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DTH Chapter 213 – You Owe Me One

DTH Chapter 213 – You Owe Me One
“Pig, what do you know about the Land of Darkness?” Xuanyuan asked after Yin Qianxun left,.
“The Devouring Emperor went there once and fought with one of the creatures there. He was almost killed.” The pig nodded nonchalantly, but Xuanyuan’s face turned green.
“Are you kidding me? If the Emperor was almost killed, I’ll definitely get killed!”
“Then what can you do? Do you want your master to marry into the Hai Family? You won’t be able to save her father without the Source Energy of the Dragon Heart.” The pig rolled its eyes.
“Well, damn it. You’ve scammed me into going to the Land of Darkness.” Xuanyuan grumbled.
“What do you mean? Whoof, I’m going there with you and I don’t want to die. So you don’t have to worry for your life.” The pig snorted.
Xuanyuan realized the pig had a point, and kept on asking, “What is the Source Energy of the Dragon Heart? The Book of Acquisition doesn’t have a record of it.”
“Of course there is, but you’re too weak to see it. The Source Energy of the Dragon Heart is concentrated ancient dragon’s blood refined over time. It’s shaped like a dragon’s heart hence where it got its name. Black Dragon Mountain was the grave of an ancient black dragon. The Energy Source can only be found there.” The pig raised its head, looking very proud. Even though Xuanyuan hated when the pig acted smarter than him, it had lived much longer and knew much more.
“An ancient black dragon? Was it a divine class beast or xian class beast?” Xuanyuan asked.
“Of course it’s a xian class one. You think you can find a divine class beast just anywhere?” The pig rolled its eyes again, “There are many treasures on the Mountain and since you study the Book of Acquisition, you’ll be able to find a quite a few of them. You had best bring Mochou as well.”
Xuanyuan was tempted by the treasures, however, he would never risk Mochou’s life. He was even angry at the pig for mentioning it. “I don’t mind if I die, but I won’t bring Mochou to somewhere so dangerous!”
“Well, she might be able to find some treasures left there by ancient creatures. And do you know what the Body of a Thousand Spirits is? They were born from a human and the bloodline of an ancient creature. It’s a distinguished race! Nothing will harm Mochou there!”
“No. I won’t risk her life.” Xuanyuan said sternly.
“I’ll be there. We’ll run when we need to. I won’t leave her side. How about that? I’m begging you.” The pig used a sickly sweet tone, giving Xuanyuan goosebumps.
“Get lost! You might scam Mochou into finding a mine for you. You won’t even care about why we are going to the Land of Darkness.” Xuanyuan was determined.
“Do I look like someone like that?” The pig was provoked.
“You’re not someone, you’re some pig.” Xuanyuan sneered. The pig squealed angrily. It returned to Xuanyuan’s room alone, while Xuanyuan approached the Lady Saint’s room and knocked.
“Brother Xuanyuan? Come in.” Xuanyuan opened the door and was greeted by Zhixuan, who was sitting on the stone bed cross-legged.
“I knew you would be here. I saw a lot people out there and quite a few of them are my enemies. There will be lots of conflicts in the next few days. Especially since you are so beautiful, all those men will fight for you.”
“Brother Xuanyuan, you’re teasing me. After the banquet tonight, my birthday will be over and they won’t stay here any longer.” Zhixuan said gently. Even with the veil on, Xuanyuan could figure that she was a great beauty.
“I will protect you anyway. If any of them harass you, I’ll kick their asses.” Xuanyuan giggled.
“Why do you keep looking at me?” Zhixuan asked.
“You are too beautiful for me not to look.”
“What a silver tongue. Princess Shiguan, your master, and Mochou are all more beautiful than me.” Zhixuan chuckled.
“You’re all beautiful in different ways. No one is more beautiful than the other….” Xuanyuan was speaking the truth. There’s no way to tell who was more beautiful than the other. “People who are kind are the most beautiful. And you are extremely kind.”
“You sure know how to flatter a girl.” Zhixuan smiled.
“By the way, it’s your birthday. What do you want as present?”
“I told you already. I don’t need anything. Helping me to nurture these plants is the best kind of gift.” She stood up and walked to the orchid Xuanyuan had nurtured.
“That’s not the same. It’s my honour to help you. Many people would kill for the chance to help you. If anything, it would be a gift to me so I still want to give you something. Plus, I’ll have to leave the Linglong Sect after the banquet so I would like to give you something as a farewell gift.” Xuanyuan said.
“Where are you going? The Head already granted you a place to stay for as long as you need.”
“I won’t lie to you. I’m going to the Land of Darkness.” Xuanyuan said.
“Land of Darkness? I can’t let you do that.” Zhixuan raised her eyebrows. Her tone stern.
“Please don’t worry. The pig king will follow me, it can transport us anywhere, anytime. I’ll be fine. I need to find a medicine bait for General Yin to cure him.” Xuanyuan explained.
Zhixuan pondered for a while. She recalled the nature of Xuanyuan and Yin Zhenluo’s relationship. Yin Zhenluo cut ties with her family because she was forced to marry into the Hai Family in exchange for the cure for her father. She couldn’t stop him from going.
“Alright, brother Xuanyuan. You must come back since you owe me a gift. Give me it when you’re back.” Zhixuan smiled.
“Naturally. I’ll come back.” Xuanyuan returned the smile.
“However, many people have heard the rumour about the Immortality Technique. You’ll be chased once you leave.” When she thought of the danger Xuanyuan might face, she frowned.
“I don’t mind. I need to test my strength. As I am now, I can only make a breakthrough if I fight in real battles.” Xuanyuan was fearless. “I’ll leave you to prepare, Lady Saint. Shall I wait for you so we can go to the banquet together?”

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