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DTH Chapter 184 – The Vajrapani King

DTH Chapter 184 – The Vajrapani King
The man was the Vajrapani himself.
”It is the Vajrapani. He infused his mind into the Earth. He’s famous for his determination. Where did you learn all of those gibberish, boy? And why was the Vajrapani moved by them?” Greed was curious. But Xuanyuan ignored him. Instead he looked at the Vajrapani, pretending to be wise and otherworldly. If he knew that Xuanyuan was making things up, he’d be furious.
“Nightmare Ghost, you and I have been fighting for many years now. We should let go of our grudges.” The Vajrapani no longer looked angry but peaceful.
Xuanyuan was nodding when he suddenly remembered something. He asked, “Vajrapani, is the Hanuman still alive?”
”He disappeared. I do not know his whereabouts.” The Vajrapani said. He only heard of the Hanuman but didn’t know him.
”It’s alright. We each have our own destiny. I wish you nirvana in your next life, Vajrapani.” Xuanyuan said softly. Vajrapani closed his eyes and turned into golden stardusts, disappearing into the heaven.
That golden earth jumped. It gave up on its fight with the Nightmare Ghost and melted into Xuanyuan’s body. He immediately took out the earth elixir for the spleen and felt the Earth Qi boiling in his body. He began reciting the Earth Technique to refine his spleen. Spleen governed one’s flesh and circulation. It was the fountain of one’s blood and Qi. It was responsible for absorbing everything the person acquired from food, Qi and energy.

Days passed by. The flesh under his skin was covered with a golden light. His flesh was impenetrable. Behind him, a golden light radiated out and formed a shadow resembling the Vajrapani. Since the Earth had spent so much time with the Vajrapani, the figure it formed took his shape as well. The Vajrapani looked formidable, but also peaceful like a Buddha.
Xuanyuan’s strength enhanced once again.
One thousand four hundred Dragons!
One thousand four hundred and eighty Dragons!
One thousand five hundred and sixty Dragons!
One thousand eight hundred Dragons!
He stayed in the King Realm and yet with one thousand eight hundred dragons, his strength was as strong as many Imperial Realm Fighters. Should he be able to conquer the Dark Phoenix of Gold, he’d be unimaginably powerful.
When this was finished, seven days had passed. He knew that his flesh could shatter any top class earth instruments even if he didn’t release his Qi.
“Hahaha, you’re really something, young boy. I’ve been alive for many years but this is the first time I’ve seen anyone who can refine Fighting Water, Fire, Earth and Wood into their respective organs.” The blood red heart was speaking. It was the Nightmare Ghost.
“Alright. You should fulfil your promise. Give me a mine full of pure source energy.” Xuanyuan said.
“Of course, follow me.” The heart released its power and summoned a block of a hundred jin Source Energy of All Ghost and put it into Xuanyuan’s palm. He said casually, “This is yours.”
Xuanyuan trembled with excitement at the sight of this. This is worth so much money. He’d be able to buy a Xian class instrument!
“It’s only a small gesture. No need to be so excited. You haven’t even seen real treasures until you’ve opened the Devouring Emperor’s vault.” sensing Xuanyuan’s emotion, Greed said contemptuously, which Xuanyuan felt unashamed of. The Devouring technique is already worth much more than the source energy in his hand. And he was about to own a mine full of these kinds of rocks. There’s no need to get excited.
“I promised to give you an entire mine, will you be able to take all of it away?” The Ghost chuckled.
“I have my way. Oh, those dragon bones are worth quite a lot.” He looked at the remains of the Heavenly Dragon Guards.
“You do know how to earn money. I’ve absorbed the power in the bones and the elixirs. But you can still use their spine.” The Ghost shattered the useless parts of the skeleton and summoned the spines, which were good for making medicines or instruments, in front of Xuanyuan. To which, Xuanyuan muttered thanks and put the three spine into his ring.
“Alright. Follow me.” The heart floated in mid-air. “The Forbidden Disposition is deactivated.”
Youxue turned into a Flood dragon and the seven-coloured bird resumed its original size again.
“Boy, tell me. Where did you learn all those gibberish you told Vajrapani?” Greed couldn’t suppress his curiosity anymore and asked, “You convinced the Vajrapani with just a few sentences. I don’t even understand what you were talking about.”
“I don’t know either.” Xuanyuan answered, “But if you tell me of the romance the Devouring Emperor once had, then maybe I’ll know.”
Then Greed was silent.

They’ve travelled for fifty miles under a grey and heavy sky. The Dark Qi was thick. However, this time, they were unaffected by it. The most ferocious beasts avoided them like a plague because the Nightmare Ghost was one of their companion.
“Bai, thank you. If you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have been able to find the Vajrapani Earth. When we arrive at the mine, take whatever you can as compensation.” Xuanyuan said.
“Xuanyuan, I’ll be hurt if you think I care about that. I already told you, I like you. And I like helping you.” Bai felt slightly disappointed.
“That’s not what I mean. You’re one of the most important figures from Taibai. You must have bought many expensive things for this trip, like talismans and medicines….” Xuanyuan added.
“That’s even more hurtful, Xuanyuan. I never mind those expenses.” She sighed.
“……” Xuanyuan couldn’t think of anything to say. “Nevermind. I can’t explain myself clearly. Do what you like. And don’t be shy to take anything from the mine. Otherwise, it’ll be such a waste if we can’t bring everything out.”
”Well, that’s more like it. There’s no need for compensations.” Bai snorted.
“Wow, you’re popular.” The Ghost teased Xuanyuan. Then he landed in front of a tunnel, “This is it.”
After they landed, Youxue turned into human form and the bird minimized again.
At the entrance of the mine, a scavenger snake tried to attack the heart. But the heart only twisted and the snake melted away, then they entered the tunnel, with the Ghost clearing the way by swiping out all kinds of powerful beasts.
They finally reached the end of the tunnel and the opening of the mine of source energy.
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