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DTH Chapter 205 – The Disposition of Six Lotus

DTH Chapter 205 – The Disposition of Six Lotus
The earth shook from the stampede of the warriors of gold. They were all rushing towards Xuanyuan and his companions like a golden waterfall while wielding weapons that blindingly shone.
Xuanyuan summoned three arrows made by the Fire of the Red Lotus and fired at the approaching enemies. The arrows didn’t stop until they sliced through thirty warriors’ torsos, melting them into liquid gold.
Youxue, with a twist, released thousands of dragon scales which turned into numerous knives and chopped the warriors into pieces.
Shiguan’s attack was even more imposing. Around her were numerous faces of Asura Demons. They became thirty six warriors of fire that marched into the army of gold. The golden warriors fell like wheat being reaped. Many large gaps appeared in the army.
Xuanyuan put away his bow and took out his black dagger while he summoned the Emperor of Fire Dragon behind him. He dived into the army and thrusted his dagger into the closest target. Wherever the Fire Dragon walked, the place would be filled with red lotuses and left with pools of liquid gold.
Three hours later, the ground was covered with elixirs left by the dead warriors of gold. The enemies were destroyed. Xuanyuan collected the elixirs and put them next to the eggs. He sighed with relief, thinking that they were lucky to face enemies who didn’t know any martial arts. The warriors’ greatest advantage was their numbers and strength.
Before they could rest, the mountain shook again. Another army of golden warriors arrived.
Xuanyuan frowned. He retreated with Youxue and told Shiguan, “Pretend to be on the verge of defeat and exhausted. Otherwise, I’m afraid we’ll have to fight forever.”
Shiguan and Zhixuan agreed.
The warriors of gold swarmed towards them from every direction and they were soon encircled.
They pretended to be struggling to defend themselves when the golden spears were thrust at their faces. Xuanyuan didn’t try to move away. He was covered by red lotuses. The heat melted away the tips of the spears long before they could touch them. He slashed the warriors open with his dagger.
Youxue returned to his human form, making it look like he didn’t have enough strength to keep his dragon form. He screamed as the spears almost touched him. Shiguan toned down the Asura Fire to seem like she ran out of energy to maintain it. Zhixuan was covered in a soft light, in the position of defense.
They didn’t know how many warriors they slaughtered, because they seemed to be never ending. The battle lasted for three days and nights.
At last, when night fell, a ray of golden light appeared. It was a golden pheonix circling the sky. It found its target and dove rapidly towards Mochou. The phoenix showed its power with extraordinary speed! The power of a Xian class fighter! Its presence brought immense pressure to Xuanyuan and his company. Everyone’s chests ached. They tasted blood in their mouth.
Seconds before the phoenix touched them, a force of the five elements was activated. The sky was filled with five bright colours. The phoenix was trapped!
“Hahaha, we got it! The Dark Phoenix of Gold!” The Xian of Gold appeared with a smile.
“It’s too cunning, sending all those beasts and spiritual beings your way and waiting patiently. The Xian of Fire commented.
Xuanyuan declared, “I’ll refine it. Disposition of Six Lotus, activate!”
Instantly, twelve fire lotuses ascended from the ground covered the sky across a thousand square metres. The flowers were burning and transformed into twelve giant fire dragons who began to spit fire.
The fire burnt all the corpses of the golden warriors into ashes. Then the fire dragons crashed into the Five Elements Disposition where the Dark Phoenix was sealed. When the Disposition of Six Lotus was activated, the naturally formed wooden disposition aided the fire in strengthening the dragons.
The Phoenix screamed painfully. Its golden feathers sharpened. An aura of hateful murder cut through the edges.
Zhixuan became very pale, “It’s one of the Xian class techniques created by the man who came into the Mountain! The Sixty-Four Thousand Swords of Destruction! It could destroy an army with tens of thousands of soldiers!”
The effect of the technique was apparent. Sweat was streaming down the faces of the Five Xians. The heat from the Six Lotuses was unbearable. The Swords of Destruction were powerful. But they were still holding up. However, the Xian of Wood, whose elements were suppressed by both Fire and Gold, was already injured from mere force.
“Masters, come back. No need to seal it. The Disposition of Six Lotus already trapped it. The Phoenix can’t get out!” Xuanyuan yelled. The Five Xians returned at once. They activated their instruments to protect the team.
Xuanyuan controlled the fire dragons mentally. The dragons were strangling the Dark Phoenix of Gold. From his body, the Fire of the Red Lotus was burning.
In the sky above them, they saw the twelve fire lotuses merged into six giant gates. Each of them had methods to kill hidden within. However, Xuanyuan was not powerful enough to open any of the gates, though they could be used as a seal.
The Dark Phoenix screamed again. Xuanyuan roared, “Shiguan, use your Fighting Fire and burn it!”
A single face of Asura Demon appeared in front of Shiguan. The flames melted into the twelve fire dragons and enhanced the fire. The golden phoenix twisted and turned painfully. A mental image shot out from the bird and echoed deep within the Mountain. A terrifying force was summoned, while the size of the bird shrank.
The Mountain of the Dark Phoenix was shaking. Many golden swords shot towards the sky, as if they were trying to cut a hole in the universe.
The Five Xians screamed, “No! The Phoenix is communicating with the soul of its previous master. Conquer it now, or else you won’t get another chance! The Head of Linglong is suppressing the Soul and buying us some time!”
The Dark Phoenix of Gold began to shrink, smaller and smaller. Xuanyuan created a mental image and a force rushed into the disposition. It was like a storm blowing and nurturing the fire. The fire heated up.
“Great! My young disciple has great knowledge about dispositions! If I’m trapped inside it, I’ll probably be dead already. How can the Dark Phoenix of Gold hold up for so long?” The Xian of Gold gasped.
Xuanyuan knew that the disposition was only so powerful because of the wooden disposition, the power of wind and the help of the Five Xians. If the Xians didn’t help, then he’d never be able to capture the bird.
However, the Source energy of the Fire Lotus was running out quickly.
“Brother Xuanyuan, the Phoenix says it’s willing to submit to you. It says you should let it go. It can’t hold up any longer.” Mochou suddenly said.
“Oh?” Xuanyuan looked at the Dark Phoenix of Gold, which now reduced to the size of a palm. He released the seal.
The Phoenix rushed towards Xuanyuan’s chest from the crack in the disposition.
Mochou screamed, “No! It’s lying to me! It wants to devour brother Xuanyuan!”
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