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DTH Chapter 177 – The Nightmare Swarm

DTH Chapter 177 – The Nightmare Swarm
Inside the black mirror, the shadow of a man appeared.
”Youxue, have you caught him?”
”Master, this is the young master of the Yin family.” Youxue knelt in front of Xuanyuan.
The shadow shook. The man pondered for a while then laughed, “Xuanyuan, how surprising! You killed them all and took control of Youxue. I underestimated you!”
”It’s disappointing, isn’t it?” Xuanyuan smiled. He’s not afraid of this mysterious young master since he’s miles away. “You should send someone more capable since those useless scums are worthless. I was right when I didn’t go to your family with Wu Ming.”
”Wu Ming told me that your physique will make you worthless for martial arts. But it only took you half a year to enter the King Realm. I was wrong about you. What do you want to tell me today?” The face of the young master of the Yin family was hidden in the dark. Only his arrogant voice could be heard.
”I know you despise me. And that’s fine. I’m capable of this partly because of your sister. She’s my master after all.” Xuanyuan sat down casually, “However, my master and the Yin family are two completely different things so don’t think that I owe your family anything. Your Heavenly Dragon Technique was nothing but rubbish. Don’t you dare chase after me because of it.”
The dark shadow didn’t open his mouth, so Xuanyuan continued.
”I know you care for her very much. That’s why you gave her the Pearl. You can’t stand the fact that she gave your gift to another man, right? She also gave me the Dragon Scale Armour. It was once yours, wasn’t it?”
”Interesting. How interesting. You’re very observant. Is that all?” The man chuckled.
”I know not only in the Pearl but you left marks in the Dragon Scale Armour too, right? You want to know where she is at any time. Even though she’s only two years older than me, she’s not a child anymore. You don’t have to protect her like she’s a toddler. She gave the Pearl and Armour to me, partly because she’s kind to me and partly because she wanted to get rid of your surveillance. Do you care for her because you love her as a brother? Or are you treating her as trading goods because of her special physique?” Xuanyuan’s voice was full of contempt. He didn’t believe that Yin Zhenluo’s brother cared for her out of pure love.
”You’re trying to provoke me but you’re right. The Technique she taught you is the outer Technique of the Yin Family. Even if you learnt that, we won’t be affected. I believe you like my sister, right? Don’t you think that’s ridiculous? Do you think that you can protect her like I do? You can’t even protect yourself!”
”That’s not fair. Xuanyuan protects me all the time. He wouldn’t let me get hurt! He doesn’t like to have the people he likes getting hurt!” Mochou put her hands around his waist and said.
”You stupid girl. What do you know?” The dark shadow smirked.
”I know you are a bad person!” Mochou pouted and complained.
”Even Mochou knows you’re a bad person. Do you really think everything will be fine if master marries into the Hai family? How ignorant!” Xuanyuan smiled, “You want to catch me alive so you can threaten master. I’ll tell you now that unless you come here yourself and risk your own life, you’ll never be able to catch me. I’ll keep the Pearl and the Armour. Send all the people you can. I’ll never let master Zhenluo marry into the Hai family but if that happens, I’ll make the entire Eastern Dynasty a living hell!”
Xuanyuan laughed. He waved his hand, hitting the mirror with his Qi, shattering it. Youxue retrieved the mirror and turned into a dragon again.
Xuanyuan and Mochou jumped onto the dragon, “Go to the LingLong Sect!”

Suddenly, a bird churned from afar. A gentle voice called them.
“Young master Xuanyuan, wait.” Xuanyuan turned his head and saw a seven-coloured spiritual bird. On top of the bird stood Bai!
”Bai, why are you here?”
”Why can’t I be here?” Bai smiled.
”What I meant was, how do you know I’m here? Are you going somewhere? Or is this a coincidence?” Xuanyuan smiled nervously.
”I came looking for you!” Bai rolled her eyes, “I put a miles incense on you to track your whereabouts but the scent of the incense disappeared so I guess you must have  been inside the Blue Sea and I kept hovering around to look for you. Where have you been? Tell me!”
“Not much happened. I was being chased by a few Heavenly Dragon Guards from the Yin family…” Xuanyuan shrugged. He explained what happened in brief and hid the fact about the Dragon Taming Wood. ”Why are you looking for me? Did someone trouble you? I’ll let the person learn a lesson or two.”
”I’m happy with your intentions.” Bai smiled sweetly. But her voice was serious. “You asked me to look for the Spiritual Beings of Five Elements so I once asked my father about it and he used to say that there’s a very likely place to have Fighting Earth.
Xuanyuan was astonished to hear that. He thought to himself, “This is quick. I now have the Dragon Taming Wood. Since Wood controls Earth, it’d be much easier to take over a Fighting Earth. If I can acquire the Fighting Earth, I’ll have more confidence in controlling the Dark Phoenix of Gold.”
”Haha, boy, not bad. The girl must be very certain about the Fighting Earth. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come here to tell you. Look at all the instruments she’s carrying, she’s going with you.” Greed laughed, “The spleen governs one’s flesh. If you can control the Fighting Earth, your body will be much stronger. It’d make the trip for the Dark Phoenix of Gold much easier.”

“Bai, where’s the Fighting Earth?” Xuanyuan agreed with Greed. The Five Xians had told him not to rush hence there’s no reason why he shouldn’t go retrieve another Fighting Element.
“In the Nightmare Swarm of the Eastern Dynasty.” Bai frowned. She knew that Xuanyuan and the Yin clan of the Eastern Dynasty were not on good terms. The Swarm itself would be very dangerous yet he wanted to stir even more people’s nerves. “But don’t worry. I’ve prepared everything. Nothing dangerous will come your way.”
”Bai, do I look like the kind of person who would be afraid? I’m already grateful for your information but I won’t let you risk your life for me.” Xuanyuan said. He didn’t want Bai to come so she can protect him.
”I want to see the Fighting Earth as well. You’ll let me go with you, right?” She showed her puppy eyes.
”Of course. But if there’s anything dangerous, you don’t have to save me, you should run at once. Do you understand?” Xuanyuan said sternly.
”Alright, alright. I don’t have to be afraid of anything when I’m with you. You think so too right, Mochou?” Bai giggled.
”That’s right! Xuanyuan will protect us!” Mochou was very confident.
“Well, if you say so… Let’s go to the Eastern Dynasty, the Nightmare Swarm. It’s on the border of the Dynasty, right?” Xuanyuan shrugged.
”Yes! It’s very dangerous.” Bai’s face darkened.
”Then please tell me what’s so dangerous about the Swarm. I’ll think of something to protect us…”
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