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DTH Chapter 194 – The Linglong Palace

DTH Chapter 194 – The Linglong Palace
After twenty days of traveling, Xuanyuan and his companions finally arrived at the Linglong City where the Linglong Sect was located. They gazed at the mountains where the Sect was at from afar. The mountains were surrounded by clouds, making the place look otherworldly. At the top of the mountain was a city in the sky. It was glowing softly and seemed like a divine castle. It was the Linglong Sect. There were many women in satin robes flying up and down the Sect.
The Linglong Sect and the Fighting Dragons Sect was similar and yet different. The latter was full of struggles in politics and power. The former encouraged their disciples to concentrate on the betterment of oneself. People living in Linglong City could hardly be naïve but it was not a place for bloodshed.
They saw many inner disciples of Linglong Sect on the streets of the city. They were highly regarded by the people since they were responsible for the safety of the city. They also helped people when opportunities arise.
Xuanyuan sighed at the difference, “Let’s go to the Sect.”
Youxue brought them upwards. It took him a few minutes to take them to the gate. Inside the gate were eighty-one steps to the inner gate.
“Hold!” Two women appeared. “State your name and purpose here.”
They were two true disciples from the Linglong Sect. They were the guards of the gate today.
“I am Xuanyuan, a disciple from the Fighting Dragons Sect. My masters, the Xians of Five Elements, asked me to join them here. Please convey the message, my ladies.” Xuanyuan smiled and bowed politely. However, the women still seemed unsure. They noticed the Linglong instruments on Mochou. They were made by their former Lady Saint. Shiguan also seemed to be an extraordinary woman.
But in the end, they nodded. The Two Sects had always been friendly to each other, after all. “It’s our brother from the Fighting Dragons Sect. You’re welcome to enter.”
“Thank you, sisters. I barged into your Sect without invitation. Please take these as my apologies.” Xuanyuan took out a jin of pure source energy and gave it to them. It would help with their practice. They smiled and accepted gracefully.
In exchange for the gift, Xuanyuan asked them a few questions about the Linglong Sect as they led them to the entrance next to a lotus pond. When they arrived, one of the women said, “Brother Xuanyuan, we still have our duties to tend to, so we won’t go in with you. Please follow the corridor and at the end of it is the hall for guests. There will be other disciples to tend to your needs.”
“Thank you! Thank you sisters for answering my questions. This is another gift for you two.” Xuanyuan gave them another jin of source energy and they left smiling.
“Master Xuanyuan knows how to win girls heart.” Shiguan covered her grin with her long sleeve.
“Ha, no I didn’t….” Xuanyuan laughed drily. Mochou was not interested in them. She instead stepped forward to the pond. It was covered with shiny green lotus leaves and glowing lotuses. Underneath the water were many dragon koi. They were even bigger than those in Taibai in the City of Fighting Dragons. The koi fish was attracted by Mochou’s aura and they jumped up the water to get a glimpse.
“Wow, so pretty!” Mochou jumped excitedly.
Looking at the corridor, Xuanyuan smiled, “Let’s go, Mochou. There will be more interesting things later.”
Mochou nodded. She jumped ahead of everyone; Xuanyuan and Shiguan walked side by side; Youxue came last.
“It’s always enjoyable when I’m with you and Mochou.” Shiguan grinned relaxedly. Xuanyuan turned to look at her and was struck by the beauty.
“Why do you keep looking at me?” Shiguan noticed the gaze.
“Ah…” Xuanyuan was slightly embarrassed, stuttering, “I… I just think you’re beautiful.”
Shiguan blushed at the compliment. “You’re too kind.”
“I was just telling the truth. You and Mochou are the only women I’ve met that are as beautiful as my master but each of you have different auras. Mochou is innocent and lovely, master is calm and aloof and you are kind and gentle. I have great fortune to get to know each of you.” Xuanyuan turned his gaze forward. He wondered where his master Zhenluo was.
“Is your master the young lady of the Yin Family, Yin Zhenluo?”
“Yes. Does lady Shiguan know her?”
“We haven’t met. I’ve only heard of her.”

They reached the end of the corridor and were greeted by three top grandmasters, “Welcome, brother Xuanyuan.”
“Thank you.” Xuanyuan bowed to them, smiling, “Please bring me to my five masters.”
“Follow us.” a woman smiled then led them through the hall.
After a while, a shadow descended from above, the women who welcomed them bowed deeply to her.
“Sister Yaoyue.”
“No need to bow to me. They are…?” Yaoyue’s body was glowing. She was exquisite in both her appearance and manners.
“Brother Xuanyuan is the disciple of the Xians of Five Elements of the Fighting Dragons Sect. The two ladies are his friends. The gentleman in the back is Brother Xuanyuan’s guard.”
“I see. I can take them to the five Xians. No need to trouble yourselves sisters.” Yaoyue smiled kindly. The three disciples bowed again gratefully and left. Yaoyue turned to Shiguan. “I can sense Mo Qi.”
“That’s right.” Shiguan said sheepishly.
“Brother Xuanyuan, what is the meaning of bringing a member from the Mo race to my Sect?” She asked straight forward but not harshly.
“Sister Yaoyue, she’s no ordinary Mo creature. She’s the younger princess of the Mo Empire, Princess Shiguan. Her highness was brave enough to come into the Linglong Sect. Why should you fear her?” Xuanyuan answered.
“I see. My manners slipped. Please forgive me, Princess Shiguan. I needed to be careful. If your highness trusts us then we’ll return the favour.” Yaoyue curtsied.
“I was the one who’s rude for coming here unannounced.” Shiguan smiled.
“And this lady is…” Yaoyue looked at Mochou.
“This is my sister, Mochou.”
“Greetings to sister Yaoyue.” Mochou giggled, “You should be the one who wanted to buy the instruments I’m wearing at the auction, right?”
“Impressive. It was indeed me.” Yaoyue was surprised. “You won the auction fairly. I’m glad the set of instruments suits you well. Now, please follow me. I’ll lead you to the Xians of Five Elements.”
On the way, they chatted and shared their thoughts and experiences casually, full of laughter. After an hour of strolling, they arrived at the Linglong Palace.
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