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DTH Chapter 185 – Loneliness

DTH Chapter 185 – Loneliness
Xuanyuan was stunned by what he saw. The mine of pure source energy was full of colors. All the rocks that were filled with tremendous energy piled up like little mountains. It was a few hundred meters long. The amount of source energy here was unbelievable.
”There’ll always be a goodland hiding inside a bad one and vice versa, it’s a law of nature. The Fighting Dragons Sect was full of good Qi of Xian and still has a badland like the mine.” Xuanyuan expressed his astonishment to Greed. The Book of Acquisition was correct and full of wisdom.
”Of course, but I won’t reveal myself. The Nightmare Ghost is not at his peak, not even a hundredth of his original power, otherwise, he’d have detected my existence. The egg can have it all.” Greed said.
The thick Universe Qi was so dense that it almost felt like they were swimming in liquid. It melted into their bodies so easily. Xuanyuan took a few deep breaths, fully embracing the smooth sensations all over his pores. Mochou gasped at the abundance of Qi. Bai was also speechless – if this place did not exist in the Nightmare Swarm, it’d have been gone already.
“Alright, this mine is yours. I’m curious as to how you are going to take away all of this source energy.” The Nightmare Ghost heart with its soul kept beating with Its sarcastic tone. The heart was as large as a tub. It was not a human heart but one from a cloud dragon so It was bursting with life essence.
“This is how.” Xuanyuan took out the egg from his ring. It felt the Qi surrounding it and flew out of Xuanyuan’s hand. It revealed its greedy nature, thrusting numerous thick black threads into the ground and frantically absorbing the great source energy from the mine .
“Bai, Mochou, you two should practice as well.” Xuanyuan said. It was a luxury to practice in such a place. Someone like Bai wouldn’t have a chance like this often. Practicing here for a day equaled to practicing in an ordinary place for a year. Mochou needed an abundance of Qi to enhance her strength..
“How about you?” Bai asked.
”I’m satisfied with the Vajrapani Earth, I just need some time to adjust. It’s not good to improve too quickly.” Xuanyuan smiled mysteriously.
“I will work hard to help you, Xuanyuan. I won’t be your burden.” Mochou said grimly, “I’ll protect you!”
Xuanyuan was slightly taken aback by Mochou’s progress. It was unbelievable since she already had the power to protect him.
She jumped lightly onto one of the mountains made of source energy rocks and sat down to practice. The moment she began, her body turned into a giant swirl which sucked in all the Qi she could.
“This… This is the Thousand Spirits Technique! It’s a Grand Xian Technique made by the first Body of a Thousand Spirits! And this little girl… Is she the heir of the First Body of a Thousand Spirits?” The Nightmare Ghost had lived a long life so he immediately recognized Mochou’s Technique.
“Oh? What’s that?” Xuanyuan pretended.
“You know what it is. Don’t think I am ignorant of what you are. The Body of All Creations. It’s the origin of all sins but you hide it very well. With this physique, you’re destined to be hunted down by the world. No one will allow you to grow. All of the previous Bodies of All Creations that walked the earth were killed. There was one, after I entered the Swarm, that became the Devouring Emperor but he was still slaughtered by his contemporaries.” The Nightmare Ghost whispered. He recognized Xuanyuan’s real identity when he absorbed the Vajrapani Earth.
“If I tell you that I’m the heir of the Devouring Emperor, will you believe me?” Xuanyuan sat down cross-legged. He showed no signs of panic from being discovered.
“Naturally. If the Body of All Creations did not receive a suitable Technique then the body is deemed useless. If you have no one to teach you, you won’t be able to devour four of the five spiritual beings of the elements. At first I thought you were just the Emperor’s son or simply have exceptional talent but only the Devouring Emperor knows how to use the Blood Oath. We all have our own secrets so I won’t ask about that.” The Ghost chuckled, “You are not afraid I’ll tell your secret?”
“No. Why should I? You still owe me three requests. If i tell you to kill yourself and if you don’t then your original soul will be destroyed.”
“Ha, I’ve walked this earth for so long yet i’m defeated by a boy.” The Ghost sighed, “The longer you live, the more stupid you get. I found the way to be ‘immortal’ and realized that loneliness is unbearable. The Technique I created has its inherent defects. I can prolong my life by absorbing other souls but the price is to endure the pain that comes along with it. The more souls I absorb, the less time each soul provides. I’m about to die, in fact. Tell me your three requests soon or you won’t be able to get them.”
“What? Aren’t you immortal?” Xuanyuan was surprised.
“We thought we could be immortal. But the twelve of us who created the Technique overestimated its ability. We can live for a very long time but not forever.” The Ghost said without any emotion yet his tone made Xuanyuan sad. “In the end, I still cannot escape death. But it’s a good thing. Living for too long is more worse than you might think.”
Xuanyuan was deeply unsettled by his words.
“I think living is good. I can do what I want to do while i can protect those I care about. Sir, maybe you should try and remember the spirit you had when you created the Technique and fight against your fate.”
“Hahaha, young boy. When you live as long as I do and taste the betrayal of your brothers, the blood of your family and the death of your loved ones then you will think differently. All kings and emperors are lonely. It is always cold in high places.”
“……” Xuanyuan gazed at the ground. Greed suddenly said, “He’s right. The Devouring Emperor had the same idea. He was lonely. Except for me and the beast, he couldn’t trust anyone else. When he was encircled and slaughtered by all of those Emperors and Xians, he could have run away but he didn’t. I didn’t understand why then but the Ghost just told me the reason.”
“Young boy, I promised you three requests and I’ll deliver it so take this Nightmare Talisman. You can ask for my presence with this.” a talisman appeared from the dragon heart and landed on Xuanyuan’s palm.
“Thank you, sir. I’ll tell you my requests before you die because i can’t waste them.” Xuanyuan said lightly.
“Hahaha, great. I’m waiting.”
They spent seven days in the mine and Xuanyuan grabbed the opportunity to ask for the Ghost’s wisdom who was generous in sharing as well.
On the seventh day, the ninth sun markings appeared on the egg.The red sun was about to turn golden. The mount of the Devouring Emperor was about to hatch.
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