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DTH Chapter 216 – The Land of Darkness

DTH Chapter 216 – The Land of Darkness
The Linglong Loft was located on top of a mirror-like lake. You could smell the light fragrance of the lotuses floating on the water and see the birds resting in the dim-lit night, away from the heat. All of which was enveloped by a refreshing Universe Qi, that energized whoever came here.
Zhixuan stood in the corridor of the Loft next to Xuanyuan. The moonlight shone on her body, emphasizing and enhancing her saintly visage.
Xuanyuan was wearing his armour, helmet and boots. His face was stern.
“You are leaving tonight.” Zhixuan sighed lightly.
“Yes. Too much unwanted attention will be drawn if I leave tomorrow. The pig will hold their attention for a while.” Xuanyuan said.
“I thought there might be someone to nurture my plants from now on. But that’s not going to happen anymore.” Zhixuan chuckled.
“When I come back, I’ll help you with your plants.” Xuanyuan smiled. He looked at the sky full of stars as he reminisced about the old beggar fondly. He knew he felt the same way as Mochou did towards her Aunt Mei. “Back in my hometown, when I was small, someone would give me a red tinted egg and sing me a song. He didn’t have a nice voice, but that remains my happiest memory.”
“What song? Sing it for me.” Zhixuan gazed at him gently.
“Happy Birthday to you…..” In the winter, Xuanyuan and the old beggar would lay together under a thick and rugged blanket to celebrate his birthday. He would sing him the most common birthday song. It might be the only song he knew how to sing. Xuanyuan remembered the excitement and warmth.
When the song was finished, Xuanyuan looked up and saw the tear hanging on Zhixuan’s eye.
“Xuanyuan, this is the best birthday present I’ve ever received. Humans’ hearts and care are the most precious things in the world. I hope you never forget that.”
“I didn’t think I would remember the song. Lady Saint, please look after Mochou for me. Tell her I’ll come back for her and if I don’t come back, tell her that I’m with Aunt Mei and we’re waiting for her to meet again someday.” Xuanyuan’s voice was coarse. “And I need your help with another thing.
“Tell me.”
“Please give the Wind Spirit Spear to Master Yin Qianxun and tell him to bring it when he looks for my five masters. To save his father, we need their help and I’m afraid that they might not agree. But with my personal item, they shall know that Master Yin comes in peace.”
“I will do that. But you have to look after Mochou yourself. I’m also waiting for you to nurture the plants.”

Xuanyuan flew out of the Linglong Sect without much trouble. But once he left the place, he sensed a terrifying force looming in the air.
“Who are you?” Someone asked.
“Fang Yu from the Full Moon Cave.” Xuanyuan made up a name.
“Why did you come out?”
“Someone is bullying us. I need to get help.” Xuanyuan kept on making up stories.
“Who did it? What’s happening inside?” Another man asked.
“It’s Xuanyuan. He’s insane. I’ll kill him.” Xuanyuan pretended to be angry.
“Alright, you can go.”
Xuanyuan pondering if he should kill the men here, but Greed stopped him. “It’ll attract too much attention here unless you can destroy them all at once. You should go to the Land of Darkness straight away.”
“I will.” Xuanyuan flew away immediately. “Will the pig be alright?”
“Don’t worry. You two are bonded together. It’ll be able to find us wherever we are.”
Assured, Xuanyuan delayed no more and flew towards his destination. After a night, he travelled thirty thousand miles and when he stopped to rest, the sky had turned white.
“Where’s the pig? Should I fly all the way to the Land of Darkness? Shit!” Xuanyuan cussed. The Land of Darkness was twenty million miles away so by the time he arrived on his own, Yin Zhenluo’s father would probably be dead.
“Whoof, you’re cursing me again.” A light shone above him, creating a door from which the pig and Youxue appeared.
“Cut the crap, bring us to the Land of Darkness.” Xuanyuan demanded.
“Give me some crystals first.” The pig drooled.
“You wish. Youxue.” Xuanyuan gestured to the man. He turned into a dragon and carried Xuanyuan away, leaving the pig behind.
“Dramatic exit, are we? I’ll make it even more dramatic!” The pig screamed, “Someone! Come here! Xuanyuan is out! The boy who has the Immortality Technique is out! Catch him. Don’t let him run away!”
Xuanyuan felt the blood rushing to his face. The pig sabotaged his effort of leaving a night earlier. No matter how many people heard that, the rumour would spread. He wanted to strangle the pig himself. However, the only thing he could do was to run since he wouldn’t want to be caught.
He travelled on the dragon’s back for another seven thousand miles when he suddenly saw a few dozens fighters standing in his way with the symbol of the Bi Family embroidered on their robes.
An old woman and an imperial fighter stood in the front. The woman smiled frighteningly. “Xuanyuan, is it? The jig is up. Hand over the Immortality Technique. Then we won’t torture you.”
“What? You?” Xuanyuan glared at them. Apart from the old woman, there were twenty-four top grandmasters and forty-eight top king fighters. It was quite intimidating.
“Yes, us. We’ll be enough to kill you.” The woman began right away, attacking Xuanyuan’s chest with a sharp green light formed from the aura of wood Qi. Youxue twisted around and released his dragon scales shattering the Qi.
“Youxue, take care of the old woman. I’ll handle the rest.”
“Yes, master.” Youxue replied.
Xuanyuan leaped towards the sky and summoned the power of Five Elements. Between his palms, there were two spinning discs with sharp edges. He turned his heels and dove into the fighters. Each of his strikes were worth two thousand and six hundred dragons. Enhanced by the strength of Five Elements, none of those fighters could defend themselves.
Within seconds, ten grandmasters were killed. Each of the ten were completely torn apart and fell to the ground in imitation of a crimson rain.
Forty-eight king fighters combined their Qi and attempted to crush Xuanyuan. However, he simply punched straight at the Qi and decimated the attack. The Five Elements Qi rushed toward his enemies crushing all forty-eight of them, further satiating the ground with blood.
“Impossible! You are only a king fighter! How come you’re so powerful?” The old woman screamed. She turned into a bright green snake, boosting her strength to three thousand dragons. However, in front of Youxue, she was still as weak as an ant.
Youxue released his dragon scales once more and struck the green snake, cutting it to pieces and instantly killing the woman.
Xuanyuan summoned the Five Elements once again between his palms and destroyed the rest of the grandmasters. It was like chopping vegetables.
“We should go. It’s dangerous here.” Xuanyuan rode on Youxue’s back and flew towards the Land of Darkness.

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