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DTH Chapter 202 – The Beasts of the Golden Mountain

DTH Chapter 202 – The Beasts of the Golden Mountain
On the golden mountain, dwelt numerous terrifying beasts. The Sword Tigers were gilded in gold. Their strength reached a thousand dragons. There were also Golden Dragons flying around. However, no matter how powerful they were, the beasts cracked like thin paper in front of the Five Xians. Behind them, Xuanyuan was collecting the elixirs left by the dead beasts. Those were Imperial Realm elixirs. They’re worth a lot. If Xuanyuan refined them inside him then he could turn into the corresponding animals as well.
“Xuanyuan, young lad. Find a disposition that’ll help you fight the Dark Phoenix of Gold. Even though this is the Dark Phoenix’s home, there’ll always be a place or two that’ll suppress its power.” The Xians said.
“I will.” Xuanyuan had already been looking for a suitable disposition. The golden mountain was not actually made from gold. It was golden because of the power of the Dark Phoenix. It turned the stones into gold.
“Masters, I can feel the aura deep inside the mountain. It’s dangerous. I don’t think we should go in. Let’s circle around the mountain to look for a place.” Xuanyuan said.
“No problem.” The Xian of Gold waved his hand as if he was about to cut the mountain open. The golden trees within ten miles collapsed. Numerous bee hives fell to the ground. A low humming grew louder and louder. They were aiming straight at Xuanyuan and his companions. Each of the bee was as big as a child’s head. Their strength reached five hundred dragons. Xuanyuan felt a bit apprehensive at the sheer number of them.
But Zhixuan was calm. She said, “These are the Blade Bees. In their tails, there is a golden needle formed by the Dark Phoenix Qi. They like to ambush enemies from behind. Be very careful of the needles.”
“What?” Xuanyuan’s heart skipped a beat. His limbs went numb when he saw the golden clouds pushing towards them.
“Indeed. The Dark Phoenix of Gold is extremely deadly. It can crush all kinds of protective instruments. And it’s not friendly. That’s why the Linglong Sect sealed it here. But we must find a way to control it before it grows too powerful to break the seal.”
“Hahaha, don’t worry. It’s nothing.” The Xian of Fire laughed. The bees shot out tens of thousands of needles at him. But he only flicked his fingers and spat out a blue flame, covering a few thousand metres in front of them. The bees were all burnt to ashes.
Xuanyuan inhaled deeply. He was impressed at the power of the Xians but before long, another swarm of golden bees rushed towards them.
“The Xian of Gold already predicted that the bees would have ambushed us if we cross the forest so he cut all the trees. Now we only need to deal with a few large swarms of bees.” Zhixuan smiled.
The Xian of Fire breathed out another blue flame, killing this batch of bees. There were an uncountable amount of bee elixirs left on the ground.
Another swarm arrived. They attacked from the sky. Numerous golden bees formed a giant, golden sword which pointed at Xuanyuan. The Qi was full of hostility, even Zhixuan frowned.
“The bees became intelligent because of the Dark Phoenix Qi. They are able to use a martial art Technique! Looks like the Dark Phoenix has learnt everything from the Soul. The bee sword could harm a first rank Emperor Realm Fighter. So be careful!” Zhixuan warned.
Xuanyuan nodded. He was not expecting the power of the Dark Phoenix of Gold to be this much. However, he knew that the Vajrapani Earth was as powerful as the Dark Phoenix. The only difference was that the Earth was willing to submit to Xuanyuan. He would fight with the Dark Phoenix if necessary.
“Hahaha, interesting. I’ll have to see if the bees can defend against my golden sword!” The Xian of Gold laughed. He pointed his index and middle fingers out into a sword shape, concentrating his Gold Qi. The sword formed from his Qi overpowered the bee sword. All the bees were crushed and fell to the ground.
On the other hand, Shiguan was pondering how to assist Xuanyuan. She controlled a few fighting fires. Since Fire could suppress Gold, they needed to find a disposition that helped fire burn. Xuanyuan was thinking about the same thing.
“The previous owner of the Dark Phoenix of Gold must have considered the fact that Fire suppresses Gold so the mountain was completely fire proof.” Xuanyuan looked for all the possible places but he was unable to find a suitable disposition.
“Brother Xuanyuan is very well-learnt in dispositions and landscapes. Did you learn from your masters?” Zhixuan asked.
“He learnt himself. We are not very good at Feng Shui and dispositions.” The Xian of Gold laughed. He summoned the tens of thousands of bee elixirs from the ground and they flew into Xuanyuan’s ring. These could earn him many merit points.
The beasts on the mountain seemed to have sensed the power of the Xians, they began to avoid them. They were all intelligent under the influence of the Dark Phoenix. Those who didn’t run away went into dispositions that would boost their power.
Xuanyuan found that there were many earthly disposition because Earth nurtures Gold.
On their journey to look for a suitable disposition, suddenly a tiger roared. The roar was full of golden Qi, loud enough to shake the surrounding. Xuanyuan felt that his lungs, the remaining organ that needed to be strengthened, was hurting.
Zhixuan looked nervous, “It’s the Golden Xian Tiger! It’s as powerful as a seventh rank Emperor Realm Fighter! Be careful!”
The Xian of Gold chuckled. He jumped into the air like a sword sprang out, “It’s only a little tiger cub. Don’t worry. I’ll deal with it.”
It only took a short while before the tiger roared again. This time the roar was of pain. The Xian returned covered with blood – the blood of the tiger. In his hand was a golden elixir.
“Take this. The tiger was quite powerful. The elixir can help you.” He threw it to Xuanyuan.
Xuanyuan suddenly decided, “We’ll stop the search for a disposition. There are many dispositions full of golden Qi, I’ll take the Elixir of Golden Lungs to refine my lungs first.”
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