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DTH Chapter 215 – The Evergreen

DTH Chapter 215 – The Evergreen
“Master Lu Tianxiang of the Lu Family, true disciple of the Fighting Dragons Sect gifted an Elixir of Nirvana Reborn.”
“Master Xie Tian of the Xie Family, true disciple of the Fighting Dragons Sect gifted the Jade Tactic, a one star Xian class technique.”
“Haiya of the Hai Family of Eastern Dynasty gifted ten Imperial Ocean Heart Talismans of and a Fan of a Hundred Flowers.”
“Prince Jiwu of the Eastern Dynasty gifted the Source Energy of a Hundred Spirits and an Imperial Dragon Statue.” Xuanyuan’s heart pounded. A statue was a kind of naturally formed rare stone. They came in different shapes and sizes and each held extraordinary power.
“Lady Saint, may I take the Elixir of Nirvana Reborn, Imperial Ocean Heart Talismans,  Source Energy of a Hundred Spirits and the Imperial Dragon Statue?” Xuanyuan whispered hesitantly. Zhixuan only smiled, raised her hand slightly and directed all those gifts to appear in front of Xuanyuan.
“Master Jiang Yitian of the Midland Ancient House of Jiang, First true Disciple of the Fighting Dragons Sect gifted a lower rank Xian class treasure, The Courting Phoenix Painting.”
Discussion permeated the air of the hall once again. Jiang Yitian’s gift, the Courting Phoenix Painting, revealed his intention to court the Lady Saint publicly. However, people were more interested in the revelation of his identity.  Even Lu Tianxiang and Xie Tian were shocked. Both of them were from major families in the Land of Fighting Dragon yet neither of them were privy to this information.
“Midland Ancient House! I never knew that Jiang Yitian was from such a family. Legend has it that the Jiang Family possesses the Deicide Whip. It’s a Tao class instrument!”
“There have been many a Saintess who married into the Midland Ancient House. Jiang Yitian might have a chance. If he succeeds, his status in the Fighting Dragons Sect would be secured.”
“Well, he’s good looking, talented, and elegant. He is worthy of the Lady Saint.”
Facing these rumours about him, Jiang Yitian remained calm, sipping his wine occasionally, as though he hadn’t heard anything.
Xuanyuan frowned, he didn’t know what to make of Jiang Yitian. He asked Greed, “What is the Midland Ancient House of Jiang?
“It’s a family that inherited the bloodline of an ancient saint. It’s famous for creating a place for humankind to stand among all the races in this world. Their Deicide Whip terrified many people. The master of the house was one of the people who attacked the Devouring Emperor.” Greed explained quietly. Xuanyuan was shocked. Suddenly the pig screamed loudly.
“This Midland House is getting worse everyday. They even have to send their kid to the Fighting Dragons Sect. In ancient times, nine Ancient Houses in Midland, three Religions, and seven Sects joined forces to ambush the Devouring Emperor. I remember the Master of Jiang, who had the Deicide Whip, died fourth among nineteen of them. They aren’t that impressive.” The pig’s words stirred many waves among the hearts of everyone in the hall. They were imagining a great war between all the great emperors and saints, not even daring to breath deeply, afraid to disturb the silence.  
Jiang Yitian, however, shattered the glass in his hand. He glared at the pig, “It’s only rumour. The Devouring Emperor was the source of all evil and didn’t deserve to live.”
“It’s not rumour. The books in the Linglong Sect recorded this piece of history in detail. The Devouring Emperor was one of the greatest figures who ever lived. He rewarded the good and punished the evil. He was only killed because his special physique and power threatened all those houses, sects, and religions. Furthermore, the Master of Jiang did die fourth among the nineteen emperors and saints in the great war against the Devouring Emperor. The Deicide Whip returned to the House of Jiang and screamed for three days and nights for the loss of its master.” Zhixuan explained matter of factly.
“Haha, little girl. That is very right. The Linglong Sect never joins the wars and killings that occur in the rest of the world and your records are always just and truthful. Since this is your birthday, I’ll give you the Evergreen plant. Just take it as a gift from my master, Xuanyuan.” The pig laughed. A light shone on the stage and landed of Zhixuan’s hand. It was a plain looking flower, but the aura was refreshing.
“It’s an Evergreen… that’s a Tao class precious treasure. I can’t…” Zhixuan was about to refuse the gift when Xuanyuan raise his hand in front of her.
“Take it, Lady Saint. The pig is seldom so generous… Not to me anyway.”
“Then thank you for your kindness.” Zhixuan said.

Jiang Yitian was silent, but his mind was roaring, “Who is this pig? He’s Xuanyuan’s mount? Where did he get the Evergreen? There’re less than a hundred of those in the entire world! Actually, who’s Xuanyuan, exactly?”
Similar questions rang in many people’s minds resulting in Xuanyuan became even more mysterious.
“I wanted to establish my reputation to the House of Jiang and the Linglong Sect yet this pig destroyed my plan. Looks like I’ll have to kill Xuanyuan when I have the chance.” Jiang Yitian’s face remained neutral but his mind was concocting a dangerous plan.
“Xuanyuan cannot live any longer. This pig has an Evergreen to give and it calls Xuanyuan its master. Who is he? If Xuanyuan goes to the Yin Family, my family’s plan would be ruined!” Haiya also had the same thought.
“Everyone, please enjoy your time here. I’ll take my leave and rest.” Zhixuan announced. She left with Xuanyuan.
Gossip about Xuanyuan continued to fill the hall.
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