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DTH Chapter 201 – Dark Phoenix Mountain

DTH Chapter 201 – Dark Phoenix Mountain
“Why did you have to fight with him, brother Xuanyuan?” Zhixuan the Saintess of Linglong Sect shattered the courtesy card sent by Jiang Yitian to ashes and sighed.  
“If I didn’t fight with him, he’d think he can bully me. I can’t be polite to everyone.” Xuanyuan shrugged, “Thank you for helping me, Saintess.”
“You were too fast, I couldn’t help anyone.” Zhixuan refused to admit she had a preference. When she finished her sentence, a few true disciples of the Linglong Sect arrived and bowed to her.
“Saintess, brother Xuanyuan, the Head has ordered a meeting in the palace.”
“Finally!” Xuanyuan thought.
From the Loft, Shiguan flew out like a fairy. She had a breakthrough during these few days of practice. Her aura transformed. She smiled, “The surroundings of the Linglong Sect is most suited for practicing. I’ve learnt a lot.”  
“Congratulations, your highness, for your entering into the Emperor Realm.” Zhixuan smiled.
“Congratulations!” Xuanyuan grinned.
“We should go to the palace.” Zhixuan led the way.
The Head of the Linglong Sect and her disciple, Mochou, were already in the great hall waiting. Mochou’s strength got enhanced a lot in just a few days. Clearly the Head of the Linglong Sect put in a lot of effort in training the Body of a Thousand Spirits.
There were also twelve young women. Xuanyuan was unable to guess their true strength. Next to them were his five masters.
“Haha, you’re here! My young disciple!” the Xian of Gold laughed. Then he whispered into Xuanyuan’s ear, “Did you get a little action with the ladies?”
Xuanyuan was disgusted at the question. He looked at the expectant gazes from his five masters and wondered what went through their minds so he ignored them.
“Xuanyuan, have you prepared for your journey?” the Head of the Linglong Sect asked.
“Yes. I am well rested and prepared.” Xuanyuan replied.
“The Dark Phoenix of Gold is as smart as any person. It won’t be easy to find it in the mountain. Have you thought of any solution?” She continued.
“Mochou can be the bait. The Dark Phoenix won’t be able to resist the Body of a Thousand Spirits.” The Gold of Xian said. His suggestion attracted a glare from the Head. Mochou was her disciple now. She wouldn’t want to put the young girl into such a dangerous situation.
“Ah, don’t be angry with me. Mochou helped lure the Fire of Red Lotus out from the Red Mountain. The Dark Phoenix Mountain must have more dangerous techniques inside. It’ll be close to impossible to find the Dark Phoenix if we just stride in. We’ll protect Mochou. We won’t hurt her.” The Xian of Fire explained.
Mochou nodded and said, “I’m not afraid!”
The Head of the Linglong Sect knew this was the best way so she sighed, “Alright. It is decided. Xuanxing, Xuanyue, two of our Elders, will lead our ten disciples on the List of Linglong to form the sealing formation. Be very careful.”
Two slightly older women gestured with their arms, while the ten younger women bowed. They were the elite fighters amongst the Sect. Xuanyuan was sure that every one of them was much more powerful than Jiang Yitian. The Head of the Linglong Sect wants to train her disciples during this excursion.
“Please don’t worry, Lady. I will protect Mochou at all cost.” Shiguan said sternly.
“Your highness, thank you. I know you care about Mochou a great deal or you wouldn’t have given her the protective jade pendant. Zhixuan, stay with Xuanyuan. The Technique you studied is effective in suppressing the Dark Phoenix of Gold. We shall go to the Mountain now.”
She pointed at a corner in the great hall and a door sprang open. It was a portal to the Dark Phoenix Mountain. The Head of the Linglong Sect and Mochou went through the door followed by the Elders and the ten elites. The Five Xians smiled suggestively at Xuanyuan, Zhixuan and Shiguan before they went in. Xuanyuan suppressed his annoyance at his five masters and followed the Saintess and Shiguan. Youxue was at his tail.
He could feel the twisting of space around him but before he could get a grip of the strange sensation, he already landed.
It was a gold mountain. A real, solid gold mountain. It was so shiny, Xuanyuan felt he was almost blinded. The golden Qi was thick enough to cut an ordinary person to death. However, everyone in the scene was among the strongest in the martial arts world. Even Xuanyuan, the weakest of them had four of the five spiritual elements in him so he was unaffected.
“Set up the formation. I will go in to suppress the Soul inside the mountain.” The Head of the Linglong Sect ordered sternly.
“The Soul?” The five Xians frowned.
“Yes. The Soul was once a top Xian from the Linglong sect. After he passed, he merged his strength into the Dark Phoenix of Gold. That was the reason why the Phoenix grew so powerful. The Soul belonged to a close friend of the Sect. He was famous for his strange temper. I’m afraid if the Soul senses that we are about to seal the Dark Phoenix of Gold, it’ll activate many Techniques in the Mountain. So after I go in, you should hasten and set up your disposition.” Then she entered the Mountain, leaving Mochou behind.
Xuanyuan was quiet for a moment before he asked, “Will she be alright?”
An elite Linglong fighter chuckled, “Young brother Xuanyuan, you should worry about yourself. You are the one who wants to refine the Dark Phoenix of Gold into your lungs. It’ll be much more dangerous than the task our Head has. She will be fine as she’s always prepared. But you, don’t disappoint us.”
“That’s right. We’re all here to help. Don’t you dare forget about us if you conquer the Gold.”
They all chuckled and encouraged him gently. Xuanyuan felt his anxiety lifted from the encouragement of these powerful women. He suddenly announced, “I will do my best to conquer the Dark Phoenix of Gold. If I succeed, I shall find twelve Flowers of Eternal Spring for the beautiful elder sisters!”
The Flower of Eternal Spring could keep one’s appearance young for a long time. The elite fighters giggled as they found Xuanyuan to be an adorable young boy who promised them very welcoming gifts.
The Five Xians smiled suggestively again. They didn’t know how good Xuanyuan was at winning ladies hearts.
“Let’s go, Mochou, Xuanyuan. We’ll open the way for you.” They said.
The Five Xians, Xuanyuan, Mochou, Shiguan, Zhixuan and Youxue entered the Dark Phoenix Mountain. The long and gruesome war between them and the Dark Phoenix was about to begin.
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