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DTH Chapter 212 – The Heart Devouring Bug

DTH Chapter 212 – The Heart Devouring Bug
Xuanyuan was silent. What was Yin Zhenluo seeking? What could be worth putting herself in so much danger? Xuanyuan’s heart was racing. Could it be related to her father’s disease?
“Master Yin, I would like to ask you a question.” Xuanyuan activated the power of the Five Elements, covering the two of them under a barrier so no one could eavesdrop on their conversation.
“What is it? I will answer all I know.” Yin Qianxun was surprised. He knew that Xuanyuan could be the Body of Five Elements, but his strength was unexpected.
“I want to know what illnes does your father have.” Xuanyuan asked sternly.
“How did you know? No more than dozens of people know about this in the Eastern Dynasty.” Yin Qianxun’s voice was slightly panicked before quickly composing himself. “I see. You must learn this from Bai Yunniang of Taibai, right? I’ve heard that she has taken a fancy to you.”
“You’re very observant. Can you tell me what disease your father has?” Xuanyuan pressed.
“A few years ago, father went to the Land of the North and somehow his heart failed. Something is sucking his life out from his heart. He tried many methods to seal the beings, but they never last long enough.” Yin Qianxun frowned. “The Hai Family claimed to have a solution though they need fighting water for it. But apart from that, no one knows what it takes to restore his health. Because no one knows anything about this sickness!”
Seeing Xuanyuan’s surprised expression, he continued, “Many famous healers in the Eastern Dynasty couldn’t figure out what happened. They speculated that it’s some kind of ancient creature.”
“Ancient creature?” Xuanyuan raised his eyebrows.
“Whoof, it should be a creature from the Forbidden Land in the North.” The Devouring King suddenly said.
“How did you know my father went into the Forbidden Land?” Yin Qianxun asked.
“There are few things I don’t know. It seems to be the Heart-Devouring Bug from the North. They fancy the noble blood of the dragon. They are a pain, but not impossible to deal with.” The pig raised its chin.
“Tell us. What’s the solution?” Xuanyuan asked urgently.
“Give me some energy source. I need to eat something.” The pig said. Before Xuanyuan move, Yin Qianxun immediately took out a hundred jin of it.
“Oh very tasty. But not enough for two people to hear.” Xuanyuan was furious. He also took out a hundred jin. The pig stared at him cockily. “Remember, young kid, be more polite to me. You’ll need me eventually so don’t be so arrogant, alright?”
“Right, right, right.” Xuanyuan said vehemently, “Tell us how to kill it.”
“It might be difficult for some people, but Xuanyuan might be able to snatch the bug out of your father. I’d love to eat it. It’ll give me lots of energy.”
Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. But Yin Qianxun was excited at the hope, “Then master Xuanyuan can save my father?”
“You can say so. But your dad might still die. Depend if he can take the five elements activating inside him.” The pig said, “The bug is a big hassle. Only the five elements can destroy it.”
“So master Xuanyuan has all five elements?” Yin Qianxun looked at him unbelievably.
“Yes, I have Fire of the Red Lotus, Water of Heaven, Dragon Taming Wood, Vajrapani Earth and Gold of the Dark Phoenix. If this is true, we should go to the Eastern Dynasty now!” Xuanyuan said urgently. If he could save his master’s father, it would be a great repayment for her teachings.
“If you want to kill him, you can go. Do you think everyone can handle the power of all five elements? It needs a violent attack from the five elements to kill the bug. If the bug can invade the Master of Yin, then it won’t be easy to deal with. You need to find a certain medicinal bait to lure the bug. The boy from the Yin Family should be able to find it.” The pig said nonchalantly.
“Please tell us, King!” Yun Qianxun said earnestly.
“Prepare the Protective Talisman of Five Organs.” The pig announced. Judging from Yin Qianxun’s confused expression, he’d never heard of it. “That’s right. You need to find five talisman makers and five alchemists who control the five elements to refine the Xian class Five Elements Grass. And then…Well, I’ll just give you the information and you can prepare it.” The pig shook its head and a light melted into Yin Qianxun’s forehead.
“What? I can purchase the ingredients, but where do I find ten people who study fire, water, wood, earth and gold? They need to be able to communicate their thoughts!” Yin Qianxun asked.
“He can do it.” The pig shook its head at Xuanyuan, “But he’s too weak. And he doesn’t know how to make medicine and talismans. But his masters can. The Five Xians know how to do both. Your old man can hold on for a few years. No need to rush. Give them all they want, then they can make you a talisman. The Yin Family can surely afford it.” The pig said.
“That’s right. However, the Five Xians are Fighting Dragons. I’m afraid they won’t help my family.”
“Get your sister to marry this kid and they’d help you!”
“No way! They are master and apprentice. It’s not appropriate if they are together. And it needs to be consensual.” Yin Qianxun was a bit speechless.
“Enough, tell us what to do. I know you want to eat the bug.” Xuanyuan pointed out. The pig trembled with excitement.
“We only need to go to Black Dragon Mountain in the Land of Darkness and get the bait – the Source Energy of a Dragon’s Heart. The bug cannot resist that.”
“What? Land of Darkness? No. No. We can’t go there. It’s the most terrifying place in the entire Land of the East. No one has ever come back. There are many ancient creatures there as well. It’s too dangerous.” Yin Qianxun refused.
“Don’t worry. No one can stop me!” The pig was very pleased with itself.
Xuanyuan also thought the pig was unreliable. But he’s willing to take the risk in order to save Yin Zhenluo’s father. He still had the Nightmare Talisman. If things got out of hand, he could ask the Nightmare Ghost to help him.
“The pig is right. I trust its power, and even if it’s dangerous, I’ll try for master Zhenluo.” Xuanyuan released the barrier. “The Lady Saint is preparing a feast for us. You should go prepare yourself as well, master Yin.”
“Alright, thank you. I will see you soon.” Yin Qianxun sighed. He felt grateful in his heart.

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