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DTH Chapter 21 – Elixir of the Ghost wolf

DTH Chapter 21 – Elixir of the Ghost wolf
In the following four days, Xuanyuan took a pill every day. These pills were made from medicines that strengthened and revitalized the body, it’s even better than eating magic tiger flesh. He fed the pills to Guxing as well.
When they were riding back to the school, Xuanyuan recited the “The Way to Refine Flesh” while sitting steadily on Guxing.
He could sense that his muscles seemed to come alive. Bit by bit, his muscles were like individual living organisms, absorbing Qi from the universe like hungry babies.
The Qi from the universe was not supposed to be absorbed without the technique and method for refining flesh. In order to be absorbed, Qi had to be transformed into fighting Qi. But, Xuanyuan was able to directly absorb Qi from the universe. There were prickling pains when he practiced the technique and recited the teachings, it meant that his muscles were devouring Qi and turning it into fighting Qi directly.
Only Xuanyuan, with the Body of All Creation, could do this. His unusual physique allowed him to absorb and devour everything in the world.
What’s more was that the pearl given to him by Yin Zhenluo was an Earth class instrument that aided his practice. His body could devour everything without the fear of exploding from incompatible Qi entering his body, meaning he could quickly practice without rest because he required less concentration and improved tremendously.
Of course, if not for the solid foundation that he acquired from the twenty days of hard work under Yin Zhenluo’s instructions and practicing the Five-Taloned Dragons, he would not have improved so drastically.
In only four days, Xuanyuan’s strength grew from fifty four to seventy two bulls.
However, he hid his power within so other people couldn’t sense his strength. When he reached the peak of his warrior realm, his power was comparable to the master realm already.
“We have reached Yuehua City.” The sultry voice of Yan Ziyun brought relief from the new disciples. Even Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu, who were already within the master realm, were slightly tired, the newly joined disciples were all exhausted. It was good to hear that they had finally arrived.
Congyu, Piaoxu, take the new brothers and sisters in the school first and report to the Head. I’ll take Xuanyuan to look around the city.”
Many of the new disciples were envious at his good luck. Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu smiled and brought the new disciples through the gate.
Xuanyuan was staring at the twenty metre tall gate of the Yuehua City. It was made with a giant dark stone. It was much stronger than the ones of Moonwaste City.
“First sister, is there a big market in the city? I would like to buy something useful.” Xuanyuan said.
“Sure, it depends on how much money you have.” She smiled at his question. The young boy looked like he was about fourteen, but sounded much older.
From the two lives that he lived through, Xuanyuan had seen all sorts of good and bad things. He knew very well that human nature could be shockingly cruel, so he had to protect himself. He wouldn’t hesitate if he could wear armour on every inch of his body.
“I have some money. Please lead the way, first sister.” Xuanyuan smiled.
They entered the city. It was much better managed than Moonwaste City. Vile characters like Yuejue were not allowed to exist here. Everyone was doing their roles. Ordinary people lived quiet lives, while martial arts practitioners lived a life of practice.
Yan Ziyun was admired in the city. She was still riding on her horse and many people greeted her and called her “Lady Fairy”. She did a lot of work for the people to gain their respect. Since not many people could practice martial arts and among them, not many people could practice to a high level, they relied on the protection from the school. The School of Yuehua had always protected the people in the city from harm, so the higher-ups in the school were usually admired and the people were happy to show their respect.
Yan Ziyun smiled patiently at everyone who showed her their admiration, but the people were slightly afraid of Xuanyuan, who was riding on a wolf. However, the fact that his clothing was the same an inner disciple calmed their concerns.
” ‘Lady Fairy’, you are very loved by the people.” Xuanyuan giggled.
“It’s nothing, our Head was called the ‘Old Xian God’. The world is vast. There exist many things that these people could never have imagined. It’s not a bad life to live a peaceful life here. It’s our duty to protect the people here.” Xuanyuan was touched by her words. What she said was similar to what Yin Zhenluo had once wished for him. She wished him a quiet and safe life, if he could not practice martial arts.
“Living an ordinary life – rising and resting with the sun. Working to make ends meet. People would only spare a few tears when you die. Never able to escape the wheel of suffering. What a pity it is to live a life like that...” Xuanyuan repeated what Yin Zhenluo once said quietly.
Ziyun glanced at him in surprise, then smiled,
“Let’s go. You are anything but ordinary.”
“Of course I’m not ordinary!” He was startled and thought to himself, “An ordinary man is no match for my beautiful master. I’ll find her one day and when I do, I’ll be stronger than her and successfully ambush her!”
They arrived at a market place following Yan Ziyun’s lead.
It’s wasn’t as innocent as the rest of the city. All sorts of people gathered here. Some were wearing shiny silk, some were in ragged clothes. Both men and women were hustling and bustling around, but they all recognized Yan Ziyun.
The market place was lent by the School of Yuehua. In return, the school received a small amount of tax, which was agreed upon. All the merchants here respected Yan Ziyun, she would soon become a true disciple of the school.
“Bear elixir. Top quality. Only three thousand fighter coins. Come get it before it’s too late!”
“The best instrument you’ll see on the market, the Blue-edged Sword. Ten thousand fighter coins, cannot get lower than that!”

