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DTH Chapter 187 – War on Edge

DTH Chapter 187 – War on Edge
Outside of the Nightmare Swarm were two men and two women hovering in the air. They were the most trusted guards of young master Hai – Tianlei, Tianfeng, Tianhuo and Tianshui. They were all top Imperial Realm Fighters. They were not very far behind Fang Yun of the Fighting Dragons Sect. Behind them, there were twenty four top Grandmasters from the Heavenly Sea Guards.
Tianlei was a man surrounded by lightning, as if he could electrocute someone with the wave of a hand. “We’ve been waiting here for many days. Why don’t we just go in?”
“No. Master Hai has ordered us to wait for him. The Swarm is too dangerous.” A woman with watery blue satin dress said. She was Tianshui. Not only was she exceptionally beautiful but also intelligent.  
“Who is he? Why should the four of us tackle him? They say that he’s a disciple from the Fighting Dragons Sect. Could it be Fung Lie?” Another man said. He was very tall and strong. He was covered with burning heat, like he was a torch. He was Tianhuo.
“If it’s Fung Lie, Master Hai should come here himself. Fung Lie is the reincarnation of the Wind Spirit. The four of us won’t be able to kill him.” A woman said lightly. Her face was stern and serious. She was Tianfeng.
“He’s called Xuanyuan, Yin Zhenluo’s disciple. He entered the Fighting Dragons Sect and challenged the Hai Family. So master Hai wants us to kill him. He’s only a King Realm Fighter but Yin Zhenluo’s Dark Dragons were protecting him. Master Hai warned us about them.” Tianshui said with a tinge of jealousy. She thought that Yin Zhenluo attracted her master Hai because of her powerful special physique. Even if she couldn’t kill Yin Zhenluo, she wanted to kill her disciple.
“Then he’s really weak. Why did they call us here?” Tianlei was unhappy.
“That’s right. They can just send the guards to tackle him.” Tianhuo agreed.
“If you’re upset about master Hai’s decision then you can talk to him about it.” Tianfeng glared at them.
“That’s not what I meant but we are four Imperials of the Hai family after all. It’s not very respectful of us to wait for a King Realm Fighter.” Tianlei explained, “We’ve been waiting for so many days.”
“Just let it go. When he comes out, you’ll get to kill him to soothe your mood.” Tianhuo said.
“Alright…. Damn it! What a scum. How dare he let me wait! I’ll destroy him when he’s out!” Tianlei yelled and punched the ground. His Lightning Qi hit the ground and created a deep hole.

Perhaps the Nightmare Ghost was protecting them because there weren’t any beast attacking Xuanyuan and company when they left.
“Haha, boy. You’ve collected four of the five elements already! Only the Dark Phoenix of Gold is left. When the cycle of five elements is completed, the Devouring Technique will have another transformation. When you step into the grandmaster realm, your power will transform as well.” Greed was satisfied with Xuanyuan’s growth. The beast was about to hatch too. Perhaps Xuanyuan would surpass the Devouring Emperor. However, Xuanyuan was in no happy mood. The loneliness of the Nightmare Ghost shook him. He wondered how should a man live without regrets, was that even possible?
“Well, this isn’t a problem I can solve. I can only kill all of those people who are stopping me and protect master Zhenluo.” Xuanyuan decided.
“That’s right. You don’t need to be anxious about the Ghost. Everyone has a different life.” Greed said. “Oh? There’re still people trying to get into the Swarm? There’re many people outside so be careful. There’re Four Top Imperial Realm Fighters and twenty four Top Grandmasters.”
“Xuanyuan.” Mochou also noticed something. “There’re many people outside! We’ll be in danger if we go out!”
“What?” Xuanyuan knew that Mochou could tell fortune, “What happened?”
“They’re here to capture you, Xuanyuan. They are angry that you’ve let them wait for so long. They’re four Imperial Realms of the Hai Family They could sense your aura getting closer and they’ll kill you if you go out now!”
“Hai Family? They want a marriage between them and master Zhenluo!” Xuanyuan thought.
“Oh, that’s arrogant. Do they think I’m going to take their anger silently?” Bai sneered. Xuanyuan jumped at her fury. She was a top grandmaster with many powerful Talisman and weapons, after all.
“Right. I want to see how strong they are as well.” Xuanyuan said. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to destroy the Hai Family but he could kill their servants. “Let’s go! Mochou, protect Bai!”
“I will, Xuanyuan. Be careful!” Mochou jumped onto the seven-coloured bird.
“Don’t worry.” Xuanyuan looked forward and sensed a terrifying force ahead of him.

“Oh? Someone’s out! It’s that Xuanyuan!” Tianshui said.
“Hahaha, finally. You can’t hide forever!” Tianlei laughed.
“Seven-coloured bird!” Tianfeng noticed, “It’s the descendant of the seven-coloured phoenix. Normal people wouldn’t be able to find a beast like that. Who’s that woman?”
“Who gives a shit? Oh the girl’s pretty!” Tianhuo had some obscene ideas in his mind. He leapt up and got a better look at Xuanyuan, who was riding a Flood Dragon. He was surprised. “Isn’t that the Heavenly Dragon Guard from the Yin Clan? He tamed the dragon?”
“Are you the disciple of the Fighting Dragons Sect, Xuanyuan?” Tianhuo smiled cruelly.
“Naturally, you stupid dogs from the Hai Family, aren’t you waiting for me? Why don’t you all come at once? I don’t have time to waste.” Xuanyuan also smiled angrily. Youxue beneath him released his Qi, striking straight at Tianhuo.
“How dare you?” however, Tianhuo was shocked as Youxue’s strength was three thousand and six hundred dragons. He also released his Qi and sent the burning fire wall at Xuanyuan.
Xuanyuan summoned the Lady Saint of the Water of Heaven, hitting the fire with the bluest water. The war was about to begin.
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