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DTH Chapter 189 – Chasing After

DTH Chapter 189 – Chasing After
In the Flower Garden of the Hai Family in the Eastern Dynasty, the flowers were blooming. The delicate butterflies were flapping their wings cheerfully. In the jade pavilion, there were two men and a woman sitting together. They were all handsome looking. In front of them were a few unique fruits and snacks, a jade tea pot and three jade cups.
The man was dressed in carefully tailored blue silk robe. His hair was untied, draping casually. He was the young master of the Hai Family.
The other man was in golden armour and if you looked closely, you’d see that he’s from the royal family. He was the eighth prince of the Eastern Dynasty, Prince Jiwu.
The woman was in fitted training suit. The gaze in her eyes were determined. She was Princess Pingyao, the one who fought with the Mo princess the other day.
“Your highness, I wonder who won that fight with the Mo princess, Shiguan?” Master Hai smiled.
“I lost.” Princess Pingyao brought the jade cup to her lips, “She didn’t reveal her real power by combining the few kinds of Fighting Fires that she owned would be a killing move, but she didn’t do it. It seemed like a draw, but I lost in fact.”
“Well, there’s no need to be humble. You didn’t transform into a Xian beast to fight. So she might be stronger than you.” Master Hai continued.
“I’m not humble. I merely respect her.” she refilled her cup and drained it once again.
“Pingyao always wants to fight. It’s a good thing you lost this one since you’ll work even harder from now on. The Mo princess is famous for her Fighting Fires. Not many people in our world are as powerful as her. In fact, only the ‘God of the East’, our Eldest Prince, might be able to defeat her.” Prince Jiwu chuckled.
“Master Hai owns a few kind of Fighting Waters as well. Water controls Fire. If it’s you, maybe you can win against Princess Shiguan. I don’t think marrying her can be worse than marrying Yin Zhenluo.” Princess Pingyao teased.
“If I am so lucky to meet Princess Shiguan, I wouldn’t mind a fight with her. It’d be great if I can defeat her too.” Master Hai retained his smile, “There’s one thing I would like to ask you, your highness.”
“Tell me. I’ll answer it if I can.” she replied.
“When you fought with Princess Shiguan, was there a man present?”
“Indeed. But the man was not strong, only a King Realm Fighter. What about him?” she smiled, “So you really thought of marrying Shiguan?”
“No. That man is Zhenluo’s disciple. He is extremely arrogant. He threatens to light a fire in the Eastern Dynasty if I were to marry Zhenluo.”
“Oh? That’s a bold claim.” the Prince smirked.
“Of course, there’s no need to trouble yourself about him but he’s also a disciple from the Fighting Dragons Sect. There seems to be a history between him and Princess Shiguan. Shiguan fought with you that day, your highness, was because of him, wasn’t it?”
“Since you’ve mentioned it. Indeed it was. There were a few assassins chasing after him and Shiguan protected him.” the princess nodded.
“I’ve already sent four of my most trusted guards and twenty four Heavenly Sea Guards to capture him dead or alive. We can use him to lure Zhenluo and Shiguan here. It’d be wonderful if you can help me.” Master Hai had been searching for every bit of information about Xuanyuan these days. He already has everything planned.
“He insulted our royal family so I’ll have to take responsibility and kill him!” the Prince laughed.
“I only wonder if you can actually catch that man. Even though he was only a King Realm Fighter, there was something different about him. You Yunlong and Li Gang both died.” Princess Pingyao said.
“He’s only a useless scum. He won’t be able to survive against my guards.” Master Hai snorted. However, at this point, the space nearby trembled and a giant python fell into the garden. The python turned back into Tianshui. She was covered with blood.
“Master…… failed… we failed to capture Xuanyuan!” then she passed out. Master Hai looked as if he had been slapped across the face. He rushed to Tianshui’s side and fed her a pill to stabilize her condition. After a while, a strong wind arrived and it was Tianfeng. She knelt in front of Master Hai.
“Master, Tianlei and Tianhuo has died. Twenty two top Grandmasters were also killed.”
“What’s going on? It’s Fighting Fire. Did you encounter Princess Pingyao?” Master Hai asked in a deep, angry voice.
“No. Xuanyuan is powerful. He tamed a Heavenly Dragon Guard that is in the Imperial Realm. There’s also a woman in the Imperial Realm by his side with at least four thousand dragons of strength. There was another woman, Bai Yunniang, the daughter of the Master of Taibai Trading from the Eastern Lands, Bai Qisha….” Tianfeng shook her head. She repeated what happened to master Hai.
“Bai Yunniang is defending him? She said she likes him? What a daughter you have, Bai Qisha.” Master Hai mumbled.
“Why don’t I pressure Bai Qisha as the royal family? He needs to control his own child.” Prince Jiwu said. The Hai Family controlled the surveillance of the entire dynasty, so even royalty would like to befriend them to strengthen their own power.
“Brother, if you want to be confined in the palace for ten years, then you can do that. Bai Qisha is not someone you want to infuriate. Stop embarrassing yourself.” Princess Pingyao said in dismay. Prince Jiwu said no more.

“If that’s so then I’ll go kill him myself. I’ll have to see who’s this Xuanyuan.” Master Hai declared, “Tianfeng, take care of Tianshui. I’ll deal with this.”
“Master Hai, let us come with you. I’d like to meet the man who has caught Bai Qisha’s daughter eyes. I want to know what’s so special about him.” Princess Pingyao stood up and walked out of the pavilion.
“Yes, we’ll help you. Bai Yunniang could have more of those Talismans but the three of us can take care of that.” Jiwu smiled.
“Thank you. I can find out where Xuanyuan is. Let’s go.” Master Hai took out a talisman called the Royal Wind. He activated it and the power slipped into the three of them. They disappeared from the garden.

Bai left and Mochou was now the one defending the team, which frustrated Xuanyuan.
“Haha, boy, don’t be disappointed. Bai comes from a grand family. She naturally has a lot of resources. Mochou’s physique allowed her to be so powerful but you’ll perhaps surpass her. You have only refined four organs. When you refine the last one and enter the Grandmaster Realm, you can defeat an ordinary top Imperial Realm Fighter. You’ll understand what I mean when you get there. The Devouring Technique will transcend your strength.” Greed was amused.
“I want the mount of the Devouring Emperor to hatch. It devoured an entire mine of source energy and it’s still unfinished. When it hatches, I’ll feel much safer.” Xuanyuan sighed again. Greed did not answer.
They rode on the back of the Flood Dragon, Youxue, towards the Linglong Sect, ignorant of the three forces chasing after them.
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    It seems almost too easy :s

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      The author wanted to show the little vixens wealth and background so we stop being annoyed that she is stalking him. That’s what those chapters were for….

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