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DTH Chapter 19 – Farewell to Moonwaste City

DTH Chapter 19 – Farewell to Moonwaste City

“Brother Xuanyuan, be careful.” Yan Ziyun warned before she sat back in her seat.

Xuanyuan nodded and picked up his whip, which made even Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu dumbstruck. It was only a lower rank instrument. If they could lend him their weapon, they would surely do so, but it was not possible now.

“Heh, that kid only has a low ranking instrument, what an embarrassment. How dare he fight with master Sunzhi. He’ll die for sure. No one can save him.”

“That’s right. Master Sunzhi has a lower rank spiritual instrument called the Sword of Dragon’s Well. It’s made using water from a Dragon’s well and still has the dragon’s scent on it. It’s a truly strong weapon. The kid won’t be able to fight against him.”

The people surrounding the stage all gave out disdainful sniggers. They mocked Xuanyuan’s unrealistic confidence, he thought he could fight against the young master of Brightsun City.

Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu were angry but couldn’t show it. This was just bullying.

Guxing was an intelligent animal. Sensing their anger, it also growled lowly.

Sunzhi had changed into a long, white robe, with a full moon embroidered on both the back and the front. That was the uniform for inner disciples of the School of Yuehua. Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu were wearing the same robes.

“Brother Xuanyuan, I’ll teach you a lesson.” Sunzhi smiled viciously and took out his Sword of Dragon’s Well and attacked Xuanyuan.

Xuanyuan also lashed his whip towards Sunzhi, but he didn’t evade the whip, instead, he cut the whip in half using his sword.

Yan Ziyun was even more worried. Xuanyuan was not as strong as Sunzhi, he even had the advantage in weapons. Xuanyuan didn’t have much chance of winning.

“But he has great potential. I can’t let Sunzhi hurt him. When we are back in the school, perhaps he’ll grow into a worthy competitor for Sunzhi with proper training. He should fight Sunzhi then.”

Sunzhi’s sword made a stroke towards Xuanyuan’s chest. Xuanyuan stepped forward and used his “Heavenly Dragon’s Walk” from the “Five Taloned Dragon”. He looked like a lightning fast dragon strolling leisurely across the stage as he evaded the sword.

Seeing this, both Yan Ziyun and Yueteng were surprised. Surely Xuanyuan had some battle experience, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to do that. The techniques he possessed were not ordinary techniques. It was at least as strong as the top ranked techniques from Yuehua’s “Glazed Moon”.

Even though Xuanyuan was not hurt, Sunzhi had very good sword skills. He immediately turned and the tip of his sword almost pierced straight through Xuanyuan, but Xuanyuan was not affected by this at all. He quickly stepped forward, with the poisonous dart hiding in his sleeve.

Yan Ziyun was anxious and she approached the duelling pair. However, Yueteng foresaw that. He stopped her and laughed,

“Second sister, do not lose your temper. He’s only an inner disciple. It doesn’t matter if he dies.”

Yan Ziyun exploded in fury, strength emerged from her palm,

“Out of my way!”

Yueteng wouldn’t let go. He took her attack into his palm and neutralized the power. The strength of three dragons was revealed from the impact. It was astonishing.

When their palms touched, a wave gathered around them and pushed everything around them outward. Yan Ziyun’s heart sunk,

“Damn it. Xuanyuan is going to be killed. He has so much potential.”

But everyone suddenly gasped, “How is this possible!”

Yan Ziyun and Yueteng immediately turned around. Sunzhi’s sword tip was against Xuanyuan’s chest, but it hadn’t pierced through him. It only made Xuanyuan cough a small amount of blood. Xuanyuan smiled cruelly and launched the poisonous dart inside his sleeve towards Sunzhi’s unprotected neck.

Yueteng saw his sneaky move and was furious. He rushed towards Xuanyuan and swung his fist aiming to kill him,

“How dare you, using such despicable weapon!”

“First brother, it’s only an inner disciple. It doesn’t matter if he dies.”

The whole situation turned completely around. Yan Ziyun had a big smile on her face and pushed her palm towards Yueteng’s lower stomach. Yueteng was startled and knew that if he took her hit, he would lose all his power and might even die. So he stepped back and moved away from her attack, but he was trembling from anger.

The dart of poisonous snake struck Sunzhi’s neck. Black blood was oozing out from every possible orifice of his body. His neck was quickly starting to rot. He was most certainly dead.

Xuanyuan stared at Yueteng and said quietly,

“Even a low ranking weapon has the power to kill.”

No one could utter a word against Xuanyuan’s remark. Guxing was very proud and grimaced at those who mocked Xuanyuan before.

Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu were extremely anxious for Xuanyuan. So when Xuanyuan killed Sunzhi, they could finally breathe freely, they screamed with excitement,

“Well said, brother Xuanyuan!”

Other inner disciples were also stunned.

Yueteng’s face darkened, he yelled, “How dare you murder your fellow disciple. I’ll kill you.”

Yan Ziyun’s smile was as beautiful as a spring blossom. She stood in front of Yueteng, “Why couldn’t Xuanyuan kill him? Every move Sunzhi made was aimed to kill Xuanyuan. You’re being too unreasonable.”

Yueteng was even more dismayed, and said, “Sunzhi was the young master of Brightsun City. That lowly country boy cannot be comparable to him. Now that Sunzhi is dead, are you going to calm his father’s fury?”

Yan Ziyun smiled scornfully, “The City of Brightsun is one of the ten cities under the School of Yuehua. It is definitely much stronger than your family. The Yue clan is scared, but why would I be scared of them. Let the master himself come after me. I’ll have to see if he dares to hold me responsible. Just tell him it was me who killed his son and see if he dares to act.”

Yueteng couldn’t do anything. He gave Yan Ziyun one last angry glare and left, “You haven’t seen the end of this. You’ll have to report this to the Head.”

She showed her white teeth as a large grin appeared on her face. She laughed and said, “You don’t need to worry about that, second brother.”

When he heard that he was demoted to second place within the School, Yueteng wanted to kill Xuanyuan even more.

Thus the event on the stage came to an end.

Yan Ziyun knew there’re many powerful people inside the Yue Family. To get away from possible trouble, she led the hundreds of inner disciples she acquired and left Moonwaste City.

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