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DTH Chapter 220 – Wild

DTH Chapter 220 – Wild
There were countless strong fighters filling the whole sky. Apart from the two major families, there were other greedy individuals who tried their luck to get the Immortality Technique as well. Their attention was solely focused on the boy standing in front of the wild grave. He stood straight and tall, his hair unbound, with an aura as sharp as a knife.
“It is Xuanyuan! You won’t get away this time!”
“Haiya didn’t lie to us. We found him.”
Many of them were emperor class fighters, but Xuanyuan didn’t flinch. He glared at them and said, “You should be ashamed. You didn’t just set up traps for me. You even send out so many emperor class fighters to kill me?”
His words made many of them ashamed. Indeed, Xuanyuan was only a king fighter. They shouldn’t bully him. However, many more people were provoked rather than embarrassed.
“You stupid boy. Learn some respect and give us the Immortality Technique. We won’t kill you since you are an apprentice of the Fighting Dragons Sect!” An old man demanded.
“Do you dare to repeat that if the Xians of the Five Elements are here?” Xuanyuan sneered. All of them fell silent. The Five Xians were famous for being protective towards their apprentices. They would surely take revenge for Xuanyuan. However, the temptation of immortality surpassed all fear. Also, their family would protect them should the Five Xians fight them.
“So what? Your masters are not here. You should just hand over the Technique and we won’t kill you.” Another old man said. Xuanyuan only laughed. His eyes sparkled with hatred.
“Don’t play tricks with me. One day, I will go to your families and caves to take away your Techniques as revenge!” The moment he finished his sentence, five shadows representing the five elements appeared behind him. Two thousand and six hundred dragons of strength  rushed out and the Cycle of Five Elements formed a roulette. Even some of the emperor class fighters were intimidated. Their faces turned pale… Xuanyuan smirked, “Do you dare to send out only your young apprentices to fight me?”
Silence. Not many people would take the dare.
“You filthy scum. Don’t be so cocky. I’m going to fight you!” The first apprentice from the Heavenly Sword Cave, Master Tianjian leaped out and pointed his sword to Xuanyuan.
“You ought to be ashamed of yourself! An top imperial fighter who would fight a young kingly fighter?” Xuanyuan looked at him with obvious disdain. Master Tianjian’s face turned red, “But since you’re brave enough to come out. I’ll fight you, with one condition. You can’t have weapons.”
“Alright. I’ll have to see what can you do!” Master Tianjian was furious at the insult. He put away his sword and announced, “Please don’t join the fight. I’ll fight this scum alone.”
Xuanyuan leaped up. He was holding the roulette between his palm and thrust it toward the man’s face.
Tianjian’s heart was racing. He put his index and middle finger together and turned his Qi into numerous swords in the sky. They all pointed at Xuanyuan, making a deafening noise yet Xuanyuan didn’t run away. His armour activated and dispersed the swords into specks of light.
Xuanyuan jumped up so that he was inches away from Tianjian. He raised his arms and struck the man with the roulette. Tianjian’s armour also activated, but at this point, the Dark Phoenix behind Xuanyuan opened its eyes.
A suffocating Qi rushed into the sky. Tian jian covered his face with his arm but it was too late. The roulette shattered his armour and helmet, crushing his head along with it and killing him before he could even scream. Xuanyuan took the ring on his finger.
“What? What happened? How did he destroy the treasures?” An old man from the same Cave widened his eyes. He couldn’t believe what happened. One of his elite apprentices just died.
“Who can defeat me?” Xuanyuan help his head high.
The hatred for Xuanyuan intensified. Xuanyuan deserved to be arrogant, but the despising attitude he gave to them was unbearable.
“You’re too arrogant, boy!” Someone yelled.
“Arrogant? I was only telling the truth! The three of you there. How about you fight with me without your weapons? Do you dare?” Xuanyuan pointed at the man who yelled and the two other apprentices next to him. All three of them were young imperial fighters. They were powerful for their age, but they were too afraid. “A bunch of laughing stocks. You don’t even dare to challenge me one on one. You don’t get to tell me I’m too arrogant. Today, you came here to kill me. Tomorrow, I’ll walk to your door steps and return the favour! I’ll kill every single person from the two major families, eight caves and the Hai Family. I’ll slaughter everyone of you!”
“Stop bluffing!” A man from the Hai Family’s guard cried.
“You should clean your necks, I’m going to cut them. You should hide your treasures, I’m going to take them. In the future, I’m going to be the most powerful, most extraordinary Emperor Xuanyuan! No one shall disobey me!” Xuanyuan’s tone was overbearing and imposing.
One of the old men couldn’t stand anymore, “I have had enough. We should all attack together! The Immortality Technique should come second.”
“No problem.” Another old emperor class fighter said.
“You bunch of useless scum. You think you can kill me? I’m going to kill all of you. Your blood shall be the sacrifice to the Emperor Xuanyuan!” Xuanyuan was getting into his character. He started out to provoke these men, but now he could picture the scenario where he became this “Emperor Xuanyuan”.
“Well said, boy. This is what an Emperor looks like.” Greed said appreciatively in his mind.
“That’s right. Nothing that has come out of your mouth till now has been this good.” Even the pig was impressed.
“Come here if you dare!” Xuanyuan turned around and walked into the wild grave.
“Kill him!”
“We’ll let him know our strength!”
“No one can save him today!”
All the grandmasters, imperial fighters, and emperor class fighters all rushed towards Xuanyuan.
Suddenly a bright light covered all of them. They had stepped into the trap set up by the pig. When the light disappeared, all of them were transported into the grave.
Xuanyuan walked slowly towards the entrance of the grave, his smile wicked. It’s time to rip and tear.
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