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DTH Chapter 218 – Take the Blame

DTH Chapter 218 – Take the Blame
“Don’t act so cocky, kid. Do you think you can kill us all?” The leader of the fighters from the Lu Family snorted. “Since you want to die, we’ll oblige to your wish.”
Behind Xuanyuan, the Lady of Heaven suddenly opened her eyes, and a blue light shone as poison seeped into the twenty-eight fighter’s blood streams rendering them unable to stand.
“You!” The man’s face turned pale. “You poisoned us. How…”
“Go to hell.” Xuanyuan said. In his palm, he was holding the Imperial Ocean Heart Talisman. The next second, water fell down towards the fighters. Every drop of water was heavy and full of power far surpassing the threshold of tolerance for the poisoned men who were unable to withstand the attack. They wanted to escape, yet the moment they ran away, an invisible wall bounced them back. Youxue transformed into a swimming dragon with four thousand dragons of strength then rushed into the Locking Disposition to begin the slaughter.
Inside the Locking Disposition, all the power of the Ocean Heart Talisman was locked into a tiny space. The fighters inside were facing unbearable water pressure. With the combination of poison, the power of the talisman, and Youxue himself, the twenty-eight imperial fighters were soon dead.
Xuanyuan was not shy. He robbed everything from their rings, which amounted to three thousand pure source energies and two and a half billion king coins. It was quite a fortune. Apart from that, he didn’t take anything else because he wanted to create an illusion – that Haiya killed all these people.
“Haiya, since you made so many enemies for me, I’m going to let you take the blame.” No other family had the Ocean Heart Talisman. He was careful to extract all the poison inside the corpses’ bodies and dismantled the disposition. The water from the Ocean Heart poured out like a tsunami, destroying a large patch of the forest.
“Greed, what should I do so no one can trace this back to me?” Xuanyuan remembered the Five Xians mentioned they could reenact what happened using a special Knowledge Method. He wouldn’t want that happened.
“Dont’ worry. I’ll deal with it.” A black light covered the entire area across a dozen miles and Greed started to devour the aura. After a while, Greed chuckled, “Go. Not even an emperor class fighter could figure out what happened here now.”
Xuanyuan made his way to the next place where his enemies hid.
“Who are you?” A man from the Xie Family asked.
“I’m called the Wayless Man, a traveller from the West.” Xuanyuan laughed and played the same game once again, making use of the ambition of every family. They all wanted to recruit the strongest people to enhance their power.
The men from the Xie Family fell under Xuanyuan’s trap and thirty-two more imperial fighters were killed from which Xuanyuan received another great windfall.
Slowly, people from the eight caves under the Fighting Dragons Sect all fell for the same trap repeatedly. All ten Ocean Heart Talismans were used. From the two families and eight caves, Xuanyuan found forty thousand jin of pure source energy and fifty billion king coins.
Xuanyuan sighed. “I finally understand what the Nightmare Ghost meant. I didn’t kill them. Their greed did. If they hadn’t chased after the Immortality Technique, they wouldn’t have been killed.”
“That’s the true nature of humans. They are all selfish.” Greed laughed.
Xuanyuan was about to leave when a door appeared in front of him and the pig arrived.
“Don’t go!” The pig screamed. “Give me half of those energy source you just got!”
“You stupid pig! You should be thankful I don’t kill you. How dare you ask me for anything?” Xuanyuan screamed back.
“If I didn’t tell them you were leaving, where would you find all these enemies to kill. Then where would you get those Source Energies? I should have half of those!” The pig’s eyes were filled with greed.
Xuanyuan ground his teeth then decided to make a run to the border. The pig screamed behind him, urging him to share his rewards. In response, Xuanyuan made faces at the pig. “Get lost!”
“Xuanyuan’s here! Xuanyuan who has the Immortality Technique! Be careful! He has help from a dragon!” The pig announced loudly again. Xuanyuan wanted to strangle it, but decided the better move would be to run.

The next day, the entire Fighting Dragons Sect was shocked by the news of the slaughtered men who fell victim to the Ocean Heart Talismans. After many investigations, they concluded that Haiya of the Eastern Dynasty was the guilty party.
“It has to be Haiya. Dozens of miles were wiped out. Xuanyuan was only a king fighter, he wouldn’t be able to do that. The Ocean Heart Talismans are the Hai Family’s specialty. They are challenging our sect!”
“We can’t let him go. He thinks he can get away with this because he’s from the Eastern Dynasty?”
Haiya was wanted by the two major families and the eight caves under the Fighting Dragons Sect. He was tracked down three days later and gravely injured before fleeing back to his capital. All seven of his guards were killed and tens of thousands of spies from the Dynasty were hunted down and killed. The resulting purge was one of the greatest losses for the Dynasty yet no one could figure out the cause.
Naturally, Haiya insisted upon his innocence. He claimed that Xuanyuan was able to absorb his own power, as he did during their fight in the Linglong Sect, pushing Xuanyuan onto the centre stage again.
Youxue turned into his dragon shape again and travelled for another seventy thousand miles when the pig appeared.
“Haha, boy, you’re in trouble! There are many people chasing after you now! Haiya spilled the beans about your Pearl and your Dragon Scale Armour and their power to absorb attacks. People believe that you absorbed the power of the Ocean Heart using the Vajrapani Earth and framed him. They said that you’re powerful enough to kill all those imperial fighters because you have the Immortality Technique….
“The Surveillance Faction of the Eastern Dynasty bailed out Haiya and guaranteed that he’s never killed anyone from the Sect. They have now sent the armed guards, Wind Soldiers, and Destruction soldiers to hunt you down….
“Many schools and families under the Linglong Sect wanted to join the fight as well, but the Head and the Lady Saint of Linglong stopped them…”
After Xuanyuan digested all these information, he wanted to find a cave to hide in, “Damn it! You think you can kill me? I’ll destroy all of you!”

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