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DTH Chapter 203 – Fishing

DTH Chapter 203 – Fishing
Xuanyuan found the Disposition of Black Gold. Inside the disposition, the thick golden Qi turned into many solid blades. Anyone with less strength than a Grandmaster would be cut open unless they had a special physique. Xuanyuan was such a person so he walked into the disposition and felt the crushing force from the Qi without getting hurt.
“Xuanyuan has thick skin.” Shiguan was nodding since she had already tested it.
“How do you know?” The Xian of Gold smiled evilly at her.
“I bit him. Both his arms. It’s as thick as armour since he wasn’t nice to me.” Shiguan smiled. The Xians and Shiguan finally realized what Xuanyuan said was true. The Mo princess and Xuanyuan were only friends since biting was a normal practice of mild and friendly revenge among the Mo race as opposed to the romantic implications of humans.
“What did he do? Tell us. We’ll teach him a lesson.” The Xian of Water asked.
“He forced me to hand out the Asura Blood Technique. I didn’t want to give him since it’s too violent of a Technique but he forced me to. Five Xians, please keep an eye on him. If his studies of the Technique goes wrong then you must stop him.” Shiguan was a bit shy from remembering the humiliation but she was serious about protecting Xuanyuan.
“The Asura Blood Technique? Isn’t it the highest Blood Technique of the Mo?” The Xian of Earth looked at Xuanyuan, frowning. The Asura Blood Technique was the most powerful of the Blood Techniques of all races. The Mo race was especially blood thirsty so they need to strengthen their own.
“Well, we’ll deal with it later. Xuanyuan is very talented. Perhaps the study of the Blood Technique won’t harm him after all. He has his own plan.” The Xian of Wood said.
Xuanyuan put all his mind and energy into his practice, ignorant of the gossips outside of the disposition. He took the Elixir to refine his lungs and recited the Golden Xian Technique. When the golden Qi hit him, a part of the essence instilled inside him. From his lungs, there was a golden light shining. He could feel that his skin became extremely tough. Even his hair was as sharp as blades. He knew that even a breath from him could hurt his enemies. He suddenly remembered the day that he met Yin Zhenluo. She only breathed out and created a dent on the ground.
Three days went by, as his strength surged when his lungs were refined.
One thousand nine hundred and fifty dragons!
Two thousand dragons!
Two thousand two hundred dragons!
His organs started to form a cycle of five elements though it was incomplete without the Dark Phoenix of Gold.
He flashed his eyelashes open. He stood up like a sword being taken out of its sheath. His aura was not as sharp as the Xian of Gold but it was similar.
The Xian of Gold was very proud. He knew that Xuanyuan’s aura would be even sharper after he conquered the Dark Phoenix of Gold. His strength will also exceed the five of them in the future.
“He stands out too much in this world.” Zhixuan commented. She was worried that Xuanyuan will attract many enemies.
“Hahaha, he’s young. Of course he should stand out.” The Xian of Gold laughed.
“Let’s go. We should keep searching for a disposition.” Mochou was quite quiet on the way. She seemed to be sensing something. She learnt many vital information after she became the Head of the Linglong Sect disciple such as the importance in conquering the Dark Phoenix and its strength. She was less frightened than before. Instead, she scouted the ground carefully.
Xuanyuan smoothed Mochou’s hair, “What are you thinking?”
“I’m thinking where will the Dark Phoenix hide. Master said it’s cunning and will kill many people if we’re not careful.” She turned to Xuanyuan. “But don’t worry. I’ll help you catch it. You must control it so it won’t harm other people.”
“Of course I will.” Xuanyuan was surprised by the seriousness in her voice.
The Five Xians were in the front protecting them from the beasts. Mochou was using her Spiritual Eyes to search for the Gold. However, they found nothing in two days. The Dark Phoenix was indeed very cunning.
In the end, they found a golden forest. Amidst the forest, there was a Disposition of Dragon Woods. Even though it’s not a fiery disposition, it could enhance the power of the Disposition of Six Red Lotus. There was also a Disposition of Tornado hidden in the wooden one. The wood and wind would help the fire spread.  
Mochou didn’t rest from her search for the Dark Phoenix of Gold. She was exhausted after two days. Xuanyuan felt his heart ache. “Mochou, get some rest. Don’t search for it anymore. We’ll handle the rest.”
She looked sad, “I know. I’m sorry I can’t help.”
“You helped a lot. When Xuanyuan set up his disposition, you can begin your practice to lure the Dark Phoenix.” Shiguan comforted her gently.
“Master said that’s a passive tactic but If we can attack instead of defend then we’ll be able to get a good start.” Mochou said.
“Don’t worry. We’ll still be able to conquer it.” Xuanyuan sighed. He took out the carved Source Energy of Fire Lotus and looked for the balance in the natural disposition to set up his own.
Zhixuan was surprised to see the Fire Lotus so she asked, “What disposition do you want to set up?”
“The Disposition of Six Red Lotus.” Xuanyuan said.
Zhixuan was no expert in Feng Shui but she still heard of the power of the Disposition of Six Red Lotus. It was the one used by the Emperor of Red Lotus. It killed many people.
Shiguan was equally shocked to learn that Xuanyuan was able to set up such a disposition but she kept silent. If the situation turned critical then she’ll be able to help.
It took them half a day in order to set up the structure. Afterwards, Xuanyuan took off his instruments. He only needs his bodily and mental strength in order to conquer the Dark Phoenix of Gold. Other things wouldn’t help.
“Alright, Mochou, you can start practicing. Five masters, please hide yourselves so the Dark Phoenix won’t be suspicious. Shiguan and Saintess, please protect Mochou. She cannot be hurt.” Xuanyuan pleaded.
“Don’t worry. I won’t get hurt. I’ll protect you.” Mochou smiled sweetly. Then she formed a mudra with her hand. The golden Qi in a dozen miles formed a golden river and flowed into Mochou’s heart.
Xuanyuan also took out the egg from his ring. The Qi might be able to hatch it.
The fishing for the Dark Phoenix of Gold began.
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