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DTH Chapter 182 – The Nightmare Ghost

DTH Chapter 182 – The Nightmare Ghost
When they were flying towards the destination, a force came from the sky and suppressed them. Xuanyuan was shocked. He looked at the combination between the sky and the land and cried out, “It’s the Forbidden Disposition! It wasn’t formed naturally but It was made by someone!”
“But it’s a Xian class disposition. Who could have done that?” Bai was also surprised.
Even though Xuanyuan inherited the Book of Acquisition, he could only make small scaled dispositions. The Forbidden Disposition needed to match the natural environment perfectly, Xuanyuan wouldn’t be able to make it.
Youxue returned to his original human form and the seven-coloured bird became a palm-sized bird, standing on the shoulder of Bai.
”We’ll walk.” Xuanyuan activated his boots so his steps wouldn’t create any ripples on the swarm. However, when his foot touched the ground, a giant mouth appeared, biting at Xuanyuan.
Xuanyuan reacted immediately. He summoned the wooden Qi and stuffed it into the mouth. They heard a scream. Then after a while it went silent. Blood floated to the surface. Everyone was feeling slightly nauseated. There would be many more of these creatures to come.
As if they’ve smelled the blood, numerous crawling, rotten ghosts approached them. Their eyeballs were bulged out, glaring at Xuanyuan and his companions. Their bodies were all so rotten that you could see the maggots dwelling inside. It was an appalling scene. Their claws were extremely sharp as well.
Bai was trembling slightly. It wasn’t a pleasant sight to behold. She took out a talisman from her ring. Xuanyuan’s heart skipped a beat when he felt the power on the talisman. It was an Emperor class talisman.
”Talisman of Steel Earth!” suddenly a purple light shone outwards, solidifying five miles of the swarm into solid ground. All of the creatures underneath must have been killed.
But Bai was not finished. She took out another emperor class talisman. Xuanyuan’s heart started to ache. That was a lot of money. Though that was not surprising. She enjoyed a very high status in Taibai. Whenever she was out, she’d be well-protected.
“Don’t. Youxue, go clean up all the obstacles.” Xuanyuan stopped her before she could activate a second talisman. Youxue nodded. He released a sharp golden Qi, which turned into a rain of arrows, clearing out all the rotten ghosts in front of them. Blood splashed everywhere. Xuanyuan flicked his fingers and fire lit up, burning all of the body pieces into ashes.
“We should go.” Bai said.
They ran the four miles to the northwest while Youxue was the one who killed all the enemies. He was an Imperial Realm Fighter, after all. Xuanyuan was responsible for burning the corpses.
When they finally arrived at their destination. Xuanyuan realized the ground here was not solidified. This place was not a rotten swarm at all. Whoever was trapped here was much stronger than Emperor Realm Fighters.
”What do you think, Greed? Should we go in?” Xuanyuan asked.
”Yes. Let’s go. You’re already here so there’s no reason to back out now.” Greed said casually. It had seen too many crisis and danger.
Xuanyuan showed Mochou the source energy again. “Does it say anything?”
Mochou looked at the stone, “It says, this is the place. Put it on the ground and stand back.”
Xuanyuan frowned. He wouldn’t follow the order like he’s a fool. “Mochou use your spiritual eyes to see what hides underneath the ground.”
”Alright.” Mochou concentrated. A soft light came out from her eyes into the ground. “I can see. I see an old man. He’s bald and golden. He’s scary and he has big eyes!”
Greed said, “Could it be the Nightmare Ghost or the Vajrapani King? The Vajrapani was described as having angry round eyes.”
”Oh no. They almost fooled me. Inside there is a heart and a golden blob of thing. The two of them were fighting!” Mochou continued.
”Heart? Golden thing? What would that be?” Xuanyuan was unsettled, “Mochou, ask him who is here. Why should we save him? Tell him to give us a reason to save him.”
“He says. He could hear us talking. And he knows we were here when we stepped into the Nightmare Swarm. He says, we already know the reason to save him. He’s the one who can give you the Vajrapani Earth as a reward. The golden blob is the Earth.” Mochou conveyed the message.
”What?” Xuanyuan looked at the energy source, “So you’re the Nightmare Ghost? The Ghost was ancient so he can’t still be alive. You must be lying.”
“Damn it, why would I lie to you. Damn it. This boy is annoying. Alright. If you want to know, I’ll tell you how I survived to this day.” Mochou said, but it was clearly the Ghost using her voice.
“I was famous all over the world! I was one of the founders of the Immortal. But I was sealed by the ten monks when I arrived at the Land of the West. It took me everything i had to escape to the Eastern Dynasty. I hid my identity waiting to regain my power…”
”That’s bullshit. If you’re the founder of the Immortal. Why didn’t you just go back to them? Why come to the East alone? Don’t the Immortals all train with their souls, why do you still have a heart then?” Xuanyuan argued. The man’s story was unbelievable.
“You’re too naïve, young boy. Do you think they’d save me because I was the founder? You can only trust yourself in the world. I lost all my powers so if I were to go back to the Immortal, they’d only devour my soul. Not to mention, I left the Immortal when I had an argument with the other eleven founders. As for the heart, you’ve got to ask one of your man. Many years ago, three little dragons came in and I borrowed their bodies then devoured their souls. I used the disposition you just destroyed to lengthen my life. I’m impressed that you destroyed it. I’m also impressed that you have the Water of Heaven, the Fire of Red Lotus and the Dragon Taming Wood inside you. I’m curious! And the girl, the Body of a Thousand Spirits, it’s very rare…”
“You know?” Xuanyuan jumped. He was no ordinary man.
“Haha, of course. Now you believe I’m the Nightmare Ghost, right? Now, put the stone  that’s in your hand on the ground and stand back. Since you’ve saved me, what do you need, I’ll give you.”
“He’s very likely to be the Nightmare Ghost. He’s quite eccentric and he betrayed the Immortal even though he was one of the founders. Not much people know about that except for the contemporaries.” Greed told Xuanyuan.  
“Mochou, do you think he’s trustworthy?” Xuanyuan asked.
“I’m not sure. But I don’t think he’s lying.” Mochou said cautiously.
“Alright. I trust Mochou. After I save you, you’ll have to follow three of my requests. In addition, you have to give me the Vajrapani Earth and a giant crystal mine. No one knows the Swarm better than you, so it’s not much to ask, right?” Xuanyuan smiled.  
“That’s crazy! Crazy! Is my life so cheap? I’ll give you a hundred jin of Source Energy of All Ghosts and a mine with pure source energy!”
Xuanyuan trembled with excitement. In his hand, a piece of paper appeared. It was a spell given by Greed.
“You promised. This is the Blood Spell of Soul’s Origin. When you create a blood bond with this, you can’t repel your promises nor kill us.”
“Alright. I promise.” The ancient Nightmare Ghost was defeated by Xuanyuan.
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