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DTH Chapter 186 – Killing with a Borrowed Knife

DTH Chapter 186 – Killing with a Borrowed Knife
Ten days ago, in a secret place in the Eastern Dynasty, a few people with powerful forces gathered together. They were facing four iron and damp walls, lit by only a few scattered candles. Only the shadows could be seen.
“Yin Tianshang, why did you call me here?” A coarse, chilling and creepy voice asked.
“Things regarding your interests. Didn’t you want a marriage between the Yin clan and your family, the Hai clan? This is why you are all here.” Yin Tianshang said.
“Oh? Is Zhenluo home? Did she say yes to marrying me?” Another voice couldn’t hide his emotions. It was the young master of the Hai Family.
“Neither. But I already found out why my little sister refuses to come home. It’s because of a man. A disciple of the Fighting Dragons Sect. This time, I’m afraid it’s not something you can handle so I brought Elder Tianzan from Lunhui.” Yin Tianshang said calmly. Suddenly a crushing Qi spread out in the room. The few flickering candles struggled to hold onto their lights.
“What did you just say? How can this be?” The young master of the Hai family said angrily.
“Why not? The Hai Family controls the surveillance of the Eastern Lands. You should’ve heard about it.” Yin Tianshang replied.
“Didn’t you say he’s Zhenluo’s disciple? His physique is useless so why should I care?” The young master of the Hai family was contemptuous of the idea.
“You’re wrong. That ‘useless’ boy is now a King Realm Fighter. There must be a mysterious force supporting him. I sent out three Imperial Realm Fighters and fifteen Grandmasters to kill him but they all died except for one who is being controlled by him. He is trying to instill grudges between the Yin Clan and the Hai Family. He said that if you dare to marry my sister, he’d set fire on the Eastern Lands.” Yin Tianshang said. Then he continued with a stern tone, “I’ve found out that he was accepted by the Xians of Five Elements as a disciple and he was given a Fighting fire. The incident in Lishou City made Zhenluo very angry so she cut all ties with me. If anything happens and she decides to cut ties with the entire Yin clan then it’d be a great loss to both of our families and the entire Eastern Dynasty!”
“That stupid dog is barking? If he has a Fighting Fire then it’ll be destroyed by my Fighting Water. You want my family to kill him, don’t you?” the young master of the Hai Clan said coldly, “We can do that. Do you want him dead or alive?”
“I don’t mind if he’s dead or alive but be careful because Zhenluo wants to protect him. Her Dark Dragons won’t hesitate to kill your men.” Yin Tianshang said.
“I’ve always wanted to see how strong the Dark Dragons are. Our assassination team shouldn’t be any worse than them. Zhenluo has been prejudiced towards me so I’ll conquer her with my force and make her marry me.” His voice hid his grudges. The name Xuanyuan irked him.
“But he’s Zhenluo’s disciple after all. If you kill him, she won’t be happy. Do what you must but you know her personality. The boy is carrying the Pearl of Heavenly Fighters and the Dragon Scale Armour so we already know where he is. Perhaps he already knows I’ll send people to kill him because he’s hiding in the Nightmare Swarm. That place is dangerous even for our powerful family ancestors. We’ll have to retrieve his body if he has died there. My sister will come back for him if he’s dead or alive and when she’s back, she won’t be in control anymore.”
“Indeed, Zhenluo is still too young, she doesn’t understand the importance of things. Your father didn’t want her to know the truth so she won’t sacrifice herself. Even though we’ve always been respectful of General Yin, Zhenluo needs to know this, she can’t always have her way.” the young master of the Hai clan smiled viciously. “Young master Yin, you’re very understanding. Don’t worry, as long as Zhenluo marries me, my family will certainly save General Yin, regardless of the cost!”
“This talisman will tell you of the boy’s direction. I’ll give this to you, young master Hai.” Yin Tianshang said. In his mind, he was thinking “Xuanyuan, you claim that you can protect my sister, here’s your arch enemy, what will you do now? Zhenluo can’t blame me for this either.”
Yin Tianshang’s shadow disappeared. Then the coarse, creepy voice spoke again. He was Elder Tianzan of Lunhui, “Do you need our help?”
“No. He’s a nobody. I’ll send four of my best people and i’ll send my Heavenly Sea Guards.” The young master of the Hai Family thought very little of Xuanyuan.
“If that’s so. I’ll wait for the good news. If you’re unsuccessful, Lunhui will take over the mission.” The coarse voice disappeared as well.
“Xuanyuan? He dared to go into the Nightmare Swarm so he probably won’t come back, but since you dare to insult our families, I’ll have to let you see the Hai’s power! Hahahaha.” After that, his shadow faded into the darkness.

In the Source Energy mine, the little mountains full of colourful energy were shattered into powder. Those that still held their shapes were colourless now. The Universe Qi became thin.
The egg concentrated its power which enhanced its devouring speed. However, Xuanyuan knew the egg wouldn’t hatch yet. The later stage of hatching would take much more energy.
In just seven days, Mochou completed the Imperial Realm Fighter and had five thousand six hundred dragons of strength while Bai reached the top of the Grandmaster Realm with nine hundred dragons of strength. There was a huge difference between Bai and Mochou, because Mochou practices with a Xian class Technique and has the Body of a Thousand Spirits so it wasn’t comparable.
Bai’s seven-coloured bird was now an Imperial Realm Fighter. Youxue was a top Imperial Realm Fighter too, who had two thousand four hundred dragons of strength, when he’s in human form.
Another six hours passed and the power in the mine was emptied. Xuanyuan retrieved the egg then called Mochou and Bai. He turned to the heart, “Master Ghost, we’ve already taken all the energy from this mine. Farewell!”
“Haha, good! Farewell.” The dragon’s heart then disappeared into thin air.
“Xuanyuan, I think I’m much more powerful! Much stronger than you!” Mochou’s eyes were wide and bright. Her aura got more outstanding as her power grew. Bai was slightly jealous of that. The advantages of having a special physique was obvious but Bai didn’t think little of herself since she had her own advantages.
“Our journey to the Nightmare Swarm turned into a worthwhile one. Where will you go, Xuanyuan?” Bai needed to go back to Taibai for business. She wouldn’t be able to travel any further.
“My five masters have already gone to the Linglong Sect to ask for a chance to retrieve the Dark Phoenix of Gold so we’ll head there. We’ve spent too much time away already.” Xuanyuan said.
“The Dark Phoenix of Gold? The fighting gold that ranks sixteenth on the list? I didn’t know it was in the Linglong Sect!” Bai was surprised.
“It’s not widespread knowledge. It took my masters a long time to find out.” Xuanyuan smiled.
“Is this dangerous? Should I accompany you there?” Bai said.
“No. You’re the master of Taibai Trading so you must be busy. I’ll handle it. I’ve already conquered four of the five elements, I won’t slip on the last one. Don’t worry, trust me.”
“Of course I do. Let’s get out of the Swarm first.” Xuanyuan’s growth made her very happy.
They flew towards the exit of the Nightmare Swarm, ignorant of the company awaiting them there.
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