one that nurtured all woods. This should be the fragment of the Construction. And inside dwelled the Dragon Taming Wood. Yes! This must be it. There’s a dragon taming wood grain.” Greed kept on mumbling. “A long time ago, there was a race called the Dragon Slayers. All their weapons were made of wood that can inflict life threatening damage against the dragons. This mysterious kind of wood became one of the fighting wood – Dragon Taming Wood. For reasons that nobody knows, the Dragon Slayers went extinct. The Dragon Taming Wood disappeared too. Everything about the Dragon Slayers were gone. And you found it! Quick! Refine it into your liver!”
The Dragon Taming Wood was only the size of a fist. It was tempted by Mochou. To which, Mochou snorted, ”Don’t even think you can occupy my body. If not for us, you wouldn’t have been able to get out!”
The Wood jumped. It turned to the shadow of the Lady Saint of Water behind Xuanyuan. Since Water nurtured Wood, it didn’t seem to be hostile to Xuanyuan.
”It won’t hurt you. It was glad that you’ve nurtured it.” Greed said, “Quick, refine it into your liver!”
Xuanyuan raised his hands and recited the Book of Green Wood. As if it was summoned, the Dragon Taming Wood sunk into Xuanyuan’s liver like a child returning to his mother’s calling. Behind him, the shadow of Woodland King transformed. On his clothes, dragon taming markings appeared. It became the king of the dragons as well as the woods. His liver was completely refined. His power surged yet again.
One thousand eighty dragons!
One thousand one hundred and forty dragons!
One thousand two hundred dragons!
One thousand two hundred and sixty dragons!
Xuanyuan could see the dragon taming markings appearing on his skin. He now possessed the power to suppress dragons!
”Haha, how fortunate! There are a few little dragons waiting for you on the shore. You can test your newly found power on them!” Greed encouraged.
”They have three thousand dragons of strength when they transform into dragons. Even if I have the Dragon Taming Wood, I still won’t be able to defeat them.” Xuanyuan didn’t forget his own strength and became arrogant.
”How stupid are you? You’re with Mochou. She won’t kill for you, but she’s a very good shield. She already has three thousand six hundred dragons of strength!” Greed said.
”Go to hell. I won’t treat her as a shield. Why don’t you be my shield?” Xuanyuan said vehemently, “I have an idea. I still have the Soul Catching Bow!”
He turned to Mochou, “Mochou, it’s time to go. There’re people who still want to bully us. Let’s see how I teach them a lesson!”
”Yes! We’ll teach them a lesson!” Mochou said happily. Blue light covered them once again and they swam upwards quickly.

”Looks like the boy is dead already.” one of the guards chuckled.
”Or he threw the Pearl into the sea.” another grandmaster said coldly. “Our three leaders are still healing. They’re quite badly hurt.”
”Should we still stay here?”
”Of course! We have an order! Do you want to defy the order?”
“But it’s such a waste of time.”
The six grandmasters were chatting, unknowing of what happened under the water.
Xuanyuan and Mochou kept on floating and stopped only when they reached near the surface. He looked at the sky through the water. Six grandmasters made a formation. The three Imperial Realm Fighters were resting on a lone island ten miles away. They seemed to be tending to their wounds.
”Since you’re here, you’ll never be able to go back.” Xuanyuan thought viciously. He took out the Soul Catching Bow. Behind him were the Lady Saint of Water and the Woodland Dragon King. Their forces became an arrow, concentrating the power of water and wood. It was also full of poison against the dragon race. He released his fingers. An arrow of Qi was shot and sliced through the water aimed at one of the guards.
Even though the armour protected him immediately, it was unable to withstand the full power of the arrow. The armour and the man himself was blown into pieces of flesh.
”Who is it?” One of them screamed.
Another three arrows were flying towards them resulting in three men down.
”What’s going on? This aura. My blood and veins are trembling. It’s like we’ve met our arch enemy! What can control our dragon blood?” a grandmaster said while trembling.
”Run!” they turned away, attempting to fly out of the sea. However, Xuanyuan shot out another two arrows and the grandmasters were shattered.
All the Heavenly Dragon Guards were the descendants of dragons, which could be tamed by the power of the Dragon Taming Wood. The arrow was like an attack from an Imperial Realm Fighter with three thousand dragons of strength. They couldn’t have survived that. Despite their dragon’s blood and the status of being grandmasters, they only had seven hundred dragons of strength hence they didn’t stand a chance.
Ten miles away, the three Imperial Realm Fighters were shocked to see the slaughter.
”I can feel my blood trembling. Who’s that?”
”I feel like I’m suffocating.”
”They were all killed! We should go check. Even though the power is terrifying, but we’re much more powerful than them.”
They transformed into Flood Dragons and soared to the sky towards Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan jumped with anticipation.
”The real enemies are here. I’ll see how it goes down!” he was prepared to fight the dragons!
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