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DTH Chapter 209 – Different Powers Hubs

DTH Chapter 209 – Different Powers Hubs
Inside Xuanyuan’s room, the Devouring King was hostily glaring at Xuanyuan while Xuanyuan returned the gaze, “What are you looking at. I’ll gouge your pig eyes out.”
The pig grunted threateningly.
“If you move, I’ll use the force of Five Elements to hit you.” Xuanyuan warned. Behind him, five shadows of gods and a goddess appeared – the Lady of Heaven, the Fire Dragon Emperor, the Woodland Dragon King, the King of Vajrapani and the Dark Phoenix. His organs’ cycle had completed, earning him two thousand and six hundred dragons of strength. He was stronger than some of the top imperial fighters.
“You think I’m scared of you?” The pig waved its claws.
“Alright, you two enough. Devouring, stop arguing with a child.” Greed suddenly said.
“Stop talking, or we’ll seal your power.” Xuanyuan and the Devouring King said simultaneously.
“…” Greed was quiet for a while before it said, “The two of you surely work very well together. But seriously, what are you going to do, Devouring? Where are your eight other identities?”
“Scattered around the world, and they won’t be easy to find. I can sense them, but we will need some luck.” Devouring said slowly.
“The same for me. Many of my Origins of Memories are lost. Looks like we need to reach the realm of Xian and use the Knowledge Technique to track them down.” Greed said. “Xuanyuan, you’re one step away from becoming a grandmaster. After that, the Devouring Technique should transform completely. Then you’ll be able to sense many of the lost things that belonged to the Emperor.”
Xuanyuan looked at the pig. He still didn’t trust it, but it was very good at fighting and its ability to act as a portal was also useful. It could allow them to escape if they encountered strong enemies. “You, apart from transporting us far away, what can you do?”
“Guess.” The pig smirked disgustingly. Xuanyuan decided he didn’t want to know.
“Whatever. I’ll leave once the Lady Saint’s birthday is over to travel around the world and see if we can find anything.” Xuanyuan said.
“Good. You won’t be able to get much progress by staying motionless.” Greed agreed. So Xuanyuan sat back down onto the stone bed and closed his eyes. He felt that his organs were full of life and energy. The cycle of Five Elements was standing by, ready to strike.
When Xuanyuan opened his eyes again, a day had passed. He walked out of his room, only to see Youxue still standing guard and holding the dragon spine in order to sense the power of an Emperor class fighter. There’s a huge gap between the imperial and the emperor class. No one but Youxue could help himself advance through it.  
It was the Lady Saint, Zhixuan’s birthday. Many elite fighters from different powers sent their extravagant gifts to the Linglong Sect in order to receive the Lady Saint’s attention. However, Zhixuan despised those social climbers and who sought power through others.
It was still early morning, yet numerous elites already sat in the guest lounge waiting. The Lady Saint didn’t come out to meet them so the Sect sent a few true disciples to deal with them. Nobody complained, since the Lady Saint was one of the most powerful people in the Linglong Sect, it was only natural that she wouldn’t come out.
“The Lady Saint has already set up a feast for all of you to enjoy.” A disciple said.
“Really? Wonderful. Will we see the Lady Saint.” Someone asked.
“I am not sure.” The disciple answered. Even so, people were excited.
In the hall, those in attendance were chatting with each other.
“Have you heard? The inner disciple of the Fighting Dragons Sect, Xuanyuan, went to the Nightmare Swarm and acquired the legendary Vajrapani Earth. And he got the Immortality Technique.”
“Yes. Many people confirmed it. Someone said he’s in the Linglong Sect right now.”
“I’ve heard he’s extremely arrogant. Huolie wanted to bring him back to the Sect but Xuanyuan beat him up, injuring him. Looks like he has quite a few precious treasures. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to hurt an imperial fighter.”
“Really? I would like to test his strength, should I get the chance.”
“Master Tianjian. Xuanyuan is still only a king fighter, he won’t be able to defeat you. Afterall, you’re the First True Apprentice of the Skysword Cave. If you were part of the Fighting Dragons Sect, you’d be still be as strong as Master Fung Lie!”
“I don’t know if I’m as powerful as Fung Lie, but I believe I can handle Xuanyuan.”
“But Xuanyuan’s hiding inside the Linglong Sect. Many people are looking for him right now. To snatch the technique he’s gotten.”
The conversation took a turn to the sensitive topic, and everyone was silent. Then someone called out.
“First True Apprentice of the Fighting Dragons Sect, Jiang Yitian!”
“True Apprentice of the Fighting Dragons Sect, Lu Tianxiang!”
“True Apprentice of the Fighting Dragons Sect, Xie Tian!”
“What? Even Jiang Yitian’s here?”
“I’ve heard that he really likes the Lady Saint. I wonder how she feels about him?”
“So does Lu Tianxiang. He might be weaker than Jiang Yitian, but his family is much richer!”
“Xie Tian as well. Two of the five major families sent people here. Looks like the competition is severe.”
“Who knows. Maybe the Lady Saint will take a liking to you?”
“Eighth Prince of Eastern Dynasty, Jiwu!”
“Young Master of Hai Family of the Eastern Dynasty, Haiya!”
“Young Master of Yin Family of the Easter Dynasty, Yin Qianxun!”
“People from the Eastern Dynasty are here! It’ll be fun. The Eastern Dynasty and the Fighting Dragons Sect have long grudges.”
“There’s rumours that Haiya controls more than one kind of fighting water. He can even defeat an emperor class fighter.”
“The prince refined a beast’s elixir. I’ve heard he’s terrifying when he turns into a beast!”
“The boy from the Yin Family is the youngest. He rarely shows up in public. No one knows how strong he is.”
The gossip continued with the topic quickly turning towards guessing the prices of the gifts sent to the Lady Saint. When a disciple arrived, they were announced before being allowed to go to the great hall and enjoy the feast.

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