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DTH Chapter 179 – The Disposition of Infinity

DTH Chapter 179 – The Disposition of Infinity
With two girls sitting closely by his sides, Xuanyuan was embarrassed. He sighed, “Please, you should compose yourselves.”
”But I’ll be afraid if I don’t do this.” Mochou pouted innocently.
”That’s right, I’ll be afraid too if I don’t do this.” Bai grinned. She didn’t look afraid at all.
”She’s lying! Xuanyuan, Bai isn’t afraid.” Mochou wrinkled her nose. She said disdainfully. The Body of a Thousand Spirits can distinguish truth and lies with a glance.
”Alright, alright. I was only teasing. Don’t get mad.” Bai let go of Xuanyuan’s arm, blushing.
”I’m not mad.” Mochou also let go. But she sat close to Xuanyuan as if that was the only way she felt safe. In Xuanyuan’s mind, he was smiling bitterly. Mochou was in fact the strongest among the three and most timid. But that’s not her fault since her mind was still one of a child despite her appearance. But for Bai to be so forward, Xuanyuan could hardly concentrate. She was an extremely beautiful woman. But he forced himself to put his mind on the Nightmare Swarm where they were about to go in.
”Well, we should be more serious. Bai, go back to the seven-coloured bird and stay close. We’re going into the swarm. It’s not to be taken lightly.” Xuanyuan calmed down, “If any one of you were to get hurt, I’ll blame myself for the rest of my life.”
”Little boy, you think too much.” Bai’s grin widened and leapt back onto her bird.
Xuanyuan looked at the giant swarm. A large part of it was corpse swarms. They were full of Yin Qi, Ghost Qi and Death Qi. A human would rot to the bones should they ever fall in. Some weaker fighters would go mad just by smelling the rotten stench.
Xuanyuan and Bai sat on their mounts approaching the Nightmare Swarm slowly. They were careful. The moment they entered the Swarm, the Ghost Corpses raised their heads and sneered at them, showing their teeth. On those naked tree branches, the man-faced crows also screamed. Then at the same time, the crows leapt up, aiming directly for Xuanyuan and Bai. Every crow had at least a hundred dragons in strength.
Xuanyuan crossed his arms in front of his chest without fear. Bai was slightly taken aback, but she stood her ground. Youxue roared and numerous arrows made from Qi shot out from his dragon scales, destroying all of the crows. Bai’s seven-coloured bird churned loudly, shooting out bright, colourful lights from its feathers. When the light touched the crows body, the crows all turned into black smoke. Soon all the crows were killed.
“We’ll go in.” Xuanyuan said. The dragon and the bird flew side by side.
On their way, the place became deadly quiet. No creature screamed or even made a slight sound. It was eerily quiet.
”It’s too quiet. It feels wrong.” Bai whispered.
”Yes. Mochou, search for the Fighting Earth with your spiritual eyes.” Xuanyuan said.
Suddenly, a loud scream filled the sky. An uncountable number of crows rushed towards them. Xuanyuan gazed downwards and was shocked by the disposition they were in.  
”Quick! We need to get out of here now. Don’t be surrounded by them. We’re in the Disposition of Infinity. If we don’t get out, we’ll be attacked by an infinite number of crows!” Xuanyuan cried to Bai.
The Disposition of Infinity was a subtle disposition. Less perceptive people often got caught up in such a disposition and were killed.
Bai ordered her bird to repeat the lightning strike and covered them up with Qi. Both the bird and dragon flew with full speed. In front of them were numerous man-faced crows, that were soon blown away by the Qi. Each crow had a different face, just like real human beings. Xuanyuan’s heart skipped a beat whenever he saw them straight ahead.
”These man-faced crows can have a new face whenever they eat a person. Each face represents one more life.” Greed told him. That was scary information. Who knew how many people these crows had eaten over the years? Xuanyuan wouldn’t have enough energy to kill them all.
Then, Xuanyuan saw the transformation of the Disposition of Infinity. The crows became numerous dark swirls surrounding Xuanyuan. He suddenly saw himself being pierced by a bunch of crows. His bones were broken, his intestines were showing, his head was separated from his body…
Bai screamed, waking up Xuanyuan. He grabbed her arm and embraced her, “It’s an illusion. Don’t be afraid. Steady your mind.”
Mochou was the only one who was unaffected by the illusion but she sensed Bai’s fear. She put her hand on Bai’s body while her other hand made a mudra. A light was infused in Bain and her fear was banished. Her mind finally cleared up, though her eyes were filled with tears.
”I thought you were dead Xuanyuan!”
”I’m fine. It’s only an illusion. We’ll get through this.” Xuanyuan cried. To answer his call, both the dragon and the bird roared and soared ahead.
They got into the swirl while Blood covered them. The crows that followed them were crushed to pieces, however, the swirl created even more crows. They were screaming and screaming…
The dragon and the bird repeated their Qi attack and created bright lights in the dark swirl, destroying all the crows.
”Let’s go!” Xuanyuan yelled one more time. The dragon beneath him released a large amount of Qi and formed a sword piercing forward, cutting through the space of darkness. The light from the outside world covered their body. They escaped the Disposition of Infinity.
When they were out, they realized this was a completely new place. They didn’t recognize the scenery.
Freezing winds were blowing around them. The screams from ghosts continued. Their spines were stiffened. Shadows of ghosts showed up from time to time with hideous faces.
”Where are we?” Bai asked. This place gave her a disparate feeling, as if she’d never get out.
”We should be inside the Nightmare Swarm.” Xuanyuan gazed down. Darkness Qi rushed towards his face. The place was full of twisted looking rocks. The Disposition continued to be terrifying.
“Wait, this is a chain disposition. We’re in the Disposition of Yin Ghost!” Xuanyuan said. Then the screams of ghosts were getting closer and closer. The shadows of ghosts became more solid and visible. They were striding towards them.
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