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DTH Chapter 208 – War between Men and Beast

DTH Chapter 208 – War between Men and Beast

Back in the Linglong Sect, the Five Xians realized that the rumours about Xuanyuan learning the Immortality Technique were getting out of hand, so they elected to go back to the Fighting Dragon Sect to assert the truth. If the rumours spread further, Xuanyuan would be in big trouble.
Shiguan, Zhixuan, and Mochou were walking back to their loft in laughter, while Xuanyuan kept rolling his eyes in exasperation. They found humor in his dismay regarding the Devouring King.
“Xuanyuan, the little white pig is very impressive. It’s extremely powerful.” Shiguan smiled, but she was truly impressed by the pig.
“Whoof, I’m not little white pig! I’m a king!”
“Alright, alright. You are a king.” Zhixuan chuckled. “Brother Xuanyuan, the piggy king is truly powerful. It has substantial knowledge in manipulating space. The distance between the Dark Phoenix Mountain and Linglong Palace are tens of thousands of miles apart yet it was able to send us back in an instant.”
“What piggy king?” The Devouring King sneered. Xuanyuan was extremely angry at the pig. He thought the Emperor’s Mount would look cool like a dragon or a phoenix. But this was a hybrid of the ugliest creatures! Did the Emperor really ride on this ‘thing’ to do battle with his enemies?
“The Devouring King is the Beast of All Creations. It can transformed into whatever face it wants. But it was injured from the great battle. It won’t look like this when it restores its power.” Greed said.
“Damn, if it’s a pig, then it should squeel like a pig. Why does it bark like a dog?”
“That….. I don’t know either. Maybe the injuries were deeper than we thought. But it is still very powerful and you will need it.” Greed had anticipated that this would happen. Xuanyuan’s foul mood was soothed slightly when he heard that.
However, the pig didn’t leave him any room for compassion, because he was walking around harassing the disciples in Linglong.
“Oh, pretty lady. Do you want to travel with me…?”
Xuanyuan would love to strangle the pig.

Suddenly, he turned to Zhixuan, “Lady Saint, is it your birthday soon?” He had remembered that almost a month had passed.
Zhixuan smiled, “It is.”
“Then I should give you a present.” Xuanyuan said seriously.
“Thank you, brother Xuanyuan but there is no need for that. I do not celebrate my birthday. Families, Sects and Schools around the Land of the East send in gifts. What they want is to strengthen their relationships with Linglong.” Zhixuan said.
“Haha, of course. If they can marry you, they’d be quite powerful in the Land of the East.” Xuanyuan commented.
“Alright. Xuanyuan, since you’ve conquered the Dark Phoenix of Gold, I should leave.” Shiguan smiled elegantly.
“What? You are leaving so soon?” Xuanyuan asked urgently.
“There will be many people coming in and out of Linglong for the Lady Saint’s birthday. It wouldn’t be appropriate for a Mo princess to stay here. Not everyone is as fair and non-judgmental as those of the Linglong Sect. I don’t want to cause any arguments.” Shiguan said softly. The rift between human and mo was deep. It’d be detrimental to the peace of the Land of the East should any argument happened here.
“Then if you need me nurturing your medicine plants, you should come find me.” Xuanyuan said.
“I will.” Shiguan answered.
“Then I shouldn’t stop you from going. Please be careful.” Zhixuan smiled. She liked Shiguan very much. “We shall send you a guard to protect you on the way.”
“There’s no need for all that hassle. I’ll take her home.” Devour said. It didn’t wait for an answer before some tally markings appeared on its white skin. Then a light covered Shiguan and she disappeared.
“Where did you send her?” Xuanyuan asked.
“Of course it’s the Land of Mo.” Devour said pompously.
“The Land of Mo is a hundred million miles away. You have such power to do that?” Zhixuan gapsed.
When the light of the tally disappeared completely, the pig suddenly screamed, “Oh no, my power is not fully restored, I sent her to the Land of the North.”
“You useless scum. What if she gets into trouble in the Land of the North?” Xuanyuan growled, strangling the pig.
“Whoof…. You’re going to kill me!!” The pig screeched. “Let go! Or I’ll send you to the Land of the West. Let me check where sent her and see if she’s in any danger.”
Xuanyuan finally let go. Zhixuan’s awe at the pig’s power faltered. But the pig paid no attention. Markings appeared on its body again. After a while, it nodded its head, “I sent her to the northern part of the Ice and Sky Sect. Don’t worry, as long as she doesn’t come across someone with fighting water, she’ll be fine.”
Xuanyuan’s fury rose up again. He clutched at the pig’s neck. “Send me there at once, you stupid pig. Are you trying` to kill Shiguan? Water suppresses fire. She’s in danger in the land of ice!”
“Let go….Let go!” Devour struggled. Its claws were scratching Xuanyuan’s arms and created many sparkles causing Xuanyuan slight pain.
“Brother Xuanyuan, don’t worry. Princess Shiguan is very intelligent. There are also sectors of Mo in all parts of the land. She will be fine.” Zhixuan smiled. Xuanyuan finally let go of the pig.
“If anything happens to Shiguan, I’m gonna skin you alive.” Before Xuanyuan realized what had happened, the pig had already come up to his arm and bit down before beginning to claw profusely at his body. It was very painful. Xuanyuan was incensed and punched at the pig. “What the hell? Do pigs bite people?”
The battle between a man and a pig lasted for an hour. Xuanyuan was short of breath, but the pig was still energetic.
Zhixuan finally stopped them. “Don’t fight anymore. Go back to the loft and rest. It’s my birthday tomorrow. There’ll be many elites from all Sects and School coming here. Huolie was beaten by you, he won’t let it go. You should be careful.”
“Don’t worry, Lady Saint. If those scum harass you, I’ll teach them a lesson. Even if Huolie comes here, he won’t be able to hurt me and Jiang Yitian won’t harm me because of our three years deal.” Xuanyuan said.
Zhixuan smiled and returned to her room. Xuanyuan nodded at her intending to ignore the pig before suddenly feeling pain in his foot. The pig had bit him again.
“How dare you? Are you a dog?”
The war between a man and a beast began again.

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