“First class medicine, only a thousand fighter coins each!”
Xuanyuan stopped when he heard the name of the sword. It was a mass produced product. Not so different from the one he robbed from Yuerong.
He already got a bottle of medicine from Yin Zhenluo, which was clearly superior to the ordinary stuff they sold here. He also had other pills and elixirs from Wu Dong. Even though the greedy old bugger told him that it was too strong for him, and urged him to buy some medicine, he still thought that the ones they were selling here were not good enough.
He heard someone calling him while he was riding on Guxing.
“The boy on wolf, come here. I’ve got an elixir of a Ghost Wolf. Give it to your wolf. It’ll enhance its strength. It might get even stronger if you’re lucky.”
Xuanyuan turned back and saw a foul-looking old man. He set up his stall on the ground and smiled at him, looking more like a fraudster than a merchant. Xuanyuan glanced at Yan Ziyun and she smiled,
“Don’t worry. No one would scam you when I’m here.”
He nodded and moved towards the old man’s stall. The man took out an elixir from a dirty bottle. The bottle was oozing out a strange and wild sensation.
“It’s indeed the elixir of a Ghost Wolf.” Yan Ziyun had a great knowledge of things related to martial arts and practice, she confirmed it’s the real product. Xuanyuan memorized what the Record of the East said about the Ghost Wolf.
The Ghost Wolf is one of the most fearsome of the wolf beasts. They could kill most master realm fighters with ease.
“It’s an elixir of a Ghost Wolf with ninety nine bulls of strength. How about that? You gonna get it, kid?” 
Guxing was staring hungrily at the elixir. It was drooling over it. Apparently the elixir would be helpful to Guxing.
“How much?”
“Thirty thousand fighter coins.” The old man smiled.
Xuanyuan could have smacked the man. He yelled,
“That’s crazy. I’m not buying. Let’s go.”
Guxing also realized that the man was scamming them. So even though it really wanted the elixir, it still followed Xuanyuan.
Guxing turned around to leave. The man called out hurriedly,
“Let’s see what we can do with the price. It’s fortunate to meet you today, to honour the luck, I’ll only take twenty thousand then.”
Xuanyuan knew he could get a better deal and replied,
”A bear elixir of sixty bulls only costs three thousand. Yours has thirty nine more bulls in strength, I can only offer you eight thousand.”
The old man wasn’t happy. There weren’t many people who owned a wolf so he couldn’t easily sell the elixir. But the kid was being too stingy. The market price for the elixir was at least twelve thousand.
“Twelve thousand, I won’t do any less than that.”
“Ten thousand, I won’t do any more than that.”
“That’s a deal.”
Xuanyuan took out nine thousand, three hundred and thirty six coins. He could finally use all the money he took from the servants of the Yue family.
“Sorry, old man, I’ve only got this much. Will you take it?” Xuanyuan frowned and pretend that this was all the money he’d got.
The old man was furious,
“No, ten is the lowest. Have you got anything that can compensate?”
Xuanyuan was, not exactly a bad person, but he had lived two lives without money and knew the value of it. He took out the bear elixir he’d got and said,
“This is the only thing I’ve got.”
The old man brightened up,
“Very well, that’s a nice elixir. Give it to me and pick a few things from the stall, then we’re settled.”
Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. The old man knew how to make a deal. All his things were more or less broken or dirty. They all looked like antiques, but none of them were worth anything to a martial artist.
But a voice rang inside his head,
“Get that bracelet…”
Who else could that be, if not the greedy old bugger?

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