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DTH Chapter 196 – Conditions

DTH Chapter 196 – Conditions
“Xuanyuan, you went into the Nightmare Swarm, you saved the Ghost and transcended the soul of the Vajrapani King. What were those about?” The Xian of Earth asked in an urgent tone. He desperately wanted a reasonable answer. The other Xians couldn’t keep quiet either. After all, those were the names belonging to ancient times. Many powerful martial art practitioners didn’t know their names.
Xuanyuan waited until they slowed down before he explained what happened in the Swarm. He gave every detail except the news about the Ghost’s impending death. They were all surprised to hear that the Nightmare Ghost was still alive.
“Can anyone truly be immortal?” The Head of the Linglong Sect eyes sparkled. Though her Sect was peaceful compared to other entities in this world but the temptation of immortality was too great.
Xuanyuan shook his head. “A life that’s too long only leaves you loneliness…”
She pondered for a while, then said slowly, “You still wouldn’t be able to conquer the Dark Phoenix of Gold with four other Spiritual Elements. It is more powerful than a Xian Realm Fighter. It’d be too difficult for you to control it. I don’t want such a talent as yourself to die in my Sect. But if you are so determined, give me a few reasons and try to convince me.”
“First, I am the Body of Five Elements. I have a natural advantage to conquering spiritual elements. I have more resistance against their attacks.
Second, I also have four of the five spiritual elements. I’m only one step away. I would not give up.
Third, my five masters are going to help me.
Fourth, Fire can suppress gold. Princess Shiguan possesses a few Fighting Fire, I believe she would be willing to help me.
Fifth, even if all of those failed, I can request the Nightmare Ghost to fulfil his three promises. He’ll help me conquer the Dark Phoenix of Gold!”
Behind Xuanyuan stood the four deities of his Spiritual Elements. A King Realm Fighter with only four of his organs refined and yet he had one thousand eight hundred dragons of strength. It was clear that he had one of the greatest potential anyone had ever seen.
“Your honour, I think we should let him try.” The woman in mask said.
“If the Lady Saint of Linglong Sect said so then I will allow you to try. However, the Dark Phoenix of Gold originated from the Linglong Sect. Regardless of the result, you have to promise me a few things. If you do not agree with any one of them, you should give up.” The head sighed, but her tone was mild.
Xuanyuan was surprised to find out that the woman in mask was the Lady Saint of the Linglong Sect. Jiang Yitian wanted to woo her. She was probably stronger than Jiang Yitian.
“Please tell me your requests.”
“One, you must never use the Dark Phoenix of Gold against anyone from the Linglong Sect if you conquer it.”
“Naturally. I won’t betray you.” Xuanyuan said, determined.
“Two, you will promise to do one thing for the Linglong Sect. We will decide on the details in the future.”
“As long as I’m not required to kill or harm the innocent, I promise.”
“Of course. We would never ask you to do anything immoral. Three, the young lady beside you, I would like her to become a disciple of the Linglong Sect. I shall train her myself.” She pointed at Mochou.
“Ah, this, I can’t decide for you. You should ask Mochou.” Xuanyuan hesitated.
“Mochou? Does that mean without sorrow? It is a very good name.” The Head of the Linglong Sect smiled, “If you are willing to be my disciple, you will be our next Lady Saint!”
Her words shocked the four women next to the current Lady Saint. They opened their mouth, attempting to say something.
“I have my own reasons.” She waved her hand to silence the unspoken comments from her advisors.
“Your honour has keen eyes. Looks like you realized Mochou is the Body of a Thousand Spirits.” The Xian of Fire said.
This time, even the Lady Saint herself looked surprised. The Body of a Thousand Spirits surely deserves to be the next Lady Saint of the Sect.
“Yes. Our Sect is the place most suited for the Body of a Thousand Spirits. I wonder what do you think?” She looked at Xuanyuan since she felt that Mochou would listen to him.
“Mochou, would you like to stay here? Didn’t you say you like it here?” Xuanyuan asked.
Mochou looked at the Head of the Linglong Sect, then turned to Xuanyuan. “But I want to be with you. I’ll never be able to see you or the five masters!”
“Don’t worry. You can go visit Xuanyuan if you miss him. If your five masters would like to take you travelling around, you can go as well. We will not lock you here.” The Head smiled kindly.
“But I still haven’t finished studying the Technique taught to me by the mysterious master. I’m afraid he’ll be angry.” Mochou said weakly.
“What Technique are you studying? I shall teach you the best Xian class Technique if you come.” The Head of the Linglong Sect promised.
“The Thousand Spirits Technique.”
“What?” Except Xuanyuan and Mochou, everyone in the hall was shocked. It was the Technique created by the first Body of a Thousand Spirits!
“The Linglong Sect has a long history. We have Techniques as powerful as the Thousand Spirits Technique. You can learn all of those.”
At this time, Greed’s voice rang in Mochou’s heart, “Girl, don’t worry. Go into the Linglong Sect.”
Mochou nodded, “Mysterious master said I should go to the Linglong Sect so I’ll say yes.”
Someone was able to communicate with Mochou undetected by others in the hall! The mysterious master must be someone much stronger than them and this person doesn’t seem to want to control Mochou.
“Wonderful. Then I will arrange Xuanyuan to go to the Dark Phoenix Mountain a few days later. Please follow me, Mochou.” The Head of the Linglong Sect announced. The Five Xians were relieved.
Mochou looked at Xuanyuan sadly. He comforted her, “Go. I know you like it here. I will stay here for a while. Work hard and listen to your master.”
“I will!” Mochou nodded seriously. She jumped and landed lightly in front of the Head of the Linglong Sect. The woman looked at her fondly. She told the Lady Saint, “Zhixuan, take brother Xuanyuan and Princess Shiguan to their rooms to rest.”
The Xian of Gold whispered in Xuanyuan’s ear, “Kid, you know Jiang Yitian likes the Lady Saint, right? If you can woo her, you won the first battle with the scum.”
“That’s right! Go get her!” The Xian of Earth encouraged. The others nodded their head frantically.
Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. “Stop all of this. You’re crazy!”
The Lady Saint approached him and she clearly heard their bantering, “Brother Xuanyuan, how lucky you are to have five masters who are all so fond of you.”
“Haha, thank you.” Xuanyuan said sheepishly.
“Follow me, then.” Zhixuan smiled. Xuanyuan and Shiguan followed.
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