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DTH Chapter 207 – Goosebumps

DTH Chapter 207 – Goosebumps

”What happened to Xuanyuan?” Shiguan asked urgently, looking to the Five Xians for answers. Xuanyuan was covered by the black light from the egg with no way to look inside.

“Can you see what’s inside? Mochou?” Zhixuan asked Mochou, who was wailing sadly.

“No. I can’t see. It’s all dark…” Mochou shook her head. Zhixuan was surprised. There weren’t many things the Body of a Thousand Spirits couldn’t see.

“We don’t know what happen either. He’s our apprentice, but we don’t know much about his past and we didn’t ask.” The Xian of Gold frowned.

“It could be the other techniques Xuanyuan knows. His mind is being pulled in different directions by several parties. It is possible that the egg might be helping him deal with the Dark Phoenix,” the Xian of Fire said slowly.

“The only thing we can do is wait.” The Xian of Wood said.

Suddenly, the earth quaked once more while golden light shone in the distant sky. From time to time, golden swords came to attack them. But most of these attacks from the Dark Phoenix were stopped by the Disposition of Six Lotus. Each of the twelve gargantuan dragons circled the sky, keeping an eye on the mountain, remaining wary against possible tricks.

They were right to be careful. The golden mountain abruptly shot out numerous swords of light, aiming to attack them. Fire roared to life on the dragons’ bodies. The six gates of the disposition that surrounded them felt the threat from the mountain and returned the gesture – one of the gates opened.

From the gate, a swarm of hungry ghost rushed out at the golden swords. Combined with the dragons’ fire, the attacks from the mountain dispersed.

However, from the top of the golden mountain, a large crack appeared. Golden lava flowed out from the fissure, killing many of the beasts dwelling inside. An apocalyptic scene began as the beasts fled the mountain as though it was the end of the world.

Crack! Crack……

The giant red lotus began to shatter as the source energy of the Fire Lotus had been used up. The Disposition of Six Lotuses began to collapse much to the group’s dismay. They were only able to defend themselves from the power of the Dark Phoenix Mountain because of the Disposition. If it crumbled, they would be in big trouble. They might be able to escape, but there was no way they could save Xuanyuan who was trapped inside a black cocoon.

“Don’t worry. We’ll be able to defend it.” The Five Xians stood out, seeing everyone’s worried faces.

Suddenly, the golden mountain’s light dimmed and a shadow descended in front of them. It was the Head of the Linglong Sect. Her face was pale and covered with blood.

“The Soul was still powerful. Even prepared, I was still not its match.” She said. Zhixuan was struck by panic and immediately summoned a soft light in her hand to cover the Head of the Linglong Sect with, healing her wounds. “Don’t worry, Zhixuan. The attacks have stopped already. That means Xuanyuan is suppressing the Soul and the Dark Phoenix’s will. Just wait. The Dark Phoenix of Gold should belong to Xuanyuan now.” Despite her injuries, the Head of the Linglong Sect remained sharp.

Xuanyuan’s lungs were glowing. The Golden Xian Technique activated, refining the shadow of the Dark Phoenix inward.

Time passed, but he was still covered by the black cocoon. Everyone was worried, except Shiguan.

“Don’t worry. His body will need some time to get use to the Dark Phoenix. When I first acquired the Asura Fire, I slept for three months.” She said.

“Indeed, Xuanyuan also slept for a long time when he conquered the Fire of the Red Lotus.” The Xian of Fire said.

At this point, the black cocoon slowly disappeared to reveal a very strange animal standing next to Xuanyuan.

“Is that a pig?” Mochou stared at the animal and mumbled, “Was it hatched from the egg?”

“Whoof! I am no pig.” The animal sported the head of a pig and was covered with smooth white skin, and though spotless, was extremely muscular. At the end of its limbs, there were sharp claws.

“How come a pig barks like a dog?” Mochou was shocked.

Xuanyuan finally opened his eyes. His aura indicated that his circle was completed. His long hair was smooth and straight and his skin was tough like diamonds.

“Xuanyuan! You’re awake! I was so worried! Is this your ride? It looks like a little pig.” Mochou embraced Xuanyuan.

“Whoof. I told you I am no pig!” The animal replied. “Haha, The Body of Thousand Spirits…”

It was the Devouring King.

“How come you are a pig?” Xuanyuan pointed a finger at it. He was in shock.

“I am not a pig!” The King of Devour was snarling.

“What was that? How ugly you are? And that’s how you treat your master?” Xuanyuan jumped up in fury. He had fed this pig so many crystals and elixirs and yet in the end, the reality did not match up to his imagination!

“So what? I am a King! Body of Thousand Spirits. Follow me. I’ll show you many interesting places!” The King of Devour was drooling after Mochou, since the Body of Thousand Spirits could find it many precious resources to restore its power. But fear was written all over Mochou’s face. She stepped back and clutched tightly at Xuanyuan’s arm.

“Hahaha….” The Five Xians were laughing hysterically. They couldn’t help it. “The King of Pigs? Haha… How come you picked such an egg? I have never seen a ride like this before!”

“Whoof! Have you ever seen a pig as good looking as me?” The Devouring King screeched.

“Alright. I’ve already conquered the Dark Phoenix of Gold. Let’s go. I don’t care how much I feed this thing. I don’t want it.” Xuanyuan rolled his eyes.

“What? How dare you, boy!” The Devouring King couldn’t stand the humiliation.

“That’s right. I don’t see what can you do for me.”

“I’ll let you see what I can do!” The Devouring King summoned a strange talisman and a light covered all of them.

When the light dimmed, they were in the great hall of the Linglong Sect. Xuanyuan had not expected such an ability from the pig.

“How about that? You know how good I am, right. Are you going to say you don’t want me again?” The pig asked.

Xuanyuan felt goosebumps forming all over his body.
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