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DTH Chapter 219 – Wild Grave

DTH Chapter 219 – Wild Grave
Even though Xuanyuan was furious, he didn’t plan on dealing head on with a large batch of enemies alone. Only a fool would confront them directly. He came to a wilderness on the border between the Fighting Dragons Sect and the Eastern Dynasty where many beasts dwelt. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to survive. In fact, not even Xuanyuan would be able to survive if Youxue was not protecting him.
“Damn it, Haiya. I’m going to make your life miserable. You’re as disgusting as the pig.” Xuanyuan gritted his teeth.
“Whoof, you’re insulting me again. I’ll transport you right next to your enemies if you do that again.” The pig was sliding through the air next to him. Xuanyuan shook at the terror.
“Get lost. If it weren’t for you, there wouldn’t be all this drama!” Xuanyuan growled.
“If not for me, you wouldn’t be able to find so much source energy. Give me half!” The pig replied, but Xuanyuan wouldn’t budge.
“They won’t be able to catch up anytime soon.” Greed suddenly said.
“One day they will. There should be emperor class fighters among them this time. If Jiang Yitian joined them, I’ll kill him right here.” Xuanyuan held the Nightmare Talisman tightly in his hand. The gift from the Ghost was his last resort. “Also, I finally understand why the Devouring Emperor had so many enemies in this world. With this pig around, the chance to live a peaceful life is close to zero.”
“Bullshit. If they don’t attack us first, none of them would be killed. Boy, I’m showing you the reality of life. They want something from you. They want you dead. So you should kill them all. There’s no point in hiding.” The pig sneered.
In his heart, Xuanyuan knew that the pig was right. If he didn’t show them his true power, the harassment would never end.
“You’re right, pig. Since they want to corner me. I’ll bite all of their heads off!” Xuanyuan cursed.
They didn’t stop to rest for a day and a night. The wind blew violently in the wilderness causing Xuanyuan’s black hair to dance all over the place. He stood on Youxue’ dragon form, straight like a sword.
In front of them was a wall of Dark Qi, standing in great contrast to the sunny wilderness.
“Hahaha, it’s a wild grave!” The pig giggled strangely.
The grave stretched out for forty-nine square miles. Rubble, made of both rocks and bones, covered the surface and if you listened carefully, you could hear faint screams.
Xuanyuan inhaled deeply. He looked at the naturally formed disposition with disbelief. “The Dispositions of White Bones, Kill at Sight, Desperate Delusion, and Mind Destroyer. Four major killing dispositions are bonded with each other here! Each of them is a top emperor class disposition already! Unless you’re a xian class fighter or someone who know dispositions very well, no one could get out of here!”
“Isn’t that just perfect?” The pig’s eyes were sparkled with greed, “Lure your enemies here and kill all of them! Then you can take all their possessions!”
“That’s insane. Are you sure?” Xuanyuan pretended to be benevolent.
“Well, of course! It’s either you or them!”
“Then, if you want parts of the source energy, you better set up a trick to transport them here. Catch them off guard. Don’t you even think you can get a share by doing nothing.” Xuanyuan said.
“Alright, alright.” The pig’s ears flapped front and back. It began setting up a technique around the area spanning a few miles.
Xuanyuan ignored him. He didn’t know anything about setting up these techniques anyway. He went into the wild grave and was immediately approached by an evil aura. A demonic face appeared in his mind, attempting to destroy it. He couldn’t see nor sense any direction. He had put himself in great danger.
However, the next moment, the Nightmare Talisman glowed and dispersed all the attacks. He suddenly felt his mind opened and his sight cleared. All the features of this giant wild grave appeared in his mind and the dispositions no longer attacked him. He became part of the disposition.
“The Talisman from the Nightmare Ghost is wonderful!” Xuanyuan grinned.
He found a small hill made by white bones and sat down, taking out ten blocks of ten jin Thousand Ghosts Source Energies as he recalled the method to create one of the most terrifying dispositions, “I’ll make the Cannibal Ghosts Disposition. Since all of you pushed me to this road, I’ll have to destroy every last one of you.”
He recited the Devouring Technique and sustained himself with all the Qi around him while he began carving on the source energies.
Even though Xuanyuan had completed the Cycle of Five Elements, he still found this disposition exhausting to create and taxing on his concentration. Since this is a disposition that was specially made to take lives, it was much more time consuming and draining of one’s mind and energy to make. After entire day, he managed to finish.
When he was done, the blocks of carved energy source were full of murderous energy, like they were ready to kill.
He set up the new disposition, merging it into the existing ones.
“Finally.” Xuanyuan looked up. The sky above the wild grave was still and quiet. Unlike the bloodbath that was destined to occur in this place. “Unless they send a Xian, none of them would get out of here unscathed. No one can fight against nature!”
Many dispositions were supported by energy mines, some of which were formed naturally. Those supported by both Source Energy and these natural mines were extremely powerful. Without the expertise needed to dismantle them, no one can escape. Even Xuanyuan, who inherited the Acquisition Technique, was unable to destroy it.
“They are coming, boy. Are you ready?” The pig snorted.
“Damn it. This pig is sinister.” Xuanyuan cursed in his heart. He didn’t think of how he was much more sinister than the pig.
“I’m ready.”

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