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DTH Chapter 178 – Unwanted Attention

DTH Chapter 178 – Unwanted Attention
Bai was bantering light-heartedly on her seven-coloured bird. According to Bai, the bird was the descendant of the seven-coloured phoenix, with the magical power of a top Grandmaster Realm Fighter.
On their way to the Nightmare Swarm, Bai explained to him all that she knew about the place. A long time ago, there was a powerful Nightmare Ghost living in the Swarm. To safeguard people’s lives, the Swarm became a forbidden place. Legend has it that the Nightmare Ghost was from the Land of the West. A high monk from the west chased after it, the monk became the honoured Vajrapani and controlled the seventeenth Fighting Earth, Vajrapani Earth. The battle between the Vajrapani and the Ghost resulted in the death of Vajrapani and The Ghost disappeared. Over the years, many people went into the Swarm to look for the Fighting Earth but none came back. Even the Grand Leaders of the Linglong Sect, Fighting Dragons Sect and Emperor of the Eastern Dynasty disappeared in there. Even if they managed to come back, they would lose their minds. The Nightmare Swarm was the second most terrifying place in the Eastern Dynasty.
”Indeed, the Nightmare Swarm has existed for a very long time. When the Ghost was at the top of its fame, the Devouring Emperor was only a child. The Temple of Sukhāvatī is the most powerful entity in the West. The Vajrapani was one of the ten kings of the Temple. When the Devouring Emperor was still alive, he was already very famous.” Greed said quietly, “What the girl told you was right. The Vajrapani Earth might still be inside the Swarm. The Emperor thought so, at least.”
”I’ve never been to the Swarm. Despite the danger, I think it’s worth the risk as long as there might be the Fighting Earth.” Bai said, determined.
”Indeed. A few days ago, I tamed the Fighting Wood. Looks like I’ve got more help.” Xuanyuan smiled.
”What? In just a month? Where did you find the Fighting Wood?” Bai was shocked, although she knew Xuanyuan must be telling the truth.
”Well, it was thanks to Taibai, actually. Remember the wood from the auction? It looked completely useless but when I nurtured it with the Water of Heaven….” Xuanyuan explained the happenings. “So, regret selling the wood to me?”
”Not really. It’s just unbelievable. It takes great fortune to find these spiritual beings. The Dragon Taming Wood… Wood can control Earth. You’ll have a better chance in taming the Fighting Earth.” Bai smiled. Her expectations of Xuanyuan was proven correct.
”Well we shouldn’t get our hopes up too high. There might be nothing. As you say, it takes fortune to find them.”
”We will find it.” Bai said confidently.
”What makes you so certain?” Xuanyuan asked.
”I just know. Mochou, do you think I’m right?” Bai glanced at the younger girl. She remembered it was Mochou who pointed out that the wood was special and that was why Xuanyuan bought it.
”I don’t know. I haven’t seen it yet. I don’t know if there’s Fighting Earth.” Mochou shook her head.
”So, when you see it, you’ll know if it’s there?” Bai kept asking.
”You don’t have to test her. I’ll tell you. Mochou is the Body of a Thousand Spirits. But I’ll need you to keep it a secret.” Xuanyuan said.
”The Body of a Thousand Spirits!” She was shocked again. This happens way too often when she’s with Xuanyuan. But she smiled. The Body of a Thousand Spirits was the grand prize many Sects were looking for. They’d kill to find someone like this. And if Xuanyuan told her, that meant he trusted her. “I understand. I won’t tell anyone.”
Xuanyuan closed his eyes. Youxue grew up in the Eastern Dynasty, so he didn’t need guidance to go there.
”Master, do you really want to go to the Nightmare Swarm?”
”Is there anything you want to say? Tell me.” Xuanyuan said.
”The Nightmare Swarm is a sinful place. There are many ghosts and evil beings there. If one’s mind is not strong enough, he’ll lose his mind very easily and be devoured by the creatures there. Three of the Emperor Realm Fighters from the Heavenly Dragon Guards went in there and they never came back.”
”We’ll never know unless we go there so speed up.” Xuanyuan would never give up the chance to acquire the Fighting Earth.
”Yes, master.” The dragon swam across the sky. The bird that Bai and Mochou was riding on followed closely behind.

Five days had passed without any rest when they finally arrived at the Nightmare Swarm. Even from afar, the Swarm gave them the creeps just by looking at it. The sky above was iron grey and heavy. From time to time, there’d be thunder striking along with a few screams from ghosts who dwelt in the place. On the ground, there were a few trees scattered around and without exception, there were no leaves. The only decoration was the manface crows that has human faces with a black crow body. Their beaks were sharp with saw-teeth. There were also a few starving beasts strolling around whose bodies were rotten so you can see the darkened flesh and bones. Their screams would freeze your heart. They were called the rotten ghosts.
“So this is the Nightmare Swarm. It’s an extremely bad land.” Xuanyuan learnt from the Book of Acquisition to see whether a land was good or bad. He immediately knew that the ill fame of this place was well-deserved. “This place is not suitable for both Yin and Yang to grow. That’s why it’s in imbalance, attracting all kinds of ghosts and evil beasts.”
Bai was well-prepared mentally and was already a grandmaster class fighter but Goosebumps still grew all over her. This was still scary to her.
”So the rumours are true.” Bai said in shaky voice.
”Bai, I’m the one who wants to tame the fighting earth. You don’t have to risk your own life.” Xuanyuan said worriedly.
”No. I’m already here. I won’t go back. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life only concerning money. I want to train my own mind and strengthen my body.” Bai replied, more determined.
”Xuanyuan, I’m scared!” Mochou was no longer as cheerful. She cradled herself and looked terrified.
“Oh, didn’t you say you won’t be afraid as long as you’re with Xuanyuan?” Bai teased her.
“But I’m with Bai and not Xuanyuan right now.” Mochou said innocently. She stood up and flew to Xuanyuan’s dragon. She sighed when she finally could hug his arm. “Now I’m not scared.”
Xuanyuan could feel Mochou’s warmth next to him.
”Well, I’m scared too!” Bai also cried. She leapt and sat on the other side of Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan was speechless over the excessive attention.
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