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DTH Chapter 192 – Goodness in Heart

DTH Chapter 192 – Goodness in Heart
Xuanyuan thought Haiya wouldn’t let this go so easily but he left without trouble. It was strange.
“Xuanyuan, they’re plotting evil plans.” Mochou said nervously.
“What is it?”
“They are going back to tell the Eastern Dynasty Emperor that you acquired the Immortality Technique from the Nightmare Swarm. They’ll convince the royal family to assassinate you. They’ll also spread this lie to the Linglong Sect and the Fighting Dragons Sect so you’ll have no place to stay!” Mochou said.
“What?” Xuanyuan was speechless. He’d never expected such despicable lies from anyone. Princess Pingyao certainly sensed the Vajrapani Earth and the Vajrapani King never came out of the Swarm from sealing the Ghost who owned the Immortality Technique. If the lie were to spread then every single school and sect would be at Xuanyuan’s throat. Even though he could prove that he didn’t own such a Technique but they’d investigate Xuanyuan’s background and ability and learn about his special physique, the secret he most needed to keep.
“Xuanyuan, what should we do?” Mochou was extremely anxious.
“There’s nothing you can do. The Immortality Technique is very difficult to acquire. They only need to do a simple research to learn that. Xuanyuan doesn’t have it.” Shiguan smiled and soothed Mochou’s long hair to comfort her. Mochou was quiet.
Xuanyuan was also very anxious but he didn’t show it. Instead, he bowed slightly to Shiguan, “Thank you for your help, Princess.”
“No need to mention it. I gave Mochou a piece of jade so I’d know when she’s in danger. I’m glad it’s working.” Shiguan grinned. “Where are you going?”
“We’re going to the Linglong Sect. It sounds fun!” Mochou was very happy with Shiguan. The two got along perfectly. Unlike Mochou and Bai, who would banter all the time. “Why don’t you come with us, sister Shiguan!”
“Good. I don’t have a destination yet so I’ll go with you!” Shiguan’s smile was warming, softening Xuanyuan’s heavy emotions. Greed also gave him some advice.
“Don’t worry. Even if you truly have the Immortality Technique, the Eastern Dynasty will have to keep it a secret so they won’t have competition. You’ll still be in trouble but not the world’s enemy. Also, you should announce the fact that you own spiritual beings of the five elements and the Body of Five Elements. The more you hide, the more suspicious people will get.”
“I understand. I’ll have to conquer the Dark Phoenix of Gold or other Fighting Gold to refine all my organs and break into the Grandmaster Realm.” Xuanyuan calmed down. He couldn’t do anything but to deal with it as it comes.
Xuanyuan turned to Shiguan and said, “We are accompanied by the scary Mo princess so we’ll be safe.”
“Well, I’m not scary but master Xuanyuan, you’ve improved so much in such a short time. You are probably someone with a special physique, right?”
“Yes. I’m the Body of Five Elements. I’ve collected four of the five elements. We are going to the Linglong Sect to see if we can collect the Dark Phoenix of Gold. When I’m done with collecting all five elements, I believe I’ll reach the Grandmaster Realm!”
“What?” Shiguan was surprised to hear that. She suddenly remembered that Xuanyuan was not affected by her own fighting fire. Now she knew the reason behind it. “I see. You have Fighting Water, that’s why you’re not afraid of my Fire. You refined the Fighting Elements into your organs?”
Xuanyuan nodded.
“Impressive. This is the first time I’ve heard of anyone who can refine the Fighting Elements into their organs.” Shiguan smiled. She didn’t ask which Fighting Elements he collected.
“Let’s not talk about me. Princess, you’re a Mo, why did you come to the Human Realm? Aren’t you afraid that they might hurt you? You even follow us to the Linglong Sect. They might be aggressive to you.” Xuanyuan asked.
“I’m not intimidated. Humans are not unreasonable creatures. Master Xuanyuan and Mochou are both friendly. The Linglong Sect is a peaceful place but I’m afraid I can’t say the same thing for the Fighting Dragons Sect.”
The three of them rode on the Flood Dragon and continued their journey to the Linglong Sect.
“Why did you come?” Xuanyuan asked. He looked at the scenery far away. The sky darkened and the stars shone.
“Me? No reason. I just don’t want to witness any more disputes and conflicts. I only wish for peaceful and happy lives for everyone.” Shiguan smiled quietly.
“Mochou also just wants a happy life with brother Xuanyuan!” Mochou giggled.
“Two silly girls. The world is not as simple.” Greed sighed heavily.
“Many things are out of our control.” Xuanyuan said, “What would you do, if one day the humans and Mo’s are at war?”
Shiguan was silent. After a long while, she smiled gently, “Master Xuanyuan, I ask myself the same question. I can only stop the war with the best of my abilities even though I’m but one person so I wish to ally with you to stop the possibility.”
It was Xuanyuan’s turn to fall silent. If he could prevent being assassinated then that’s already a miracle. Did he have the strength to prevent a war between two races? In the end, he decided he didn’t have an answer so he diverted the conversation.
“Doesn’t your sister worry about you? You are travelling alone in the Eastern Lands. I can see that she cares about you very much.”
“Of course but she won’t be worried should she get to know you and Mochou.” Shiguan said.
Mochou cuddled lazily with Shiguan, “Shiguan’s aura is so warm, just like Xuanyuan.”

In the Eastern Dynasty, three people were arguing.
“This is a serious accusation. What you said has no proof at all. Are you sure you want to do this?” Princess Pingyao said, “If Xuanyuan came out and let people check and find nothing then he could prosecute you for lying. You might ignite a war between the Eastern Dynasty and the Fighting Dragons Sect.”
“Pingyao, you are wrong. We only need to tell people that he came out of the Nightmare Swarm and acquired the Vajrapani Earth. Maybe he got the Technique left by the Nightmare Ghost. People would imagine the rest themselves.” Jiwu laughed.
“Your highness, you’re resourceful. We’ll let other people take care of Xuanyuan!” Haiya also smiled venomously.
“I can’t stop you from doing this but our royal father and his brothers are desperate to learn the secret to immortality. If it turned out to be false then I’m afraid they’d be able to tell who spread the rumours so you have been warned. There’s no one else to blame should your plot be known.” Princess Pingyao sighed before she left the two of them.
Her warning intimidated Haiya and Jiwu. However, they were determined to go to the Palace.
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