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DTH Chapter 2 – Murdering your own husband?

DTH Chapter 2 – Murdering your own husband?
A magic bear was even more powerful than a magic tiger.

There were no magic bears in his previous life, so this was the first time that Xuanyuan saw such a ferocious beast. He was trembling at the mere sight of it.

His heart screamed, “Am I going to die just when I was just reborn into a new life? If a magic bear could kill me, I don’t deserve the Yellow Emperor’s name. I will fight to live!”

Xuanyuan’s determination was growing with each second spent on the verge of death. He pulled the rusty black dagger from his waist, ignoring the pain from his body. He pushed through the pain and jumped forward. He thrust the dagger, which was about 40 centimetres in length, directly towards the bear’s neck. A strange, indescribable feeling arose within Xuanyuan’s heart when he held onto the black dagger. He didn’t have time to think about what the strange feeling was.

The bear seemed to have sensed something when it saw the rusty dagger. A tinge of disdain flashed through its eyes as bit down onto the dagger.

At this very moment, all of the bear’s long, sharp teeth shattered and blood was oozing from its mouth.

As the dagger cut into the bears mouth, it sensed the blood and seemed to come alive. The dagger unleashed an incredible amount of black threads which wrapped around the bear’s head. The threads were so tight that the bear could not move. Xuanyuan’s hand was also glued to the dagger.

His body started to shake and all the black threads condensed into a black light which shot towards his body. Xuanyuan soon felt that his wounds were healing and his strength was being restored. To his shock, the bear’s torso started to wither and shrink at an alarming speed until there was only skin and bones left. The bear didn’t have time to struggle before it died.

Xuanyuan’s wounds had disappeared and his hunger was gone. His body actually felt energetic. He looked at the dagger and a few pieces of rust fell from the handle of the dagger, a weak black light started to shine for a while before it returned to normal.

When his life was at stake; Xuanyuan was fierce and fearless, however he realized that a cold sweat had covered his body. He tried to steady his breathing, but all the sensations he just experienced were unimaginable. He could not find anything similar when he searched through the memories of this body.
It took him a while before he could compose himself. He then remembered that he could exchange the bear’s skin for money. He took out the dagger and began to remove the bear skin from the withered corpse.

Thanks to the memories from this body, Xuanyuan gained an expert knowledge of hunting skills and knew all of the prices. Since the bear’s flesh and blood were completely absorbed by the strange force from the dagger; he was able to remove the skin without any damage. When it was done, he neatly folded the bear’s fur. His eyes lit up again when he saw the bear’s skeleton.

“Bones of a magic bear! I can get lots of money from those.”

The second he touched the bones, the skeleton burst into a fine dust which was blown away by the wind. Xuanyuan was dumbfounded. He sighed – It was regretful that he wasn’t able to sell the bones. Suddenly, he noticed a blood-red object, it was an elixir was laying on the ground.

“Ha! An elixir!”

Xuanyuan naturally knew how precious an elixir was. He was ecstatic to have found a beast with an elixir. If he sold it, he could buy some better equipment to protect his life.

“This is just like the stories the old beggar used to tell me. This is a different world with magic. It’s not a dream for me to become a Xian!”

Suddenly, he felt like he could become a great hero. He held his head high and noticed that Guxing was already returning with a small hog in its mouth. The wolf was a natural born hunter.

“Where’s Guyue?” The sight of Guxing reminded him of his other wolf companion, Guyue. If Guyue was dead, the least he could do was to give it a proper burial.

It was as if Guxing understood him and sadness filled its eyes. It shook its head and let out a whine.

Xuanyuan knew that Guyue was lost forever, but this realization still made his heart ache.

“Come on, let’s go home!”

From his newfound memories, he knew his home under a magnificent tree.

The boy and the wolf moved together as they headed home. Xuanyuan continued looking into his new memories: he had carved a large hole inside a tree using this rusty dagger. His home was simple, a simple bed with bed sheets made from beast fur. The walls were filled with trophies he took from beasts he hunted and magic wolves’ fur covered the floor. In his mind, his little home was cosy and perfect. In the middle of the tree house, there was a pit; a metre or so wide that he would use for cooking. Cooking in the open would attract unwanted attention, which might have resulted in his death. Surviving alone in this fierce world was an endless challenge.

