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DTH Chapter 200 – Face Struck

DTH Chapter 200 – Face Struck
Time passed by without Xuanyuan noticing. He hadn’t slept in six days in order to finish carving the Disposition of Six Red Lotus on the twelve blocks of Source Energy of Fire Lotus. He could finally relax and wait for the trip to the mountain.
He closed his eyes and rested for a day before he stepped out of his room. He decided not to disturbed Shiguan or Zhixuan so he explored the landscape alone. The lake was as beautiful as he remembered it. The Linglong Sect was a wonderful place for practice.
Suddenly, he felt a strong hostile aura behind him. It was from a man wearing the clothes of the Fighting Dragons Sect – a true disciple. He was surrounded by fiery Qi with the strength of an Imperial Realm Fighter. He smirked as he saw Xuanyuan, “Brother Xuanyuan, you are here!”
“Who are you?” Xuanyuan knew this man didn’t come in peace.
“Don’t you know who I am? Because of you, my brother was punished for half a year. You are famous now. Everybody is looking for you. We’ve heard that you found the Vajrapani Earth and the Immortality Technique from the Nightmare Swarm. You should hand them over. All the families, Schools and even the Head of Fighting Dragons Sect are searching for you. Are you going to defect from the Sect?” he laughed viciously.
“Your brother? Huotao? So you are Huolie, right?” Xuanyuan didn’t reply to his questions. He guessed that Haiya had spread the rumours. It’s fortunate that the Linglong Sect was led by wise people who ignored the untrue gossips so he was saved here.
“I’m here to give the courtesy card to the Saintess of the Linglong Sect for brother Jiang Yitian. Her birthday is in a month. A month later, brother Jiang will come here to celebrate with the Saintess. This is not something someone like you can understand.” Huolie said contemptuously.
“Is that so? Then off you go.” Xuanyuan smiled.
“I’ll break your legs before I go. So you won’t get a chance to escape. Give me the secret to immortality!” Huolie said.
“Don’t forget I killed Xingyun. Do you want to be killed too?” Xuanyuan said softly.
“Don’t mistake me for that rubbish Xingyun. I’m an Imperial Realm Fighter. You can never understand the difference between Imperial Realm and King Realm fighters.” Huolie summoned the fiery Qi. His strength surged to a thousand five hundred dragons. It was impressive for a new Imperial Realm Fighter.
“I don’t want to fight in the Linglong Sect. Stop it.” Xuanyuan said.
“Are you scared? Don’t be. I won’t kill you. I’ll only break your legs. You think you can challenge brother Jiang? I’ll let you know you’re nothing!” He leapt and the Qi was coming straight at Xuanyuan’s face but Xuanyuan didn’t evade. He only summoned the Water of Heaven and extended his arm then caught Huolie’s wrist.
Huolie felt a great pain in his wrist. He was shocked by how easily Xuanyuan stopped the attack.
He raised his free hand and struck at Xuanyuan’s face but Xuanyuan concentrated a force in his other hand and not only did he stop Huolie’s attack but he slapped him across his face.
Huolie’s Qi was running chaotically in his body. Xuanyuan continued to slap him. Each Strike contained a thousand five hundred dragons of strength. His Water of Heaven was suppressing Huolie’s fiery Qi. So Huolie’s attack and defence was useless in front of Xuanyuan.
“Aren’t you very powerful? Come!” Xuanyuan yelled then another slap followed.
“I……” Huolie was about to say something but was stopped by another slap.
“Didn’t you want to break my legs?” Another slap.
“Please……” Huolie began to cry with his head spinning.
“Get Jiang Yitian to save you, why don’t you?” Xuanyuan continued.
“Please, let me go… I won’t do that anymore……” Huolie was bawling. Xuanyuan kicked him to the side of the road. He approached and raised his arm.
“Brother Xuanyuan, stop!” Zhixuan flew out from the Loft. There was a light in her hand which she pushed into Huolie’s body, healing him at a rapid pace.
Huolie was able to stand up in a few minutes. He pointed his fingers angrily at Xuanyuan since the Saintess came to his aid. “You bastard! I came here to send the courtesy card to the Saintess. How dare you attack me! I’ll punish you!”
From his fighting ring, Huolie summoned three Imperial Class Talismans. If they were activated, Xuanyuan would be killed. Luckily, Zhixuan frowned and suppressed the power of the Talismans.
“Be patient…” she said but Xuanyuan leapt and slapped Huolie again. This time, he combined the power of the Water of Heaven and Vajrapani Earth in his hand. Seven, eight teeth were slapped out from Huolie’s mouth. Xuanyuan rushed up and put a foot on Huolie’s crotch.
“You really think I don’t dare to kill you here?” Xuanyuan smiled. His foot squeezed and something popped turning Huolie’s face green. He vomited.
Zhixuan stepped up and constrained Xuanyuan with her Great Technique. She said accusingly, “What are you doing, brother Xuanyuan? You are from the same Sect!”
Xuanyuan smiled, “Thank you for saving me, Saintess. If not for you, I’d be killed by his Talismans. He wanted to die so there was nothing I could do but to oblige.”
Huolie was shaking so violently that white foam was hanging from his mouth. In fact, Zhixuan heard their early conversation. She was also disgusted by Huolie. However, she couldn’t let a guest of the Sect be injured. She healed Huolie again.
This time, it took half an hour before Huolie was able to stand up shakingly. He squeezed his legs tightly together and handed Zhixuan a card before he pointed a finger at Xuanyuan, “Brother Jiang won’t let this slide. Be careful!”
Then he fled.
EDN:The term lady saint is going to be Saintess from now on.
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