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DTH Chapter 188 – Bai’s Fury!

DTH Chapter 188 – Bai’s Fury!
The fire wall crashed into Xuanyuan but he stood his ground. With the protection of the blue screen, the fire was steamed away, creating a thick white fog. Xuanyuan had one thousand eight hundred dragons of strength added with the help of the Water of Heaven, it wasn’t impossible to fight off the fiery Qi.
Tianhuo’s strength was about two thousand four hundred dragons, much weaker than Youxue in dragon form. He wouldn’t be able to withstand his attack so he turned into a giant fiery bird which was a particularly cruel animal. Wherever it went, houses would be destroyed and people killed. The Tianhuo-turned-fiery bird was also stronger than his human form, with three thousand four hundred dragons of strength. The fire was getting hotter, burning all the trees within a few miles away.
“The Roulette of Fire!” Tianhuo roared. His fire shot to the sky and formed a giant wheel, rushing towards Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan could feel the heat. Youxue turned around and inhaled then shot out a water bomb from the dragon’s mouth, putting off the fire wheel and shot straight at Tianhuo. He screamed, “Are you all fucking dead? Come help me!”
Tianfeng summoned a strong wind with a whip, aiming at Bai. Her two thousand and four hundred dragons of strength was extending toward the furthest end of the whip.
But Mochou only sighed. She waved. Without Tianfeng even noticing, she was hit by Mochou and tasted blood in her mouth. “How’s that possible? Such terrifying force in a Top Imperial Realm Fighter?”
She turned into a giant butterfly to enhance her strength to three thousand six hundred dragons, as strong as Youxue! Her wings were flapping quickly, as though they could cut through everything on earth.
“Sword Butterfly!” Bai gasped.
“Oh, so you know something, little girl!” Tianfeng flapped her wings and the windy Qi was rolling at them in the form of a tornado. Inside the tornado, there were many blades made by the wind itself.
Mochou didn’t look affected at all. She sighed again and opened her Rainbow Umbrella. It shone brightly, reinforced by her strength and turned into a light shield defending them. The tornado wasn’t able to get pass the shield and shattered as it hit.
“I don’t want to fight with you. Go away. Or no one can save you.” Mochou said grimly.
“You’re quite confident, aren’t you, little girl? I can’t kill you, but I can kill Xuanyuan. He’s only a useless scum. After him, we’ll tackle you with our formation!” Tianlei screamed at Mochou before he turned his attention to Xuanyuan.
However, an angry voice stopped him, “How dare you call him a useless scum. He’s the man I, Bai Yunniang, likes. I can’t let you insult him!”
“Bai Yunniang!” Tianshui remembered, “Be careful! She’s the daughter of the Master of Taibai in the Eastern Lands!”
“What?” Tianlei was shocked. It was too late. Bai already took out a Talisman of Burning Heaven and aimed it at Tianlei.
Numerous strands of lightning-like purple light exploded from the Talisman, crushing into all of the twenty four guards resulting in them spitting blood. Their bones were broken then they fell from the sky.
A red light surged towards the heaven with fiery Qi that shot out from the Talisman. Tianlei transformed into a giant eagle, attempting to fly away. But the talisman’s power swallowed the eagle the next second. His Qi was used up immediately and he returned to his human form, which was torn into pieces. Even the eagle’s elixir was burnt to ashes.
Tianshui was the next to get involved. She turned into a Water python while activating a talisman. A green light covering her. However, it was not as strong as Bai’s talisman. It only managed to hold on for a few seconds before the green shield was shattered. The Water Python’s scales were burnt by the fire. The seven-coloured bird attacked the injured python, but it spat out a talisman and a force echoing through space sprang out and in the blink of an eye, the python disappeared.
“You’re quick or I would’ve burnt your dead body!” Bai gritted.
The butterfly transformed Tianfeng saw the chance and escaped and So did the fiery bird, but Xuanyuan wouldn’t let them go.
Youxue followed closely behind the bird. Xuanyuan’s Water of Heaven once again strengthened Youxue’s power and shot another water bomb at Tianhuo. Tianhuo was unable to evade the attack. He could only scream in his final attempt, “Burn!!”
However, Youxue was more powerful than his best effort. With the help of the Water of Heaven, Tianhuo didn’t stand a chance. He was hit by the bomb and forced back into human form. The next moment, he was shattered, along with the twenty four guards from the Hai Family. Only two survived, though barely.
Xuanyuan looked at Bai and thought that was insane. The power of the talisman she took out was unimaginable. It was as if it had the power of a seventh rank emperor on their side. Except Bai, no one could spend a talisman like it was a common commodity. She probably had more of those with her. Xuanyuan thought about the money she just spent on this fight and he squirmed.
“Bai, there’s no need for that, right?” He smiled bitterly. The area within ten miles was on fire.
“Why? I do like you. I wouldn’t want other people to insult you. I’ll see what the Hai Family can do to me.”
Xuanyuan rolled his eyes and chuckled, “There’s no need to be angry since i’m not even angry. Go back to the Fighting Dragon City. I’ll go to the Linglong Sect next.”
Bai slowly calmed down and smiled, “Alright. If you say so. I’ll let this go. Xuanyuan, be careful. You have to protect him, Mochou.”
“I will!” Mochou answered enthusiastically.
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