People like him who had to struggle to survive did not have many options: They could become servants or hired thugs for the rich families in Moonwaste City, become mercenaries or guards, or turn to a life of crime. If they were lucky and talented, they could gain entry into a sect. Then they wouldn’t have to suffer from hunger or the cold nights. They only needed to concentrate on perfecting their martial skills and occasionally go on missions. If they were unlucky, they would be robbed and killed; or raped and killed, if you were a woman.

He finally realized how truly powerless he was. It was difficult to go against fate in this strange cruel world. He had sworn to take revenge on Yuejue, the young master of the Moonwaste City. However was such a thing even possible?

“The worst thing that could happen is death. Like I give a damn!”

He still felt disheartened nonetheless. Xuanyuan knew very clearly that if a person lost his courage, determination and principles, he was better off dead. So he had already made up his mind.

“I’ll avenge you no matter what it takes. This is the only way I can repay you for your body. I swear that I will avenge you and Guyue!”

While he was encouraging himself, Xuanyuan had already arrived home. It was a very discreet and well hidden location. He opened the door, it seemed like everything was the same as in his memories.

Except, when he and Guxing walked further into the house, he was stunned by the sight on his bed.

He couldn’t believe his eyes, he was frozen in place. There was a woman in a snow white silk dress and her lithe shoulders were peeking from the top of her dress. Her hair was like the smoothest black silk, draping casually down to her waist. She had beautiful collarbones and below them, you could almost see her equally shapely chest. Her skin was like porcelain, so white and perfect. Xuanyuan could not stop staring at this young girl.

“I have never seen such a pretty girl in my life. I should look while I still can. She is prettier than a thousand widow Zhao’s combined…”

The old beggar was a kindhearted old man, he was good, except for the fact that he was a horny old devil. He would always bring Xuanyuan to  peek at widow Zhao when she showered. Xuanyuan’s blood would start to boil and his face would always flush red.

The girl’s tiny, lovely face looked peaceful with a hint of sadness. A teardrop was softly clinging onto her long eyelashes. Her expression szx calm and her cheeks were flushed, she gave off a serene atmosphere. She seemed so delicate, she was untouchable.

Xuanyuan stared at the young girl, he glanced from her face to her chest, from her casually placed arms to her tiny waist, from her knees covered by white dress to her delicate feet. He had gained plenty of experience from peeking at widow Zhao when she showered, that’s why he could determine that this girl had two beautiful long legs hidden by the dress.

His heart was starting to pound. He didn’t know who this girl was. This was his home and it was inappropriate for her to be sleeping on his bed. He gathered his courage and walked nervously towards the bed.

Xuanyuan’s heart was racing in his chest.

“Her ass, I still haven’t seen her ass. The old beggar said that girl’s asses should be round like full moons. Those are the best…”

It seemed like he had forgotten about all the grandiose promises he made a few moments ago.

He took a deep breath and walked closer. She was lying on her side, revealing a glimpse at her cleavage from the cut of the dress. The silk dress also revealed a perfect outline of her round bottom. He started to move closer to the girl and could smell her natural, sweet and refreshing womanly fragrance.

“How perfect…perfect…Thank you God, you are fair and just…sending me this great beauty.”

Xuanyuan was so excited. His hand reached for her shoulder. When he touched her porcelain-like arms, he was so excited that tears started to form in his eyes.

“I’ve never touched anything smoother than this. Perfect…so smooth…”

He had to suppress his urges, he cleared his throat and whispered awkwardly.

“Lady, wake up, young lady…”

His voice was almost inaudible, he didn’t expect it to wake the girl, but she immediately awoke. Her eyes opened sharply. Her eyes were dreamlike, reminding Xuanyuan of a fairy. They were feminine and tempting, but her gaze was cold. He failed to see what the girl did, he only felt the room spin and his head started to hurt, he was already a few metres away from her. He felt like he was flying. He quickly got back to his feet, one hand covering his forehead, the other pointing at the icy beauty.

He yelled, “Are you trying to murder your husband?”

She looked at the dumb boy in front of her and smiled sweetly. Her smile was comparable to the most beautiful scenery .

Xuanyuan’s anger dissipated immediately. Xuanyuan was a poor beggar throughout his life. He had experienced both cruelty and kindness from others. He could easily distinguish the good people from the bad. He looked past her fairy-like beauty and felt like she was not a bad person. She seemed kindhearted.

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