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DTH Chapter 206 – The Devouring King

DTH Chapter 206 – The Devouring King
”You want to devour me? What a nice fantasy. If I cannot take the Body of a Thousand Spirits, I shall take yours!” An arrogant laughter rang in Xuanyuan’s mind.
Tears streamed down Mochou’s face, “Let brother Xuanyuan go. You can take my soul!”
Inside Xuanyuan’s body, Greed chuckled, “Now that you’re in, don’t even think of going out. Your aura is familiar. It makes me want to destroy you myself!”
In Xuanyuan’s lungs, the Devouring Seal Technique was activated, turning his lungs into an endless swirl and sucking in the Dark Phoenix of Gold. Xuanyuan sent out a message through his mind, “Bring out all the source energy and crystals you have for the egg…”
His message was cut short, but Zhixuan, Shiguan, Mochou and the Five Xians all brought out their shares. The black egg shone and greedily devoured the crystals. The red sun mark slowly turned golden.
Xuanyuan’s mind arrived at a world of gold where golden feathers as sharp as blades were floating all around.
“Mortal, you dare to capture me. Very well, very well.” A man appeared with a body made of golden feathers. His face was full of hatred.
“And you dare to come inside my lungs. Looks like I have no choice but to devour you.” Xuanyuan stood upright. His mind was tough.
“Mortal, your body is strong. I shall take it. When I eventually take over the Body of a Thousand Spirits, yours can persist for a while. You can die!” The man, who was the human embodiment of the Dark Phoenix smiled. All the golden blades that were scattered about turned towards Xuanyuan. But he only smirked.
“Vajrapani Earth! Protect me!” A statue of Buddha appeared in front of him. Both its mind and body were solid as the earth. When the golden blades hit it, they shattered, while the Buddha was unmoved. The Buddha was created by the mind of the King of the Earth of Vajrapani. It endured numerous attacks from the Nightmare Ghost and wouldn’t be so easily destroyed.
“Vajrapani Earth?” The Dark Phoenix was shocked.
“Correct. I saved the Nightmare Ghost and acquired the Fighting Earth of Vajrapani. It was tireless in suppressing the Ghost for thousands of years. It’s certainly no weaker than you and your previous master. So how dare you try to devour me?” Xuanyuan laughed. He approached the Phoenix, “I wouldn’t be able to fight against you in an actual fight. But I won’t be defeated in a duel of our minds. You’re uncertain about your own mental strength. That’s why you communicate with the soul of your previous master. I knew you would try to take over my body. So I let you in.”
“The King of Vajrapani. The Nightmare Ghost. Immortality. Is there truly immortality?” The eyes of the Dark Phoenix of Gold sparkled with greed and passion.
“If you want to know, submit to me.” Xuanyuan said.
“Haha, you? I shall know the answer after I devour you.” Once more golden blades sliced towards Xuanyuan. But he was unconcerned.
“With only the shattered pieces of power left by the soul of your previous master, you cannot harm me.” Behind Xuanyuan, the shadow of the Lady of Heavenly Water appeared, followed by the Fire Dragon, and the Woodland Dragon King. “Submit to me. I’ve already conquered four of the five spiritual elements. If you want to know the secret to immortality, then you can only submit to me.”
“Who are you? How can you conquer all these spiritual elements?”
“Have you heard of the Devouring Emperor?” Xuanyuan laughed.
“The Devouring Emperor?” The Dark Phoenix cried, “You’re the heir to the Emperor of Dark Phoenix!?”
“Exactly.” Greed appeared in the world of gold. Its face was still blurry, but its power was overwhelming.
“It’s you! The King of Greed!”
“You recognize me? Of course! My name was known by everyone!” Greed laughed. It lost most of its memory. The only thing he remembered was to find an heir to the Emperor and seek vengeance for him.
“Looks like you were gravely hurt in that battle! You are weak!” The Dark Phoenix snorted.
“It’s enough to devour you!” Greed stepped forward.
“Greed, get down.” Xuanyuan said.
“No. I cannot explain it, but I wish to devour the Phoenix’s mind myself.” Greed said determinedly. Black lights surrounded Greed. Each of these light turned into black swords and began clashing with the golden blades. A fierce mental battle had begun.

In the outside world, Xuanyuan’s body was lying on the ground. Next to him was the egg, which now shone brightly. Everyone stepped away from the black light that covered Xuanyuan like a giant cocoon.
At this point, twelve golden swords struck. However, the Disposition of Six Lotus sensed the danger and sent out the twelve dragons once more. The two forces crashed into each other, shaking the Mountain and killing numerous beasts instantaneously.

In Xuanyuan’s mind, there was another black shadow appearing in the world of gold. It was a fiendish shadow, possessing the will to devour everything in the universe.
“Hahahaha…. you are back!” Greed laughed.
The fiendish shadow glared at the Dark Phoenix of Gold, “Of course. We met one of the pieces of scum who plotted against the Emperor. It’s only an unimportant, useless character, but it’ll still sooth my heart a little to destroy its mind.”  
“I see. I don’t remember what happened, but my hunch was right. I too wish to kill it. Let’s do it together!” Greed’s voice was cold and murderous.
“No need. I’ll deal with it.” No one could made out of the shadow’s shape, but its mind was savage. The black light turned into a giant black sea, crushing the Dark Phoenix of Gold.
“The Devouring King! You…! You are not dead!” The Phoenix panicked.
“Well, you wastes are still alive, I can’t die yet!”
In merely an instant, the golden swords were devoured by the black sea and the Dark Phoenix of Gold disappeared.

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  1. Kokuyasou June 9, 2017 at 8:53 pm - Reply

    “Correct. I saved the Dark Phoenix’s Ghost”
    I’m guessing that’s supposed to be Nightmare Ghost instead.

    • AonDuine June 9, 2017 at 11:59 pm - Reply

      You. Are absolutely correct. I will fix that.
      Also, hey! I am the new editor for DTH from 204 onward so be patient with me at first. I appreciate the correction. For some reason the nightmare ghost and then that was translated differently and, unfortunately since I have a 50 ch gap where I haven’t read the chapters, I wasn’t able to catch it by context. Hopefully the rest was correct and you enjoyed the chapter!
      I hope to deliver quality chapters to you guys in as timely a manner as I can, so always feel free to point out perceived mistakes. I’ll always take a look to make sure.
      Oh, and you probably guessed at this point, but you can call me AonDuine. Or Aon for short.
      Look forward to seeing you in future chapters!

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    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

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    Thanks for the chapter.

  4. ImperialDemon September 20, 2020 at 4:45 pm - Reply

    Emperor of dark phoenix should be the devouring emperor i presume?

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