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DTH Chapter 199 – Bite Me!

DTH Chapter 199 – Bite Me!
In these few days, Shiguan stayed in her room moping. Even though the chance to practice in the Linglong Sect was precious, her heart was not on practicing. She kept strolling to Zhixuan’s room and raised her hand to knock but put it down at the last moment when she heard Xuanyuan and Zhixuan laughters.
Xuanyuan’s voice rang outside of her room, calling her. She rushed up and opened the door, “Are you looking for me, Shiguan?”
She suddenly remembered the laughters Xuanyuan and Zhixuan shared and turned around and sat on her bed. She glared at him with complicated feelings, leaving Xuanyuan dumbfounded. “What happened? Who made you angry?”
Xuanyuan stood there for a while but he couldn’t get an answer. In the end, he said sadly, “Alright, if you’re not in a good mood, I’ll go back and let you rest.”
“Stop!” Shiguan suddenly said. “Come here.”
“What happened?” Xuanyuan was still confused, but he smiled, “Tell me what happened.”
“Give me your hand.” Shiguan ordered. She grabbed his hand and bit his arm.
Xuanyuan screamed. What did he do? Then he suddenly remembered his five masters teasing her about their relationship and Mochou insisted that she liked him the other day. Xuanyuan finally realized what happened.
Shiguan didn’t let go for a while, then she said, “Your skin’s so thick.”
“Are you a little puppy? Keep biting people.” Xuanyuan said accusingly.
“You are a puppy.” Shiguan rolled her eyes.
“Alright, alright. It’s my fault. My masters were out of line and so was Mochou. They shouldn’t speculate our relationship. Please don’t be angry. I’ll clarify it to everyone when I get a chance.” He knew how important reputation is for young women so he apologized profusely.
“I don’t care if they misunderstood.” Shiguan mumbled. She stood up and looked Xuanyuan in the eyes. His heart pounded as she gazed.
“What is it?”
“Nothing. I want to bite you.” Shiguan said. Looking at Xuanyuan’s face, she continued, “You don’t like it? Then follow me to the Land of Mo. I keep many plants. Help me nurture them with your Water of Heaven.”
Xuanyuan sighed. “Of course. It’s my honour to help you.”
Shiguan snorted, “Looks like you say that to every woman. I don’t want you to do that anymore so just go.”
Xuanyuan left sheepishly. He was very confused with the conversation. Greed suddenly chimed in.
“What can I say?” Greed said, “Can’t you see that Shiguan’s jealous of the Lady Saint?”
“What…?” Xuanyuan couldn’t turn his head around.
“How stupid are you? You and Zhixuan stayed in one room alone, talking and laughing for a few days. Shiguan was looking for you for a few times and heard that. Of course she’s angry.”
Xuanyuan was dumbstruck. Then he rushed into Shiguan’s room.
“If you’re not happy then just bite me. You’re the only person who can do that. When we have time, I’ll go to the Land of Mo to help you nurture your plants.”
Shiguan’s heart fluttered. “Promise?”
“Promise!” Xuanyuan nodded. Shiguan embraced him and aimed at his neck and bit, leaving a teeth mark. Xuanyuan froze and hugged her back.
In the end, they hugged for a brief while. Shiguan released first and said, “Go back and prepare for the trip to the mountain. I’ll also practice. I’ll help you.”
“I will.” Xuanyuan nodded. He felt slightly empty after the hug. But he obliged. When he returned to his room, Greed laughed loudly in his mind.
“This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say, ‘Bite me’ to a girl! Hahaha…..”
“Next time I should seal you so you can’t see anything.” Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. “I should start carving the disposition. Which one should I carve? It should at least be a Xian class disposition. Let’s take a look at the Book of Acquisition.”
He reviewed the content of the Book in his mind and three days went by. He was amazed by the immense knowledge hidden in the Book. It gave him many inspirations. After three days, he had decided which disposition to create – The Disposition of Six Red Lotus. It was the disposition that the Emperor of Red Lotus encountered when he conquered the Fire. It’d be easier and much more powerful since he controlled the Fire of Red Lotus.
“The Book of Acquisition contains all kinds of knowledge. You should study it often. It’ll help with your practice.” Greed reminded him.
“I will.” Xuanyuan answered. He took out a block of Source Energy of Red Lotus. Its power echoed with the Fire inside him. The Emperor of Fire Dragon was summoned with many red lotuses surrounding him. Xuanyuan used the fighting Qi produced by the Fire of Red Lotus to carve on the source energy block.  
The bed he sat on condensed the Universe Qi around him so he was able to absorb Qi naturally without the help of crystals.
He felt the energy circling inside him.
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