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DTH Chapter 217 – The Locking Disposition

DTH Chapter 217 – The Locking Disposition
“Xuanyuan, the guy who has the Immortality Technique escaped! He went to the Land of Darkness! Don’t let him go!” The pig wouldn’t stop screaming. Xuanyuan’s hands were shaking from an overwhelming desire to skin the ugly thing.
“Have you heard? Xuanyuan is going to the Land of Darkness! He’s going to die.”
“You don’t know that. He has the Immortality Technique. Maybe there’s a secret to it in the Land of Darkness. Many powerful people have travelled there to try their luck when they’ve grown old.”
“Really? Then we have to catch him.”
Rumours spread as fast as lightning. Almost everyone knew Xuanyuan was going to the Land of Darkness. Traps and were planted along the way while fighters moved to intercept him. Immortality was the most sought after thing in the world. However, the Eastern Dynasty realized first that Xuanyuan had nothing to do with that. The Fighting Dragons Sect learnt the truth from the Xians of Five Elements. The Linglong Sect refused to participate in the fight so only those from smaller families and caves sent people to assassinate Xuanyuan.
On their way, Xuanyuan encountered eight attacks. Luckily, they all underestimated his strength and no one was left alive to tell the truth. The people recognized him because of the giant dragon he was riding on. So he ordered Youxue to resume his human form and they dove into the never-ending forest.
After fifteen days of walking, they finally reached the border of the Linglong Sect. Outside the forest was a veldt, connecting the border of the Fighting Dragons Sect and the Eastern Dynasty.
“Master, beware. There are many people waiting in front of you.” Youxue warned.
“Go hide somewhere, prepare for an ambush. Attack as I attack.” Xuanyuan ordered. Youxue disappeared immediately.
Six imperial fighters stopped Xuanyuan. They just stepped into the imperial realm with only one thousand dragons of strength. Judging from their robes, they were from the Lu Family.
“Who are you?” They asked.
“I’m a traveller. People call me the Wayless Man. This is the road to the Land of Darkness correct? I came here to ambush Xuanyuan!” Xuanyuan answered. He hid his own aura, so those men wouldn’t be able to sense his true power.
“Is that so? We are from the Lu Family, one of the major families under the Fighting Dragons Sect. We are also here for Xuanyuan. Why don’t you join us?” One of them offered, since they him to be quite powerful.
“I only came here for the Immortality Technique.” Xuanyuan smiled mysteriously.
“If you help us acquire the Technique, we will of course share it with you.” A man said.
“If that’s so, then bring me to the place you set up the trap. I shall put up a disposition so Xuanyuan won’t be able to escape.” Xuanyuan said confidently.
“Wonderful! You even know how to set up disposition. I’m impressed. When this is over, please come with us back to the Lu Family, our master shall reward you.” One of the Imperial fighters laughed.
“That’s not important right now. The Disposition is the top priority.” Xuanyuan’s tone was stern. The Lu Family’s men realized he was indeed very powerful and treated him with respect. They travelled for ten miles and arrived at an empty place in the forest where twenty-eight imperial fighters were.
“Who is he?” A top imperial fighter asked. Clearly, he was the leader.
“The Wayless Man. He’s a powerful practitioner who also seeks to kill Xuanyuan. He will set up a disposition to aid in capturing Xuanyuan.” The man who recruited Xuanyuan answered. The leader nodded.
“Do any of you have any Source Energies? I need four hundred and ninety jin. The Lu is a big family. That shouldn’t be a problem, right?” Xuanyuan asked nonchalantly, just like a traveller.
“Of course. We will not let you pay for the energy source as long as you capture him. Xuanyuan killed our young master so don’t kill him straight away. I’ll torture him to sooth my anger.” The leader took out the amount of energy source Xuanyuan needed.
“When I finish the disposition and activate it, whoever is flying in mid air shall be captured. No one can escape. If you don’t believe it, you can try later on.”
“It’s an emperor class disposition! Wayless man, I give you my respect!” A few of the fighters looked at Xuanyuan with admiration.
“I travelled here from the Land of the West to test my strength. Never would I have thought to find the Immortality Technique here. I wouldn’t miss it. Please protect me when I set up the disposition. I need to concentrate.”
“Naturally!” Twenty eight fighters guarded Xuanyuan, who was laughing in his mind.
“A bunch of idiots,” he thought, “I’m going to kill you when I finish the Locking Disposition!”
In front of Xuanyuan were seven blocks of Source Energy weighing seventy jin. He began to carve intricate markings on them. He cycled the five elements in order for him to create a powerful disposition.
The moment Xuanyuan was done, the men were amazed by the complicated markings. The energy source was full of a fierce aura, like it was able to incarcerate anyone near it.
“This is the first time I’ve seen such beautifully carved markings!” A man said in awe.
“Of course! The School I followed was created by the Xian of Disposition. Ordinary people could not have done this!” Xuanyuan laughed as he spun more lies. The Land of the West was incredibly far away. He was confident that these men couldn’t call his bluff. “By drawing this disposition, I’m already quite exhausted. I believe all of you are tired as well from waiting for Xuanyuan. Let me use my treasure to sooth your exhaustion!”
All of them smiled and agreed. Xuanyuan activated his Helmet through the Water of Heaven. A refreshingly cool, moist air spread around them soothing the men’s sore muscles. Little did they know that Xuanyuan had injected the poison from the Water of Heaven into the air and was waiting for the poison to thicken. Once it did, he could massacre all of them.
“Thank you, Wayless Man. I don’t think Xuanyuan can escape this. If he comes this way, I’ll make him beg for death!” A fighter cursed.
“Haha, I don’t care about that. I only want the Immortality Technique.” Xuanyuan smiled.
“Of course. You should get some rest. We’ll inform you when Xuanyuan is here.” The leader returned the smile.
Another three hours passed while poison concentrated in their bodies, so Xuanyuan stood up. The shadow of the Lady of Heaven appeared behind him.
“Wayless Man, what is it?” One of them asked.
“Nothing. I just need to kill you!” Xuanyuan laughed.
“What?” The leader’s face turned from confused to anger. At last, he recognized the helmet on his head. “The Rainy Wood Helmet! You are Xuanyuan!”
“Too late.” Xuanyuan leaped. The massacre had begun.

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