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DTH Chapter 190 – Battlefront

DTH Chapter 190 – Battlefront

Xuanyuan and Mochou sat on the back of the Flood Dragon, admiring the stunning landscape of the Eastern Lands.
“Xuanyuan, the East is so big and pretty. I wish Aunt Mei can see it.” Mochou sighed.
“Yes, It would have been great. We’ll arrive at the Linglong Sect soon. There will be more beautiful sceneries and beautiful people to see.”
“Yes, I know.” Mochou nodded.
“Well, I wonder if our five masters can convince the Linglong Sect to give me a chance.” Xuanyuan suddenly thought.
“Don’t worry. The people in the Linglong Sect are all very nice.” Mochou giggled like she was not troubled by anything. Xuanyuan was slightly envious of her carefree personality.
Youxue had been flying for two days straight. They no longer needed to stop for food or rest because of their strength. However, the distance between the border of the Eastern Lands to the Linglong Sect was vast. They wouldn’t be able to arrive in a short time.
Xuanyuan had his eyes closed when a suffocating power caught up to them. He turned around in shock. Mochou cried, “Be careful!”
“They’re here after all.” Xuanyuan narrowed his eyes, glaring at the two men and a woman a few miles away. Xuanyuan recognized Princess Pingyao. Their auras were overwhelming. “Princess Pingyao is here. She owns a fighting earth. I’m afraid this is going to be difficult.”
Their auras covered Xuanyuan and Mochou. Xuanyuan felt his heart clenched. But the four spiritual beings activated, soothing the discomfort.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Master Hai put his hands behind him, as if he was scrutinizing a lowly, insignificant being. His disdain for Xuanyuan was obvious.
“I believe you are the young master of the Hai Family.” Xuanyuan smirked.
“Naturally. You are only a lowly peasant born, how dare you drool over Zhenluo? Is Bai Yunniang not with you today? You are always hiding behind women. Shiguan saved you from Lishou City and Bai Yunniang saved you a few days ago. Are you going to hide behind this little girl?” Master Hai sneered at him.
“The three of us are not as powerful as you so why don’t you just kill me since I’m not afraid of you.” Hatred sparkled in Xuanyuan’s eyes.
“You are brave but don’t worry. I am the eighth prince of the Eastern Dynasty, I won’t dirty my hands to kill you and I won’t bully you with our strength. You’ll have to find a way to escape from Master Hai.” Jiwu said sarcastically.
“Xuanyuan, why don’t you surrender so you won’t need to be punished. Bai Yunniang claims she likes you. She’s the daughter of Bai Qisha, the master of Taibai. A marriage between the two of you can protect you for life. You don’t have to stop the marriage between Lady Yin and Master Hai.” Princess Pingyao said matter-of-factly.
“I won’t have any problem if she wants to marry into the Hai Family but she doesn’t. Her brother forced her to leave home and I respect her will. No one can force her.” Xuanyuan said, determined.
“How dare you! I’ll have to see what you can do!” Master Hai was infuriated by Xuanyuan. He waved his hand and brought out a gigantic sea wave in the air, rolling towards Xuanyuan. Mochou stepped up. Her Umbrella shone with a seven-coloured light shield, protecting them. The water Qi dispersed as it hit the light.
Master Hai was a top Imperial Realm Fighter enhanced by two Fighting Waters. He has five thousand five hundred dragons of strength which is as powerful as a new Emperor Realm Fighter but his attack was stopped by a little girl. He was taken aback by it but he hadn’t used the power of his Fighting Water yet.
“Xuanyuan, are you going to hide behind a woman forever?” Master Hai glared at Mochou.
“I’ll take care of the girl. You go after the scum.” Jiwu laughed. His armour was shining under the sun.
“I won’t spare you if you step forward.” Mochou warned. She was frowning. She knew that she could probably fight the three of them off but she won’t get out unscathed.
Xuanyuan was ready to take out his Talisman of wind to escape but suddenly a black light exploded from Mochou’s torso. A moment later, a shadow appeared in front of everyone. Xuanyuan’s heart jumped.
“Shiguan!” Xuanyuan cried. They were parted for a few months and Shiguan’s power improved yet again. Her strength was more mysterious now.
“Looks like you got out of the Fighting Dragons Sect…. Mochou! You grew up so much in just a few months!” Shiguan was surprised to see Mochou’s new found height.
“Sister Shiguan! You are here! There’re people who want to bully us!” Mochou pointed at Master Hai.
“Is that so? Don’t worry, I’m here. I won’t let them bully you.” Shiguan smiled. She turned to the arrogant Jiwu, startling him. Even Princess Pingyao was getting nervous.
“We did not try to bully him.” Pingyao defended them.
“What can you do, even if we are? This scum insulted us. He said he’ll light fire to the Eastern Dynasty. I’ll let him know that was a huge mistake!” Jiwu wouldn’t soften his tone. He believed that with the Fighting Waters in Master Hai hands, they would be able to control Shiguan.
“If you are unhappy with me, why don’t you fight me one on one and suppress your power to my level? I’m not afraid of you but if you won’t, I won’t entertain you either.” Xuanyuan took out his Talisman of Jidao Wind.
Jiwu was slightly intimidated by the Talisman Xuanyuan was holding but he couldn’t back down, “You think you’re the only one with a powerful Talisman?”
Jiwu was about to strike when Master Hai stopped him, with a smile on his face.
“Princess Shiguan, who’s this Xuanyuan to you? Are you going to defend him?” He asked.
“He’s my friend. I can’t ignore this.” Shiguan replied.
“Very well, Xuanyuan said he wants us to suppress our strength to King Realm and fight him. I can do that but with one criteria that i need Princess Shiguan to promise me.” Master Hai was polite in front of Shiguan.
“Do tell!”
“If Xuanyuan loses, I’ll take him away and invite Princess Shiguan to my family as a guest. How about that?” Master Hai asked elegantly.
“I promise. How about you, Xuanyuan?” Shiguan chuckled.
“Yes, no problem.” Xuanyuan’s face looked menacing.
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