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DTH Chapter 176 – Battle of the Blue Sea

DTH Chapter 176 – Battle of the Blue Sea
Xuanyuan sunk extremely fast into the water. Ten thousand meters, twenty thousand meters, thirty thousand meters…… The three dragons followed closely behind. They were shocked to see how much Xuanyuan had improved.
”It’s the aura of the Pearl. It’s the boy. How can this be?”
When they were thirty thousand metres deep in the water, Xuanyuan turned around to face the dragons. The shadows of the God of Water and Wood appeared again – the Lady Saint of Water and the Woodland Dragon King.
”It’s you. You’re still alive!”
”I won’t die before you.” Xuanyuan smiled darkly. He told Mochou, who was next to him staring at the dragons frighteningly, “Go to the side. I’ll handle them.”
”Be careful, Xuanyuan.”
“Hahaha, you won’t be able to get away again!” One of the dragons laughed. A giant force was summoned, “Dragon’s wave!”
A Qi as sharp as knife covered the dragon’s body. The horns, scales and claws all became incredibly sharp. It could almost cut through anything. It swam swiftly towards Xuanyuan, crushing him with great force. However, the Water of Heaven diverted the force softly.
Xuanyuan raised his eyebrows. The Woodland Dragon King was covered with the Dragon Taming markings and suddenly a giant stick appeared in his hand. He struck the Flood Dragon with full force.
The markings on the stick activated and shone brightly. When the light hit the dragon, the dragon screamed in pain. Blood dripped everywhere. The scale that was hit by the stick became rotten. The bones were crushed. The force radiated from the strike did not touch Xuanyuan at all, but was diverted by the Water of Heaven again. Realizing this, Xuanyuan made a mental note and covered the hundreds of metres of sea around him with the Water of Heaven.
”What is this? Why is my blood trembling?” One of the dragon screamed.
”That marking. What is that?”
”Damn it. We’ll kill him. Killing Formation of Three Imperials!” the three of them screamed. A formation was created. However, they suddenly felt the poison in them that made them disoriented.
”It’s that feeling again! Poison!”
”He didn’t even activate his helmet. Where did the poison come from?”
At this point, Xuanyuan smirked. He raised his Soul Catching Bow and Arrow and infused the power of wood and Water Qi in it. He aimed straight at the dragon that got hurt before.
”Go to hell!”
The arrow was shot out! In an instant, a big hole appeared in the dragon. It was fatally injured!
”Let’s go. This is crazy!” They were petrified. But the shadow of the Lady Saint of Water became brighter and brighter. The water was more and more poisonous. The Blue Sea used to be famous for its poisonous water. The poison was caused by the Water of Heaven deep in the sea. Now the Water of Heaven concentrated its poison in this hundreds of metres of barrier so it was fatal.
Xuanyuan used his mind to control the arrow, returning it to his hand. He concentrated on the water and wooden Qi again, scaring the remaining two dragons witless.
”How can this be? He’s only a King Realm Fighter. How is he able to chase us? It’s that force again!”
Xuanyuan pulled his bow. Numerous mysterious markings appeared on the bow and arrows. He smiled and released his fingers. Another dragon was killed. A creepy force rushed into the dragon’s mind. He felt as if his soul was being torn apart. He lost his consciousness. Life was slipping away. The dragon no longer had strength. It sunk deeper and deeper into the sea and became the feast that the sea creatures enjoyed. Xuanyuan didn’t pay much attention to this as he went to pursue the last dragon.
”I’m not going to kill him. Without the Skysea Bird, I’ll need another ride. This dragon looks quite cool so I’ll tame it!”
The dragon slowed down because of the poison. Xuanyuan took the chance and pulled out his dagger. Black light from the dagger wrapped around the dragon’s head. Only a moment after and the eyes of the dragon lost its light. It said obediently, “Master.”
Greed devoured his memories and became the master in the dragon’s mind.
There was no need for poison so he controlled the Water of Heaven and in a while, the dragon was energetic again.
The power of the Water of Heaven exceeded Xuanyuan’s imagination. The Dragon Taming Wood was full of surprises as well with its control over the dragons. With the help of these two fighting elements, it was extremely easy to defeat three dragons of the Imperial Realm level!
”Mochou, come here!” Xuanyuan sat on the giant dragon and waved at the girl. She widened her eyes.
”So cool! Is this big dragon going to bully us?”
”No. It won’t. He’ll bring you to wherever you want!”
”Is that so?” Mochou asked the dragon.
”Yes, lady.”
”What’s your name, dragon?” Mochou asked delightfully.
”My name is Youxue.”
”What a strange name! You can’t bully people anymore! You have to be nice!”
”I understand, lady.” Mochou nodded her head contently and sat on the dragon.

”How is it? Can you find anything about master Zhenluo in his memory?” Xuanyuan asked Greed in his mind.
”Well, Yin Zhenluo is pretty impressive. She did have a fall out with her brother because of you. However, he doesn’t have any memories about the Yin clan. The Heavenly Dragon Guards are only responsible for guarding, killing and battling. If the young master of the Yin clan was not so angry then they wouldn’t have even known about the fall out. However, they are cautious about an assassin team controlled by Yin Zhenluo.” Greed said slowly.
”Assassin team?” Xuanyuan frowned.
”They are called the Dark Dragon. And that’s all he knows. It’s a team directly controlled by Yin Zhenluo that’s responsible for intelligence gathering, assassinations and undercover work. No one knows how many of them there are and no one knows who they are.”
”These Heavenly Dragon Guards should know how to contact master Zhenluo’s brother, right?” Xuanyuan asked.
”Indeed. Go out of the water. You’ve been annoyed by this young master for a long time. I want to see if he’s as strong as he seems to be.”
”Yes. We should talk to him. He keeps sending people to kill me. I’ll have him pay for it one day.” Xuanyuan narrowed his eyes dangerously.
After a while, the dragon with Xuanyuan and Mochou on its back landed on an island. Youxue transformed back to his human form and took out a black mirror from his ring. He gestured a mudra into the mirror then a light shone…
A terrifying Qi spread to all directions….
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