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DTH Chapter 221 – Kill the Emperors!

DTH Chapter 221 – Kill the Emperors!
With the Nightmare Talisman, Xuanyuan had become a part of the disposition of the wild grave. Able to sense every movement inside, he strolled around casually — a stark contrast to his enemies who were trapped, struggling painfully. Many of those below the grandmaster class had already been eliminated.
The pig was not modest either. It searched through the ground with its giant mouth, sucking in everything around it like a black hole, devouring many of the imperial and emperor class fighters. Xuanyuan, annoyed that the pig was taking all the money, source energy, and crystals that were supposed to be his, determined that there was no way he was going to share the source energy that he obtained with the pig later on.
“Youxue, don’t fight those in the emperor class. Kill all the others. Gather their possessions and hand them to me,” Xuanyuan ordered.
“Yes, master.” Youxue dove into the disposition at once. Xuanyuan extended the power of his talisman onto Youxue and the pig so that they would not be affected by the disposition. Holding his dagger tightly, he stepped inside.
The first man he faced was an elite fighter from the Full Moon Cave. The man had transformed into a flying tiger, spreading his wings and roaring intimidatingly. However, there was no way he could withstand the power of the disposition. The Evil Qi struck him again and again, causing his torso to be covered with wounds.
The disciples had become blind, their eyes turning completely grayish white. The only sound they heard was the howling of the ghosts, and the only thing they felt was the Qi that was intending to kill them.
Xuanyuan leaped into the air and thrust his dagger into the flying tiger. An energetic Qi and life essence were quickly absorbed. The body turned to ashes, leaving only a ring.
“Leave the energy source and the coins. You can take the rest,” Xuanyuan told Greed as he picked up the ring.
“Hahaha! Great!” Greed realized a feast was awaiting him. He would take this opportunity to achieve the level of a top imperial fighter!
In the following hour, Xuanyuan slaughtered fifty-six imperial class fighters. Greed and Xuanyuan were enjoying every second of it, while their enemies, instead, were cursing in despair.
“Xuanyuan, you scum! You bastard! You trapped us here. I’ll kill you!” It was a man from the surveillance team of the Eastern Dynasty. The next second, however, he was devoured.
“Check his memories and see if there’s anything useful,” Xuanyuan said.
“There is! The Hai Family doesn’t have a way to cure General Yin. They lied about it. Everything will be settled when Yin Zhenluo married Haiya, even if they aren’t able to heal her father. I was wondering what kind of method they had to kill the Heart Devouring Bug. It’s extremely difficult to get rid of it,” Greed laughed.
“Good. After I obtain the Source Energy of a Dragon’s Heart, I’ll ensure the Hai Family’s downfall!” Xuanyuan proclaimed dangerously. He would never forgive them.
The slaughtering was easy and completely one-sided. Anyone weaker than the emperor class was unable to defend themselves for even a second. At present, Xuanyuan himself had no idea to how much wealth he had accumulated.
He speedily arrived at the center of the wild grave, where the power of the disposition was at its peak. There was only a single emperor class fighter, from the Lu Family, who stood there. His armor was functioning as a defense line, preventing the Evil Qi from getting close to him. When he noticed Xuanyuan, he slightly raised the corner of his mouth.
“Xuanyuan, you are finally here. Do you really think you can kill us all if you trapped us here? The disposition may be powerful, but its power is diminished when there are more people. You’re too naïve!” He marched towards Xuanyuan, who only smiled and activated his Qi.
A shadow of a red ghost rushed in front of the emperor class fighter. He clawed and destroyed the shadow, but he paid the price — his entire body was burned up, and even his blood was left boiling.
“How about it? How’s the disposition?” Xuanyuan smiled. The combination born from the Cannibal Ghosts Disposition and his power of Five Elements was invincible! “Do you want to know what this? It’s the Fire of the Red Lotus. You are lucky to be killed by it!”
“You have the Fire of the Red Lotus? What?” The man was shocked, but his face quickly turned to one of greed as he activated a talisman. “Then give me that Fire and the Vajrapani Earth!”
Xuanyuan recognized the talisman – it was a purple class protective talisman!  
“Kneel!” The fighter ordered as he clawed at Xuanyuan’s face. The Qi rushing out from him was almost unbearable; his strength had reached six thousand dragons! However, Xuanyuan clenched his dagger in one hand, covering it with the force of the Gold of Dark Phoenix, and held the Five Elements roulette in the other.
Xuanyuan was directly hit by the attack, and half his Qi dissipated. For a brief moment, he felt faint.
The dagger and roulette crashed onto the protective screen of the opponent’s talisman.
Xuanyuan summoned numerous strands of golden light which rapidly turned into a large number of ghost shadows. They screamed and howled as they dragged the fighter, and moments later, his protective talisman was shattered. The ghosts bit at his torso, exposing the white of his bones.
“What is this? How can it destroy my protection!”
In Xuanyuan’s mind, he was thinking about how weak he was. He could not even use the power of the Dark Phoenix to the fullest. If it was not for the power of the disposition, he would not be able to destroy the man’s protective talisman. He had to reach the grandmaster class as soon as possible.
He knew he would not be able to fight with the man and win, so he relied on the power of the disposition to attack.
“You! Get out! You coward! You only know how to hide!”
Xuanyuan ignored him and relentlessly attacked until the man’s Qi was almost depleted.
“Who was hiding? I was just dealing with other things.”
The fighter was furious. He would like nothing more than to kill Xuanyuan, but he was on the verge of death and could not even stand up. Xuanyuan, however, did not give him any chance. He imbued his dagger with the power of the Dark Phoenix and plunged it toward the emperor class fighter.
The man’s armor activated automatically, but his strength was unfortunately not enough to sustain it. The dagger effortlessly sliced through producing black threads that expanded and covered the man’s entire body before beginning to devour the remaining life essence drowning his last thoughts in despair.
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