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DTH Chapter 197 – Preparation

DTH Chapter 197 – Preparation
They walked pass the long and winding corridor facing the gardens and arrived at the Loft. It was a little house located in the middle of a lake. Xuanyuan recalled the Book of Acquisition, the house was in the middle of eighteen points of power which created an incredibly advantageous disposition. And the disposition was created naturally. A great place to practice and restore Qi.
The house itself was made by the Linglong Stones. The special stones allowed the house to float on water instead of being built on a foundation. It was almost magical. The water was full of heartwarming Qi, nurturing many dragon koi fish and white lotuses. The scenery was as beautiful as a picture.
“Our Head wants you to rest here so you can face the Dark Phoenix of Gold in your best condition.” The Lady Saint, Zhixuan said.
“Thank you, lady.” Xuanyuan smiled back. He looked at the Loft and sighed.
“Why do you sigh, brother Xuanyuan.” Zhixuan was curious.
“This place is so beautiful. I wonder how much time is left for me to look at it.” Xuanyuan said honestly, “I wanted Mochou to enter the Linglong Sect, in case I won’t be able to protect her. Her special physique will attract a lot of conflicts from other Sects. It’d be a good thing for her to be protected by the Linglong Sect. Please promise me to take care of her.”
“Of course I will. Sister Mochou is an intelligent and lovely girl. We all had taken a liking to her immediately. You don’t have to worry about that. Only moments ago, you were confident in conquering the Dark Phoenix of Gold. Why are you speaking of your last will now? Are you worried about the fight three years later?” Zhixuan said softly.  
“You’ve heard about this?” Xuanyuan was surprised.
“You defeated a Grandmaster and challenged the First Brother of the Fighting Dragons Sect, Jiang Yitian. You are also the disciple of the Five Xians. Of course I have heard a word or two about you.”
“Ah, I see. I was not saying my last will. It was only fleeting emotions. I will surely conquer the Dark Phoenix of Gold. I will definitely kill Jiang Yitian. Even if he’s the First Brother ranking first in the List of Fighting Dragons, I will still do it.” Xuanyuan said sternly, remembering the death of Guxing. His sudden hostile aura shocked the birds on the trees nearby.
“No need to be so angry, brother Xuanyuan. You seem to have misunderstood. Jiang Yitian is the First True Brother but he’s not on the List of Fighting Dragons.” Zhixuan said, Looking at Xuanyuan who looks confused about the rankings in his own Sect.
“Isn’t it?” Xuanyuan asked.
“Of course not. The people on the List are all much more powerful than Jiang Yitian. They are practicing in the time dimension created specially for them. The true disciples are a rank lower than them. They are training for being the next Head of the Fighting Dragons Sect. I am sure your brother Fung Lie, the reincarnation of the Wind Spirit, will have a ranking on the List soon. Those on the List are the disciples of Xians. They hide their own strength very well. If you need to rank with strength, Jiang Yitian would not even be among the top ten.” Zhixuan explained, “So don’t lose your confidence. You have a chance to defeat Jiang Yitian three years later.”
“Thank you, Lady Saint. I am very grateful for your faith in me.” Xuanyuan smiled. His heart lighter.
“Then we shall enter the Loft for practice. There are three rooms. I usually stay in the Loft as well. If brother Xuanyuan has anything regarding practice, you can ask me. I believe the practice for Mo race and human race are slightly different.” Zhixuan smiled, and looked at Shiguan, “Princess Shiguan, I hope you don’t mind?”
“Of course not. I’m happy to see master Xuanyuan grow.” Shiguan flushed. The Lady Saint misunderstood their relationship.
Zhixuan brought them to their room. “Brother Xuanyuan, I like to keep a garden for herbs. When you have time, please use the Water of Heaven to nurture them. Perhaps it’ll help you in return.” Zhixuan asked.
“Of course.” Xuanyuan nodded. He stepped into his room. He ordered Youxue to guard the Loft and gave him a spine of the cloud dragon so he could practice while they stayed here as well.
The room only had a bed made by Linglong Stones. He sat on it and felt that his body was communicating with the entire disposition. It felt extremely soothing and peaceful. His anger subsided. The Loft was the perfect place for practicing.
“How nice. I have never seen such a great place for practicing before!”
“Naturally. The Linglong Sect has a long history. They have many places like this. You’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.” Greed talked to Xuanyuan.
“By the way, how come you talk to Mochou in front of the Head of the Linglong Sect. Aren’t you afraid someone might discover you?” Xuanyuan snorted.
“I have my own way. Didn’t you notice I didn’t talk to you in there? That would’ve gotten me found out.” Greed said.
“Well. Do you think I have a chance to conquer the Dark Phoenix of Gold?”
“Your body is as strong as a Rank One Emperor. However, the Dark Phoenix of Gold is very destructive. The Body of All Creations can help defend you a bit but it won’t be easy. You probably have a thirty percent chance.”
“Only thirty?” Xuanyuan frowned.
“If you can set up a disposition to suppress the Phoenix’s power, you may have a better chance.” Greed chuckled.
Xuanyuan’e eyes brightened up. He suddenly remembered the twelve source energy of Red Lotus he acquired. “Right! I almost forgot! Looks like you’ve already prepared for this, Greed!”
“Of course! But don’t rush. Take a few days to rest before you start to carve the disposition.”
Xuanyuan sat on the bed and crossed his legs. He closed his eyes and settled down.
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