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DTH Chapter 211 – Deep Thought

DTH Chapter 211 – Deep Thought
“Who would’ve thought. Haiya from the Eastern Dynasty snuck into the ladies’ shower! Disgusting!”
“Someone said it was a pig that sent him in there! It’s Xuanyuan’s mount.”
Haiya’s expression was dark and stormy as he went to his room with Prince Jiwu to tend to his wounds.
“Isn’t this Youxue? Your strength has grown.” Yin Qianxun recognized the former Heavenly Dragon Guard at once.
“Greeting to young master Qianxun. Master gave me the cloud dragon’s spine so I can practice.” Youxue said.
“Ha, how dare you, Xuanyuan. Turning my guard into your servant.” Yin Qianxun didn’t sound angry at all.
“Well, I am sister’s disciple, after all. My master wouldn’t teach someone unimpressive.” Xuanyuan chuckled.
“You keep calling my sister, master. Then is Haiya wrong about you? He said you want to marry her?” Yin Qianxun had taken a liking to Xuanyuan. He was about the same age as his own and had great potential.
“I don’t know. I just don’t want to see her being threatened. If she’s willing to marry someone, then I won’t stop her. But she clearly detests the very idea of this marriage, and should anyone force her to do something that she hates, I’ll kill them. Even if its your brother Yin Tianshang!” Xuanyuan said coldly before leaving to prepare for the feast tonight.
“Impressive! Although you can’t possibly kill my elder brother with your strength now, I still appreciate your courage.” Yin Qianxun thought, “Sister’s disciple is not disappointing. He’s good enough to handle the Hai Family.”
Greed asked Xuanyuan, “Looks like this Yin Qianxun doesn’t hate you. Why don’t you ask him about the disease their father has? We can prepare for it, so you can have a reasonable excuse to go into the Eastern Dynasty.”
“That’s a good plan.” Xuanyuan turned to Youxue, “Youxue, you have been a part of the Yin Family for a long time. Who’s this Yin Qianxun. Do you know if Yin Qianxun and Yin Zhenluo get along?”
“Yin Qianxun is the youngest among the Yin sibling. However, he reached the realm of grandmaster at the age of eight and might be even more powerful than the eldest of the three. He also has special physique, the Body of Slaughter. In order to enhance his strength, he needs to keep on killing. He seemed mild, but people in the Eastern Dynasty are terrified of him. He has good relationship with Yin Zhenluo and though he’s not very close to his eldest brother Yin Tianshang, he is close with his sister who always brings him something he likes when she returns from travelling.”
Xuanyuan pondered for a while. Then he caught up with Yin Qianxun and asked, “Young master Yin, can I talk to you for a while?”
“I’ve been waiting for you for a while.” Yin Qianxun smiled. Xuanyuan was surprised to hear that. The two of them walked away, with Youxue and the pig following.
People began to gossip.
“Xuanyuan is mysterious! He tamed an imperial fighter from the Heavenly Dragon Guard!”
“We shall wait until he’s out of the Linglong Sect. There are many people looking for him.”
“Do you think Yin Qianxun would help him?”
“Yin Qianxun is not a threat. He’s not stronger than those Xians who’s practiced for thousands of years…”
Not very far away, Jiang Yitian narrowed his eyes, staring at Xuanyuan and Yin Qianxun from behind while schemes swirled in his eyes. Someone chuckled behind him, halting his thoughts.
“Brother Jiang, do you think Xuanyuan might be able to defeat you three years later?”
Jiang Yitian turned around. It was Lu Tianxiang. He smiled, “If he’s able to defeat me, I’d be happy for him and the Sect, for gaining such a talented disciple.”
“How generous. I respect you, Brother Jiang. Xuanyuan is scum. My family, the Xie, is unable to tackle him. I don’t want to let him accuse you for assassinating him.” Xie Tian was angry.
“Brother Xie, we are all brothers of Fighting Dragon. There’s no need to force Xuanyuan’s hand. He’s still very young so it’s normal that he’s arrogant. I don’t hold grudges against him.” Jiang Yitian said mildly.
“Ha, Brother Jiang is very kind to Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan is probably scratching his head raw in order to discover how to defeat you in three years, but he’ll never be able to do so.” Lu Tianxiang said.
“That’s right. Everyone knows how noble Brother Jiang is. Only scum like Xuanyuan would challenge you. Did Brother Fung Lie blame you for what happened?” Xie Tian asked.
“No, he’s doing what the law has asked. I let Xingyun perform all those outrageous deeds, so of course I need to be responsible. Brother Fung Lie only ordered half a month of service as punishment. We’ve let bygones be bygones.” Jiang Yitian said softly.
“Brother Jiang is the most suitable candidate for the seat of Head! You are generous, calm and talented. You have my support!” Lu Tianxiang said and Xie Tian agreed. In fact, they were scared of Jiang Yitian and his long and patient plots, but they knew where to stand in this fight.
“Thank you, brothers. I should go back to prepare for tonight’s feast.” Jiang Yitian announced. In his mind, he thought to himself. “Brother Xuanyuan… You’ve improved a lot since I last saw you. You might be more talented than Fung Lie, but can you survive for three years? I don’t believe you have the Immortality Technique, but surely you’ve earned something from the Nightmare Swarm…”

“Master Yin, do you know what I want to ask you?” Xuanyuan asked.
“Surely it’s about my sister. Ask away, I’ll tell you what I can.” Yin Qianxun smiled.
“That’s not it. But since you’ve said. Is master well?? She hasn’t return to the Yin Family, but the two of you have a good relationship, you should know.”
“She’s in the Land of the North right now. She seems to be looking for something. All the members of the Dark Dragons went with her.” Yin Qianxun said in a low voice. He seemed to be worried. “She was almost killed a few times, or so the Dark Dragons told me.”
“What? Where is she?” Xuanyuan couldn’t breathe.
Yin Qianxun shrugged. “I don’t know. She doesn’t want me to worry. The Dark Dragons are controlled by her. They wouldn’t leak her location.”
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