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DTH Chapter 180 – The Disposition of Yang

DTH Chapter 180 – The Disposition of Yang
The seven-coloured bird released its Qi in the form of bright lights once again turning the corpse ghosts bodies into gas. This was the mortal enemy of any dark creatures. However, with an infinite amount of ghost rushing their way, the bird’s light became dimmer.
Seeing this, Bai took out a seven-coloured elixir and gave it to the bird. It could restore the bird’s true power to be released in the battle of life and death.
”Xuanyuan, how can we get out of this Disposition?” Bai asked.
”Let me think.” Xuanyuan closed his eyes and concentrated. Greed’s voice rang in his mind.
”The corpse ghosts are full of evilness. The Fire of Red Lotus can inflict great harm to them.”
”I see.” Xuanyuan opened his eyes. The bird could still hold on but so could Bai. She summoned her Qi and shot them out to the ghosts as white arrows. ”But Bai wanted to train her mind so I shouldn’t intervene and i also want to train Mochou as well. She can’t always be this timid. Her power should be able to destroy these ghosts.”
”Mochou, go protect Bai.” Xuanyuan told the young girl hiding behind him.
”But I’m scared!”
”Don’t be. They should be scared of you. If you use the Technique you’ve been practicing, they’ll all run away.” Xuanyuan encouraged.
“Of course!”
”Alright. I’ll try.” Mochou flew towards Bai and created a mudra with both her hands, “The Method of Spiritual Xian!”
Suddenly, a large amount of Qi rushed out and turned into Talismans full of spiritual Qi. The Talismans became countless circles of light, spreading outwards slowly. Fear appeared on the ghosts face. Before they could even scream and run away, they were turned into tiny light particles. Within the ten square miles, all the corpse ghosts were wiped out from the surface of the earth.
”Bai, don’t be afraid, I’m here to protect you!” Seeing what she could do, Mochou told Bai with confidence.
However, even more ghosts came their way. Mochou sneered. She spread her Rainbow Umbrella open and colourful light covered the area within a square mile, shattering all the ghosts that were hit by the light. Though that didn’t stop them. The ghosts still attempted to crush the light shield by killing themselves.
The light shield was tough. It could hold on for quite a while. Xuanyuan calmed down slightly and took out the Crystals of the Sun. He got that from You Yunlong’s ring. It was an uncommon crystal, growing in places that were purely yang, which means brightness and goodness. It could suppress any dark and evil beings.
”This disposition is connected with the Disposition of Infinity. If we are breaking out, we must destroy it. The Crystal of the Sun can suppress any darkness. But what should I carve on it? We’re only at the edge of this disposition and there’s already so many ghosts. I’m afraid any ordinary carvings won’t hold on for too long…..” Xuanyuan whispered to himself. After a while, his face suddenly brightened up, “The Disposition of Yang!”
He took out three pieces, a hundred jin of the Crystal of the Sun. He summoned the Qi of the Fire of Red Lotus and began carving.
The Disposition of Yang was an emperor class disposition. It’s extremely difficult to carve correctly. In order to do it right, he used the Fire of Red Lotus. He only managed to finish one piece after an hour.
Mochou was playing with her umbrella cheerfully. She wasn’t threatened by the ghosts at all. This made Bai who was sweating because of the fight felt inadequate. She leapt up and a round fan appeared in her hand. Pictures of a hundred flowers were painted on the fan. A large amount of Qi was being released from it. Bai danced through the sky like a butterfly. Numerous slashes of Qi were shooting out from her fan. It was a move she had learnt over the years – the Dance of Snakes. It was powerful, killing countless ghosts with each strike.
But ghosts kept coming. They could feel that Bai had stepped out of the light shield so they ran towards her frantically.
Even though her armour activated automatically and protected her from being killed, the force from the vicious ghosts still hurt her. She spat out blood and escaped back to Mochou’s side.
”Bai, why did you go out?” Mochou asked accusingly, pretending to be an adult. She learnt the guilting tone from Su Mei, shaming Bai for her reckless action. Bai rolled her eyes. She took a medicine and soon the wounds were healed.
Xuanyuan concentrated on carving the crystals. He didn’t realize what happened. It was vitally important that he carved everything correctly. Next to him were two thousand jins of top class crystals supplying him with the necessary Qi to continue. Bai gazed at his focused face. She won’t go out of the shield again since she isn’t as strong as the Body of a Thousand Spirits. There’s no need to compare.
Time slipped away slowly. All those top class crystals were gone.
”Everyone, carry this piece of Crystal of the Sun with you. I’ve already carved the markings of the disposition on them. No matter what happens next, wait for my command.”
Xuanyuan looked at Mochou, who showed no sign of exhaustion. He couldn’t imagine how much more powerful she’d become over time.
”Mochou, establish the Method of Heavenly Light and take back the light shield. We’ll get out of here!” Xuanyuan cried. The dragon beneath him and the bird both shook, soaring through the sky. Mochou closed her umbrella and the light shield disappeared. At the same time, she made a mudra and used the Method of Heavenly Light.
The Talismans reappeared and turned into numerous light circles. They expanded like ripples in a lake. Each expansion crushed the ghosts within ten square miles.
”This girl’s power is unbelievable. She studies a nine star Xian class Technique. Was the spirit who talked through Xuanyuan her master? It should be.” Bai thought.
The dragon and the bird were both fast. With the protection from Mochou’s light, none of the ghosts could get close to them.
However, when they reached the centre of the disposition, a dark and powerful Qi slipped out from the ground and covered them. They felt as if their minds were about to be devoured.
At that moment, the Disposition of Yang hidden in the Crystals of the Sun revealed its true power. They turned into a giant, burning sun and suppressed the power of darkness!
”Mochou, enhance the power of your Technique!” Xuanyuan cried, looking at all of those ghosts rushing at them again. Within seconds, Mochou’s force was enhanced, controlling the power of darkness.
“I’ll have to destroy this evil disposition! The Fire of Red Lotus!”
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