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DTH Chapter 181 – The Source Energy of All Ghosts

DTH Chapter 181 – The Source Energy of All Ghosts
The shadow of the Emperor of Royal Dragon appeared, summoning countless burning red lotuses into the sky. Those corpse ghosts trembled instinctively. The Emperor raised his hands. Between his palms, a giant Red Lotus was echoing with all of the smaller lotuses in the sky. The smaller flowers were circling the giant lotus.
”Destroy it!” Xuanyuan cried. The Emperor threw the Red Lotus into the center of the Disposition of Yang. The sun in the middle expanded and exploded. The dark sky was lit up to a bright shade of red. From the sun in the center, fire rolled out like a carpet. Numerous corpse ghosts were melted by the fire. The Dark Qi was steaming away.
Since the Dark Qi was being suppressed, it began to tremble, attracting countless more ghosts to sacrifice themselves into the Yang Sun. Each time they dove head first into the Disposition of Yang, it weakened by a tiny bit. The sun started to dim and Xuanyuan slightly panicked. He could feel that the Crystal of the Sun wouldn’t be able to hold on for long so he summoned the Woodland Dragon King and created a giant piece of wood.
Wood nurtured fire. With the help of the Fighting Wood, the Fire of Red Lotus burnt even more violently. If the Fire of Red Lotus didn’t put up a shield to protect them from the heat, they wouldn’t be able to withstand it either.
The sun’s power surged. It expanded to a hundred metres wide, killing off the last bits of the Dark Qi. It struck into the center of the Dark Disposition, the place where the Dark Qi concentrated. The Eye of Darkness.
Mountains and earth trembled. The Swarm was shaking. The sun devoured the Eye of Darkness and dispersed all of the Dark Qi. All of the ghosts that weren’t killed before, were now struggling to escape. The place was left with only a deep hole that was burnt black.
“It’s destroyed!” Xuanyuan was out of breath. Almost all of his Qi was spent on activating the Fire of Red Lotus and The Dragon Taming Wood.
“These corpse ghosts were once humans who came into the Nightmare Swarm. When they died, their spirits were attracted by the Dark Qi. Your decision to destroy the disposition was correct. It’ll only attract even more ghosts.” Greed said.
“Well, since the danger is gone. We should look for the Vajrapani Earth.” Xuanyuan calmed down.
”Xuanyuan you’re wonderful!” Mochou cheered. The Crystal of the Sun exploded into ashes as she said, “Bai, why are you so happy when I said Xuanyuan is wonderful?”
”Well, Xuanyuan is indeed wonderful.” Bai blushed.
“Xuanyuan, Bai likes you.” Mochou giggled. “Don’t glare at me! It’s natural that you like him. Shiguan likes him too. So do I!”
“I’m not denying that.” Bai smiled, “Xuanyuan, I do like you. Do you like me too?”
Xuanyuan rolled his eyes.
”Stop bantering, you two. The priority is to find the Vajrapani Earth. This is not the end. It’s only an average disposition in the Nightmare Swarm. We won’t survive the next one.”
Mochou was intimidated by the prospect, while Bai only smiled.
“Boy, there’s something underneath.” Greed suddenly said. Xuanyuan looked down and there was indeed a dim light in the deep hole.
“We’ll go down and take a look.” Xuanyuan said.
Youxue swam downward at once. When they landed at the bottom, Xuanyuan saw a Crystal that was shining with a dim grey light. His heart was beating fast.
“The Crystal of All Ghost!”
“Indeed, it is. Disciples from the Immortal love this.” Bai commented heavily.
“Immortal? Can anyone be immortal?” Xuanyuan was surprised to hear that.
“Yes, and no. It’s not what people think an immortal would be anyway. The Immortal is a mysterious organization. The disciples use ghosts and spirits to enhance their power. In order to be immortal, they will keep on devouring their enemies souls. It’s extremely brutal.” She explained.
“Well, this crystal will be useful to me anyway. I can use this to form a disposition against our enemies.” Xuanyuan smiled. The crystal was made by all the souls that were fallen over the years. He acquired nine thousand jins of them, which equaled to eighteen million top class crystals. It’s a great fortune.
When he decided to leave, Greed suddenly said, “Boy, don’t go yet. There’re other things. This disposition has been here for a long time, there must be something else. Burn it with the Fire.”
Xuanyuan followed Greed’s advice. The lotus was burning beautifully and it slowly landed onto the ground. The ground was burnt to ashes and blown away by wind. After a while, a grey light broke through. It was a pure energy source. Greed laughed.
“Hahaha, I knew it! It’s the Source Energy of All Ghosts! Eighteen jin of it. It’s worth thirty six million jin of top class crystals!”
Xuanyuan immediately took the energy source in his hand. But when he opened his ring to put it in, Mochou stopped him.
“Wait, the stone in your hand is talking.”
Xuanyuan was confused, but he knew that Mochou stopped him for a reason.
“What does it say?”
“It says, help me…” Mochou looked at the energy source and listened carefully. “It says, go to the northwest direction for four miles and save it and that there will be great rewards.”
Xuanyuan frowned, but Greed said, “Go. Listen to Mochou. There must be some spirit talking to her. There’s no harm in checking it out.”
Xuanyuan nodded and put the source energy away. But Mochou grabbed his arm, “Don’t put it away. The stone says it’ll guide us.”
Xuanyuan’s frown deepened. This could be a trap. But no pain, no gain. He’ll take the gamble. Greed will be able to help them if necessary.
“Bai, be careful. If anything goes wrong, you should run immediately. I’ll be able to deal with it.” Xuanyuan said.
His tone was serious and stern so Bai nodded.
“It might not be a trap. Don’t be frightened.” Bai said.
“I don’t think a good natured person would ask people to save it for ‘great rewards’.” Xuanyuan replied. He told Youxue to fly to the northwestern direction. Bai followed suit. “I wonder what it is. We’ll have Mochou take a look.”
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