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DTH Chapter 195 – Two Birds With One Stone

DTH Chapter 195 – Two Birds With One Stone
“Brother Xuanyuan, the Xians of Five Elements are in a meeting with the Head of our Linglong Sect. I’ll send a message to notify them of your arrival.” Yaoyue disappeared inside. She returned after a few minutes, “Our Head invites you in.”
Xuanyuan was nervous. He hasn’t even met the Head of the Fighting Dragons Sect. How could he not be nervous to meet the Head of the Linglong Sect?
“Sister Yaoyue, aren’t you going in?” Xuanyuan asked. Yaoyue only stood aside.
“I cannot join the meeting. Please go ahead.” Then Xuanyuan, Shiguan, Mochou and Youxue went in. Every step they took, they could feel the vastness of the place. There were pillar after pillar supporting the great hall with the ceiling as high as the sky. There were images of phoenixes carved on each pillar. The floor was covered with silvery marbles. The entire great hall was glowing.
At the very end of the hall, a woman sat on the tallest throne. She combed her hair neatly into a knot. Her face was neutral and dignified. On the left side of the throne sat the Xians of Five Elements; the right sat five women. The first woman’s face was covered in white silk, matching her snow-white dress. Only her eyes were visible, but even so, she had the aura of the most elegant fairy. The four women next to her seemed to be slightly older. They were someone of importance in the Linglong Sect.
The Xian of Gold jumped up at the sight of Xuanyuan. He laughed. “This is our disciple, Xuanyuan. He’s quite handsome, isn’t he? Why don’t you promise the lady saint to him, then the Dark Phoenix of Gold won’t be controlled by someone completely irrelevant. If the Linglong Sect needs help from the Dark Phoenix of Gold, Xuanyuan will always help, because you’re family! How about that?”
Xuanyuan was appalled by his master’s proposal.
“Master Xian, you do enjoy a good laugh.” The Head of the Linglong Sect smiled patiently before she turned to Shiguan. “I never would have thought that the Princess of Mo would grace our palace. It’s a great honour to meet you.”
“The Linglong Sect is famous for being peaceful and full of wealth, it is indeed correct. It is my honour to be here.” Shiguan said politely.
“It is indeed Princess Shiguan!” The Xian of Gold cried, “Great! Hahaha, my disciple is so attractive, even a Mo princess couldn’t resist! Hahaha….”
Shiguan’s face was crimson red and Xuanyuan diverted his gaze elsewhere. Mochou felt Xuanyuan and Shiguan’s embarrassment and was determined to defend them, “Master Gold, don’t say something like that. Sister Shiguan likes Xuanyuan but that doesn’t mean that she wants to marry him. Stop embarrassing her!”
“Alright, my masters, please hear me first.” Xuanyuan sighed.
The five Xians stopped their gossips about his romantic life at last. They’ve come here to ask for a chance for Xuanyuan. The Sect wouldn’t agree since people who were much more powerful have tried and failed but the Sect was kind enough to let Xuanyuan in to give a further assessment.
“First, greetings to the Head of the Linglong Sect.” Xuanyuan bowed deeply to the woman in the middle. She nodded and smiled appreciatively.
“You are an exceptional young man with strong will. Your masters told me you’ve already conquered a Fighting Water and a Fighting Fire. A great achievement accomplished with great risk. I wonder if you can release their power and let us assess your strength. Perhaps you are strong enough to control the Dark Phoenix of Gold.”
The woman in white’s eyes flickered in astonishment. She was probably surprised to learn that Xuanyuan was able to control Fighting Water and Fire – two extremes on the opposite spectrum.
“I’m the Body of Five Elements, so collecting the spiritual beings of all five elements is extremely important to me. It’s also much easier for me to conquer them. I hope you’d grant me the chance to refine all five of my organs. If you want to see the Fighting Elements then of course I’ll oblige.” Xuanyuan activated the Water of Heaven in his kidneys. The shadow of the Lady Saint of Heaven appeared, filling up the great hall with moisture. Then, from Xuanyuan’s heart, a shadow of the Emperor of Red Lotus came out. The fire burnt as if it could cleanse the sin of the world.
“Wonderful. I am glad to have the fortune to witness the power of the Water of Heaven and the Fire of Red Lotus. Young Xuanyuan, you have great potential. However, I’m afraid you are not strong enough to conquer the Dark Phoenix of Gold. You’ll need to have the power of a Xian before you should consider it.”
“I can’t wait any longer. The best timing is now. I came here because I have the confidence to tackle the Dark Phoenix of Gold. Why don’t we continue the demonstration so you can see for yourself.” He activated his liver as he finished his speech then the Woodland Dragon King appeared.
“This is the Fighting Wood I conquered not too long ago, the Dragon Taming Wood.”
Perhaps, the one who was shocked the most was the Xian of Wood. “ What? When did this happen? That’s wonderful!”
“There’s more.” Xuanyuan’s two simple words ignited the excitement the Xians had so carefully contained. Xuanyuan activated his spleen and another shadow appeared, the Vajrapani King.
“This is the Vajrapani Earth. I went into the Nightmare Swarm and we saved the Nightmare Ghost and helped transcend the soul of the Vajrapani King.”
Nobody could contain themselves anymore. The Head of the Linglong Sect stood up in shock. The Xians were chanting excitedly.
Xuanyuan knew that he had given enough information out just for a shot at the Dark Phoenix of Gold. Apart from that, he also wanted to ask for the Sect to help crush the rumours master Hai created to kill two birds with one stone.
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