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DTH Chapter 191 – How Dare Me!

DTH Chapter 191 – How Dare Me!
They were surrounded by a thick greenery. A stream flowed through the place they were standing.
The young master of the Hai Family, Haiya, gestured a mudra with his hands. An unseeable power suppressed his aura. His strength diminished but his face remains unchanged. He remained with his confident and arrogant expression.
“I’ve already suppressed my strength as best as I can. I’m now a Top King Realm Fighter with all five organs Refined. Do you dare to fight with me?” He still used a way to secure his victory.
“It doesn’t matter.” Xuanyuan said coldly, “I heard that the Hai Family controls the surveillance over the Eastern Dynasty, a grand family so I wonder what the royalty would say if I were to kill you?”
“You won’t be able to do that.” Haiya was calm despite Xuanyuan provoking him. Even if he was only left with the strength of a King Realm Fighter, he still had one thousand one hundred dragons of strength which is more than what Mochou had when she was still a top King Realm Fighter.
“He’s the Body of Water Spirit. He has inherited two Fighting Waters from birth. Of course he’s stronger than Mochou when she was in the King Realm but he won’t be able to defeat you. I’ll have to see what kinds of Fighting Water he has!” Greed laughed.
“I understand.” Xuanyuan smiled, “Master Hai, the fight is starting. Be careful.”
“Does he think he’s the strongest among all King Realm Fighters? Master Hai will kill him even when his power is being suppressed.” Jiwu smirked.
“Don’t be so sure. He’s hiding something.” Princess Pingyao said.
“Come on! It’s too easy to kill you…” Haiya was unable to finish his sentence when he felt Xuanyuan’s strength surged. One thousand dragons…. One thousand five hundred dragons…
“How’s that possible? A King Realm Fighter with only four organs refined and he has a thousand five hundred dragons of strength!” Jiwu couldn’t hide his terror. Even Princess Pingyao and Shiguan were surprised.
Xuanyuan was covered with a golden light like he was gilded with gold. He rushed forward and punched Haiya’s face.
Boom! A bomb exploded from Haiya’s body. Water with powerful Qi hit Xuanyuan. It was the Fighting Water, The Heart of Sea!
Every drop of water from the Heart of Sea has incredible power. It was exponentially more destructive when they struck together. The force could crush even a top Grandmaster. However, there was no fear on Xuanyuan’s face. He dove into the violent water, raised his hand and absorbed every single drop of water.
Earth could conquer water. The Dragon Taming Wood was sucking all the water through the Vajrapani Earth, enhancing himself.
Haiya thought he’d be able to kill Xuanyuan with only the Heart of Sea but Xuanyuan dispersing his attack so easily was not something he expected.
When he was still dumbfounded by that, Xuanyuan’s fist already reached his face. But the blue robe Haiya was wearing was a protective instrument. It’d cost him a large amount of Qi but it worked. The punch did not harm him.
Xuanyuan felt like he was punching the ocean. It was soft. Other than ripples, he couldn’t provoke any more results. But he didn’t stop, he kept punching on the blue shield.
“Damn it!” Haiya’s face became quite pale from the exhaustion of his QI. Immediately after, he transformed into a Blue Dragon of a few hundred meters long. All of his Dragon scales were incredible tough. His strength doubled to two thousand two hundred dragons.
“Trickery!” Xuanyuan cursed.
“The only rule is that I suppress my strength. The rule didn’t say I can’t use any methods of the Imperial Realm. The elixir of the Blue Dragon is a part of me already. It’s not a trick.” the Dragon laughed. When he transformed into a dragon, not only would his bodily strength increase, his power in using the Fighting waters would also increase. Haiya thought that this was the end of Xuanyuan.
“Alright, I’ll drain all of the dragon’s blood from you.” Xuanyuan’s strength surged once again.
One thousand six hundred dragons!
One thousand seven hundred dragons!
One thousand eight hundred dragons!
“What? That’s impossible! Fighters of this realm cannot have a thousand eight hundred dragons of strength, who is he?” Jiwu cried in disbelief. Princess Pingyao was also carrying a stern face. She already felt that Xuanyuan was no ordinary boy but this has exceeded her expectations!
“Looks like only our eldest brother, ‘the God of the East’, can defeat him once he grows up.” she thought.
Haiya was also shocked but luckily his strength stopped at one thousand eight hundred dragons so he still had the advantage over the boy. Also, the Blue Dragon was agile with its attacks being very violent. Numerous creatures that dwelt in the forest were crushed to death by the dragon.
The dragon screamed and the Heart of Sea poured water at Xuanyuan again. Behind Xuanyuan, the Vajrapani King appeared, stabilizing Xuanyuan firmly to the ground. Instead of hurting him, the water nurtured the Vajrapani Earth.
The Vajrapani King was the conqueror of all Fighting Earth. The Fighting Earth in Princess Pingyao trembled at the sight.
“Vajrapani Earth! He controls it? This must be it. Otherwise, my Earth of Chaos wouldn’t tremble. It’s frightened by the more powerful being!” Pingyao thought. Everyone knew that Haiya was in real danger this time.
Haiya’s attack was unable to hurt Xuanyuan. And the next moment, the shadow of the Woodland Dragon King appeared. The Deities of Water and Earth was overlooking them.
The Dragon Taming Wood absorbed Haiya’s water in a rapid pace.
“What’s this? What’s going on?” Haiya was petrified. Xuanyuan jumped up onto Haiya. In his hands, two bulbs of golden lights were shining. He hit the dragon’s spine punch after punch. With the force of the Vajrapani Earth, the Dragon scales were shattered. The Blue Dragon was bleeding.
“How dare you hurt me?” Haiya screamed.
“Punch him! Punch the bad guy!” Mochou cheered excitedly while Shiguan giggled silently.
“How dare me? How dare me?” Xuanyuan slapped the dragon’s head, “How dare you call her Zhenluo? Who do you think you are? You want to marry her? You also looked at Mochou and Shiguan with your dirty looks. Who do you think you are?”
Xuanyuan kept slapping the dragon’s head and screaming at him until Haiya couldn’t take it anymore. The dragon’s power released. Xuanyuan jumped back. He knew that Haiya couldn’t endure the insult and released the suppression.
“You dare to hit me. You must die today.” Haiya turned back into human form. His face swollen but his Qi was healing the wounds rapidly.
Shiguan stepped in front of Xuanyuan, protecting him. She smiled, “Master Hai, you broke free of the suppression so you lost the fight. It wouldn’t be right if you don’t honour the rule. I’ve heard that Princess Pingyao is famous for her fairness. Can you tell us who won and who lost?
“Master Hai lost.” Pingyao nodded.
Haiya glared at Xuanyuan with eyes full of anger. He had never been humiliated like this before, especially not in front of Shiguan, Mochou and Pingyao. There’s nothing he wanted more than to kill Xuanyuan.
Suddenly, Jiwu smiled twistedly. He seemed to share a silent secret message with Haiya. This message brushed off all of his fury. He also smiled.
“Alright, we’ll let Xuanyuan go this time. Let’s go.” Then three of the younger generation of fighters in the Eastern Dynasty left.
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