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DTH Chapter 210 – Facing Enemies

DTH Chapter 210 – Facing Enemies
”What should I give her?” Xuanyuan said looking at the talismans Zhixuan gave him before they went to the Mountain. She was very kind. Even though she said she didn’t want a gift, he still wanted to give her something even if only as a courtesy.
“There’s no need to think. You can give her whatever you’ve got.” Greed said. Xuanyuan checked inside his ring. Everything he had in there were necessities. Surely Zhixuan didn’t need any of those.
“Hi, beauty. Your smile is as mysterious as the moon draping from the sky. It makes my heart beat…..” The pig was talking nonsense to the disciples they met on the way to the point Xuanyuan wished to kill the pig just to save himself from embarrassment.
“Why did the Emperor choose this pig as his mount?” Xuanyuan cried. Greed didn’t answer, it only laughed.
“I am no pig! You have no idea about my great power. You dumb kid!” Devouring could hear the inner conversation between Xuanyuan and Greed.
“Who gives a shit. I’m going to kill you.” Xuanyuan mustered up his strength.
“You think I’m scared of you?” The pig also rallied up.
A disciple approached them, “Brother Xuanyuan, the Lady Saint is having a feast for the guests and requests your presence.”
“Of course! Of course, I’ll go!” Xuanyuan smiled. The disciple left. “What should I give her?”
“Whoof! Aren’t you going to fight with me?” The pig said threateningly. But Suddenly three men arrived. Two were Haiya and Jiwu. The third was an unfamiliar face but Xuanyuan could feel the aura of the Heavenly Dragon from the Yin Family.
“Isn’t it Master Xuanyuan? How have you been?” Haiya asked sarcastically.
“Great! Did you come here to be beaten again?” Xuanyuan answered. Their encounter drew the attention of many.
“Is that Xuanyuan? He said master Haiya was defeated by him? Is that true?”
“Master Haiya possesses a few fighting water, how come?”
“Didn’t Xuanyuan get the Vajrapani Earth? Earth suppresses Water. It’s easy to defeat him.”
“I haven’t heard you from you lately. Have you been hiding in the Linglong Sect? You know if you want to live, you shouldn’t go out since once you step out of here, you’ll probably be in big trouble.” Haiya wasn’t happy to hear what the crowd was saying. He looked at the pig, “Ha, is this your mount? Isn’t it just a pig? But it suits you.”
“Who the hell are you talking about? Why don’t you look into a mirror and see how you look? Keep talking and I’ll kill you.” The pig screamed.
Haiya smirked and released his power. He wanted to kill the pig as a warning to Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan didn’t mind though, since it wouldn’t be easy to kill the pig, and even if he did, Xuanyuan wouldn’t mind.
Prince Jiwu on the side also smiled disgustingly. But Yin Qianxun remained neutral.
Markings appeared on the pig’s body again. A light covered Haiya and he disappeared.

“Ah…………. Pervert!”
“How dare you come inside the ladies’ shower room!” A female disciple yelled.
“Where did he come from?”
“Let me go! I’m Haiya from the Eastern Dynasty!”
“Who cares who you are?”
“Please, let me go! Someone sent me here against my will! It’s all a misunderstanding!” Haiya was spitting blood. He was nobody in front of dozens of true apprentices from the Linglong Sect.
“Get out!” After another round of attacks, Haiya finally escaped with his hair plucked out and his face red from being slapped. He had officially landed on the black list of the disciples of Linglong.
Seeing his return, Xuanyuan couldn’t stop laughing. He was quite happy with the pig at the moment.
“You stupid pig! How dare you frame me?” Haiya said menacingly.
“Who knows where I might send you? You got lucky to be sent to a place where beauties were showering.” The pig said proudly. But Haiya was furious. He hadn’t seen anything before he was hit in the head.
“You stupid pig, I’m going to kill you.” Haiya pointed a finger at the pig, releasing his power.
“If you keep doing that, I’m going to send you back.” The pig smirked. That kept Haiya quiet at once. Prince Jiwu glanced at the pig with shock, but he said nothing.
“No wonder my elder sister took you as her apprentice.” Yin Qianxun said. He was a very handsome young man. He nodded at Xuanyuan approvingly, “Haiya told me you like my sister? You are miles weaker than her right now and even though I don’t like Haiya very much, he’s still stronger than you. Work hard. I don’t think she wants to marry into the Hai family and I don’t want her to either.”
“I don’t want my master to marry a guy who sneaks into the ladies’ bathroom!” Xuanyuan laughed, announcing Haiya’s deed loudly. If Haiya was not gravely injured, he would’ve tried to kill him already.
And with Xuanyuan’s words, another round of gossip began to sweep through the Linglong Sect.

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